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In the territory of Huaxu Family, deep in the Thunder Lake.

Dragons and boas were hiding in the vast lake. In the boundless water, thin and purple bolts of lightning were faintly visible, dazzling across. Looking down from the sky, one would find that these thunderbolts had drawn a giant spell symbol which was miles long. A strong natural power had been venting from the spell symbols, turning this vast lake into a forbidden area for all kinds of evil.

With a good eyesight and luck, one could see the few sparsely scattered footprints under the giant and sturdy jade board, through the water. Each footprint was three-hundred-meters-long, sinking meters deep into the jade board with clear toe-print patterns, which were complicated, curved, also forming ancient spell symbols.

The spell symbols in the footprints represented all the secrets of the great Dao of thunder in this world. Anyone who gained a thorough understanding of these spell symbols could naturally control the great Dao of thunder and become the highest dominator of thunder in Pan Gu world.

In this vast lake, which was sealed off by the thunder power, a hundred-miles-wide island was covered in thriving woods. Hundreds of cabins stood among the woods, all mottled. Clearly, these cabins had survived the test of time, like wise elderly people. Even a straw from these cabins seemed calm and peaceful.

"You remember this, you are the descendants of Huaxu Family."

In a small cabin, a white-bearded old man with a wooden long rule said ardently to the tens of young men kneeling on the ground while trembling. The old man's whole body was sparkling with thin thunderbolts.

"Our Huaxu Family has a long, noble history. Huaxu Country, this was where we originated from." The long ruler held in the old man's hand also flickered with faint lightning bolts, emitting an indescribable power.

"The Fuxi Family was a branch of our Huaxu Family. Emperor Yan, Emperor Huang, they were both branches of our Huaxu Family. Therefore, our Huaxu Family is the true origin of the humankind." The old man raised his head. His pair of lusterless eyes glistened with dim lighting bolts, as if he were watching the ancestors of Huaxu Family with these eyes, watching them struggling for surviving back in the historical era, as the history books recorded.

"Not easy." The old man sighed deeply, "Back in the era of Huaxu Country, the ancestors of Huaxu Family never lived an easy life. They were hunted by wild beasts and fierce giant birds. Even a ghost or an evil spirit creature could take a bite of our ancestors. Many other contemporaneous clans and families disappeared so quietly, dying without even leaving their names on the history."

"It was not easy for our Huaxu Family to develop till now." The old man lowered his head as he looked at those young men who knelt on the ground with serious faces and clear eyes and continued, "According to the stories told by the old ones from our family, our ancestors moved to the west of Midland from the east, to the north from the west, all for survival. They moved and moved, without resting; more and more of them died in the endless journey. Finally, the Thunder God showed his mercy to our ancestors and allowed them to settle down in the Thunder Lake Area."

"Truly not easy." The old man sighed again, so heavily, "Our ancestors lived, developed, and slowly grew the population. They learned from nature, mastered magic, and gradually became strong. Thanks to nature, we Huaxu Family raised quite a few human emperors, and since then, our family was seen as the origin of the entire humankind, and was respected by all human clans and families."

"When did things start to change?" The old man narrowed his eyes. As a bolt of lightning flashed across those eyes, a tear flowed down the old man's cheeks. "People had enough food in storage, yet they still thought about more. The livestock they kept went beyond their needs, but they still wanted more. A man already had a wife who was willing to bear his children, but still, he had his eyes on the prettier girl outside, and always wanted to turn the prettier one into his family too. People already owned so much land and forests, but they couldn't stop wanting more territories from the other clans and families."

"What do we need so many crops for, as each of us needs no more than three large bowls of rice?"

"What do we need so much livestock for? How much beef can a man eat daily?"

"Why do men always want more girls? To exhaust themselves and die sooner?"

"Why do we need such a large territory? When a man dies, he would need nothing but a small piece of land to bury his body!"

Shaking his head, the old man gave a bitter grin, "But, the hearts of our people changed bit by bit like this...When a heart of a man changes, it turns into a heart of devil, and once a heart of devil is created, we Huaxu Family..."

Pointing the long ruler at the ancestral temple, the old man had a thin stream of blood flowing down his mouth corner as he continued, "Look at those imposing leaders and elders, look at those managers and commanders, who used to shout at everyone else. Look, look, look at them! They now became like animals, knowing nothing but eating, drinking, playing, having fun, spending endless time with girls...They've lost their minds. They are confused, muddleheaded. They have become a bunch of man-shaped animals!"

"My Huaxu Family ancestors, what happened to our humankind?" The old man laughed heartbreakingly as he raised the long ruler and whipped heavily on the foreheads of the young men kneeling on the ground. "Go, go, leave with those children. Go as far as you can. Go hide somewhere that no one can find, to live a peaceful life, to mind nothing but yourselves."

"Change your forename. These years, how many people those disappointing little ones offended are out there? How many troubles did they cause? If our Huaxu Family fails to survive this disaster, how many clans and families would try to seize the opportunity to kill every last one of our member and destroy us for good?"

"Go, go as far as possible. Stop using 'Huaxu' as your forename. Use 'Feng'. From this day on, your family name is 'Feng'." Said the old man with a deep voice, "'Feng' literally means 'wind'. You're like the wind, will disappear without a trace far, far away. The farther, the better."

"But you and the younger ones must remember that you are Huaxu Family members, that you are the possessors of the oldest, noblest human bloodline. When you worship nature and your ancestors, do not forget to worship the ancestors of our Huaxu Family too." The old man raised his head and smiled as he looked at the sky and said, "Only with the blessings of our ancestors can our bloodline root in this land, to develop, to rise!"

The group of young men kowtowed to the old man, then silently left.

Different-scaled migrating troops quietly left the Thunder Lake. Some troops had merely thousands of people, while some had tens of thousands to a hundred-thousand. They imprinted their family name and the totem of their ancestors in their hearts, brought the history books they copied, and the purest, kindest, healthiest children from the family away from the Thunder Lake, towards all directions of the Pan Gu Motherland.

Clouds of dark mist were merging into the Thunder Lake from every direction. Purple thunderbolts rose from the lake and struck on the dark mist.

The dry voices of old people could be heard from the lake area, saying 'Go, go, go as far as you can'.

"Never come back, whether the Huaxu Family rises or falls."

"Dear ancestors, please give blessings to our bloodline. Please allow our bloodline to develop forever and to never die!"

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