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Collecting 'Jiuzhou weapons' to forge the nine cauldrons...

Ji Hao transformed into a streak of light and tore the space, flashing to the Thunder Lake.

He truly wanted to have a 'nice conversation' with Emperor Xun about life and goals. Conveniently, he would also like to give Emperor Xun a lesson regarding human physiology, especially anatomy, with his fists. But, because of Hao Tao's urgent request, he had to let Emperor Xun go for now.

Netherworld Hierarch stayed on his own initiative to deal with Pan Xi and Chi You, who was already injured badly. Ji Hao was glad to see that happen. For those old powerful beings like Netherworld Hierarch who had been hiding in the darkness and were never willing to show up and do things, Ji Hao just wished them to be interested in more things so that he would know how to trade for their help.

Having merged with the great Dao of destruction, Ji Hao achieved a major breakthrough both in terms of cultivation and ability. Driving the golden bridge, he broke the space, trailing a space crack which would not heal within a short span of time, extending directly to the ancestral land of the Huaxu Family.

His nearly tangible spirit power covered the world like waves of water, through which, Ji Hao saw troops leaving the Thunder Lake area secretly in quick succession. Most of the people in these troops were young, and even the weakest one among the troop leaders were high-grade Divine Magi. At such young ages, with such impressive powers, any of these troop leaders could be strong competitors of any prince from any family.

At the moment, these amazingly talented young men were wearing coarse clothing, leading large groups of their people to leave Thunder Lake. Without taking a glance back, they disappeared in the vast wildness with pain and bitterness in their eyes, striding in all directions.

Ji Hao scanned across these troop with his spirit power and heard the conversations happening between the children.

"After all...They are from a large family of long standing!" Immediately, Ji Hao understood what had been happening to the Huaxu Family. Gazing at the disappearing troops, he caught an unexplainable, complicated emotion from his heart.

The development of this family would go on and on, no matter how many difficulties and dangers might arise. The was also how the human civilization had been developing, guarded cautiously by generations of people, spreading in Pan Gu world and growing stronger and stronger.

In the past uncountable years, the Huaxu Family had also encountered dangerous situations like this one, or even worse. Because of the wise ones existing among their ancestors, this family obtained a chance to survive and grow till now.

Today, the Huaxu Family scattered these people, who would be like seeds. Perhaps, some of them would wither and fall, while some might also have the chance to grow into towering trees. In all probability, some among these people would build glorious powerful human clans in the future, like the current Fuxi Family, Shennong Family, and You Xiong Family.

Every single cell of Ji Hao's body was filled with the scary destructive power of the great Dao of destruction. But, on hearing the conversation happening between the innocent children amongst the troops, Ji Hao was so touched that a thriving life-force was put into him. The endless life-force enriched his body and made him burst into strong laughter.

He was enlightened. Inside the great Dao of destruction of his, a small yet incredibly strong Dao of life erupted. He narrowed his eyes and quietly sensed this magical change. He clearly saw a tender but vigorous sprout drill out of the dark soil of destruction.

This was the sprout of the great Dao of life, weak but leading to all possibilities.

Ji Hao took in a deep breath. Within the area ten-million miles in radius, the natural powers gushed into his body like rapidly flowing rivers. Inside his body, the half Pan Heng world spun swiftly. The finest grains of Pan Heng world suddenly began dividing like cells...

Quietly, the half Pan Heng world grew larger by about thirty percent.

Along with a clear series of bone creaking noise from his body, Ji Hao clenched his fists and turned around to glance at Pu Ban City as he said, "Netherworld Hierarch, save some efforts and leave Pan Xi and Chi You to me...I can crush them directly with my strength now!"

The great Dao of destruction generated a boundless darkness inside Ji Hao's body, while the tiny sprout of great Dao of life was like a glimmer of candlelight, creating unlimited possibilities in the darkness. Strangely, Ji Hao's body began changing. The results of Dao of evolvement began operating, emitting colorful lights and growing under the dim glow of the sprout of Dao of life.

"Great!" In the spiritual space, the mysterious man opened his eyes and sighed sincerely, "You're on the right path." Clicking his tongue, he continued, "I didn't know that the Dao of Pan Gu can actually develop like this! Interesting, interesting! Why did I never think of this back then?"

"Back then...How could I be so stupid?" Raising his right hand, the mysterious man slapped on his head.

Floating in the air, Ji Hao silently gave his best wishes to those Huaxu Family people who were leaving their homeland for whole new lives. Next, he flashed across the air and came straight to the edge of Thunder Lake area. From a long distance away, he saw the rolling dark clouds above the ancestral temple, coiled by the thunderbolts, and the 'Devils' growing ceaselessly from the dark clouds. But, thunderbolts had been descending from the sky and vanishing these Devils.

"But… meaningless." A soft, sweet, enchanting voice suddenly echoed around Ji Hao, "An outer devil could be killed by a thunderbolt, but what about an inner devil?"

Ji Hao turned around and saw a tall, slim and beautiful young girl, whose long hair reached to her ankles, slowly showing her figure from the air. At first, she was merely a faint humanoid silhouette, but when Ji Hao shifted his eyes to her, she had already emerged clearly. She was wearing a thin white silky dress fluttering in the wind, naturally giving out a light, refreshing aroma.

Beautiful, peaceful, the girl's aura was like a chilly spring, which would make people delightful at a single glimpse.

But, seeing the girl's blood-red eyes and the endless desires and craziness in them, Ji Hao quivered and responded, "If an outer devil can be killed, why can't an inner devil?"

The girl giggled, "You can kill an outer devil because you are able to see it with your own eyes...But, the inner devils exist in the bottom of your hearts. The inner devils are you, and you are the inner devils. How could you kill an inner devil without killing yourself?"

With her slender and snow-white finger, the girl pointed at Ji Hao's heart and continued softly, "Why don't you grow an inner devil and then try to kill it?"

Ji Hao pulled out his sword and swung it straight down to the head of the girl. "I believe I should kill you first!" He said.

The Pan Gu sword clanked, trailing an incandescent beam of light and reached to the girl's face.

The girl sighed, then suddenly grabbed out a human baby while smiling, fending herself with the baby.

Ji Hao took the sword back frantically and took three steps backward.

The girl laughed and threw the baby to Ji Hao, then lifted both arms at lightning speed, sending two black-red airstreams smashing violently onto Ji Hao's chest.

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