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When Ji Hao attacked the Divine Tortoise Pavilion, in Huaxu Family's ancestral land in the Thunder Black Mountain, the raging shouts rumbled like thunders and quaked the area for millions of miles in radius. Thunderous clouds interwove in the sky and formed an ocean of dark clouds and lightning bolts, coiling around the dense, black and white evil mists.

In the forbidden area around the ancestral temple of Huaxu Family, Hauxu Qingye, the current leader of the family, bared his upper body, and had his long hair fluttering in the air. Blood veins bulged under his skin while a faint layer of lightning bolts coiled on his whole body. Emitting a divine-god-like tremendous power, he had been walking quickly around the ancestral temple.

A silver, triangular shield was held in his left hand. Embossed on the shield, a thunder beast had been releasing strong thunderbolts, shattering the surrounding black and red mist. A long spear was held in his right hand, even longer than his own body, with the spearhead made from a purple thunder crystal. The sharp spearhead dazzled with nine thunder spell symbols, venting destructive lightning bolts.

Fist-thick purple thunderbolts erupted from the long spear. From time to time, twisted faces of 'Devil' would roar out of the black and red cloud and pounce on Huaxu Qingye with widely opened jaws. The purple thunderbolts struck on these 'Devil' faces and blew them up.

'Devil heads', yes, this was what the Original Devil Seed called these terrifying things. These 'things' were traceless and untouchable, each having only a head or a half body. But, they were able to darken souls and drag people into an endless nightmare.

Without a positive power which was strong enough to suppress 'Devil' and a strong heart, every creature which had 'Devil' invaded into its body would gradually grow the seed of 'Devil' in its heart. The 'Devil' would root in its heart and send the evil power into its soul. As more and more negative thoughts emerged from its mind, the souls of this creature would slowly twist and fall, eventually becoming a slave of the Original Devil Seed, without a chance to reincarnate.

"Go away," In rage, Huaxu Qingye triggered the power of the long spear and sent bolts of purple thunder in all directions, destroying countless newborn 'Devil heads' which were not so strong yet. The dark evil power spread from the broken 'Devil heads', but Huaxu Qingye's shield sizzled with lightning bolts and shredded it thoroughly.

Dark-blue blood veins bulged on Huaxu Qingye's face one after another. The twisted blood veins interwove on his face and composed a character that meant 'Devil'. This character did not exist in Pan Gu world before. The one on Huaxu Qingye's face was the very first character of 'Devil' in the world, and was immeasurably powerful. Even by glancing at his face, an ordinary human being would be dragged into the world of 'Devil' immediately.

Reasonably, Huaxu Qingye should have fallen under the control of the Original Devil Seed long ago and lost his mind. However, a lightning bolt had been flickering between his eyebrows, and behind him, extremely thin thunderbolts wove into a thunder dragon, hovering in the sky while opening its mouth and letting out tumbling thunder from time to time. Meanwhile, bolts of purple lightning full of positive natural powers had been bursting from the thunder dragon's mouth, striking heavily on Huaxu Qingye's body.

The thunder suppressed the 'Devil seed' inside Huaxu Qingye, allowing him to keep his mind clear. With the shield and the spear, he quickly darted around the ancestral temple of his family, madly killing all 'Devil heads' emerging from the area.

In the ancestral temple area, thousands of leg-thick totem pillars stood straight under the memorial tablets of Huaxu Family elders and composed an ancient, great thunder sealing formation.

This great formation wasn't complicated, neither was it ingenious. On the contrary, one could even call it simple and rough. Its only function was absorbing the thunder power from nature, then converting it into destructive evil-suppressing thunderbolts, which would be released everywhere.

Thousands of Huaxu Family leaders, including the family elders and branch leaders, the strongest warrior leaders and princes, stood in the great formation with blood-red eyes, roaring crazily and trying their best to free themselves from the great formation.

Purple thunderbolts struck about in the great formation as they wove into a giant web and imprisoned them inside. Amidst the endless thunder, the bodies of these Huaxu Family leaders were burned, which made them howl in pain and struggle in the formation.

"Huaxu Qingye, you bloody b*stard. Let us out!" A Huaxu Family prince, who was three generations younger than Huaxu Qignye, roared hoarsely, "I have thousands of beautiful girls waiting for me at home. How dare you trap me with the bloody thunderbolts?"

"Qingye, I am your third uncle!" With red eyes, an old man stood where the thunderbolts struck the strongest and grinned, "Good boy, let your third uncle out. We're family. Why are you caging us with this inherited great formation? We can always negotiate for anything!"

"Leader, I'm Five, your nephew." A handsome, muscular middle-aged man stood in the middle of the formation. Above his head, the black and red mist had already condensed into a tangible-looking Devil head. While defending himself against the thunderbolts, he laughed, "Didn't you invite us to enjoy the banquet and beautiful ladies? Why are you trapping us with this formation now? Stop joking. Deactivate the formation and let's enjoy the night together, shall we?"

Huaxu Qingye's face twisted. In pain, he glanced at the people trapped in the formation, then laughed bitterly with a dry voice, "Everyone, I, Qingye, am sorry...But, it's better we Huaxu Family suffer the misery than the whole humankind suffering it!"

"Ancestors, please help me. Clear my mind and suppress the devil in my heart...How can I allow my Huaxu Family people become the claws and tusks of the evil to hurt the entire humankind?" Huaxu Qingye growled, "I'd rather let my family be harmed...The devils in Huaxu Family cannot leave this place!"

Around the ancestral temple, numerous heavily armored Huaxu Family warriors covered in thunderbolts had been growing as loud as they could, fighting against the other red-eyed Huaxu Family people who were surrounded in dark mists.

Heavy shields clanged while giant blades hacked and long spears lunged. They were the best warriors of the Huaxu Family, that even the weakest one among them was a Magus King. One group of them was possessed by the Devil, and the other group was still with clear minds. For different goals and different beliefs, they fought desperately against each other, as if they were archenemies.

The mountains collapsed and the earth sank. Groups of elite warriors put up a desperate fight against each other, letting blood flow on the ground in rivers. The souls of dead warriors floated between the thunderclouds and evil black-red clouds while screaming shrilly.

Huaxu Qingye abruptly raised his head, looked at the sky, and burst into hoarse roars.

"World, open your eyes! What happened to our humankind?"

The world didn't respond, but sent thunderbolts down like raindrops.

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