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"Pan Xi!" Ji Hao murmured with a low voice.

Back then, after the life-to-death game started by the non-humankind, Pan Xi's body was collected by the Magi Palace. Today, without the soul and spirit, Pan Xi's body had regained its action capability. Judging from her expressionless face, she was still a lifeless thing, but the seven-colored dim light glistening in her eyes was so mysterious and evil, seeming to even freeze Ji Hao's heart.

As one of Netherworld Hierarch's eighteen clones, Blood Pool quietly showed up around Ji Hao. Looking at Pan Xi, Blood Pool murmured to himself, "I do have forged a friendship with the humankind. I've studied Pan Xi's body with a few Master Magi from the Magi Palace, and I've learned a lot from her. However, I am not capable of turning her into a completed piece of work within such a short time."

Netherworld Priest was a master of zombie-making. The half-dragon zombie warriors and blood pool ghosts he created were all top-grade zombie warriors. Since not even he could turn Pan Xi's body into a zombie warrior within a short period of time, clearly, this Pan Xi who stood right in front of Ji Hao, who was so agile and managed to give Ji Hao a surprise strike from behind, wasn't a work of the humankind.

"Pan Xi!" Chi You gritted his teeth as he barely survived Ji Hao's sword light. He started at Pan Xi, his eyes filled with fierceness and greed.

This was the remaining physical body of Saint Pan Xi who created Pan Xi world. By a mysterious power, it was converted into a super warrior. Chi You's skeleton quivered slightly as he wondered what level he would be able to reach if he swallowed Pan Xi's body.

Emperor Xun's scream could be heard from the Divine Tortoise Pavilion wave after wave. He screamed hysterically and ordered Pan Xi to kill Ji Hao.

Pan Xi's stiff face moved slightly showed an extremely weird but stunning smile. In the following moment, she teleported herself to Ji Hao and swung her pair of hands down to Ji Hao's chest along with rumbling thunders. Those hands of her glowed with a colorful splendid light.

Ji Hao gave a bright shout. Inside his body, the half Pan Heng world quaked intensely and merged its power with the great Dao of destruction, transforming into a twisted, black colored fire. The fire burst from Ji Hao's palms. Ji Hao sill had the black sun in his left palm, which he didn't manage to throw at Chi You earlier. Right now, the black sun bumped against Pan Xi's shining palm.


Along with the earthshaking noise, even the expression of Blood Pool who stood behind Ji Hao changed. Chi You had instinctively transformed into shreds of blood-red shadow, roaring rumblingly and flashing across the air as he attempted to approach Ji Hao. Hearing the noise, Chi You paused, then tightly held his head which was cut off by Ji Hao with a pair of bloody arms and ran to the Divine Tortoise Pavilion with large steps.

Ji Hao's palms collided against Pan Xi's palms. With his low-level Pan Gu body, he bumped against Pan Xi face to face. He sensed a tremendous power coming at his face, while countless cracks appeared on every bone of his left hand.

"Great! A body of a saint is indeed unbelievably powerful!" Ji Hao growled out loud as his internal organs were violently shaken by the strong force coming from Pan Xi's palm. A stream of blood was squeezed to this throat. He opened his mouth and let out strands of steam, almost vomiting blood.

Pan Xi quivered intensely as well. With surprise, she glanced at Ji Hao with her eyes which sparkled with a dim colorful light. At this moment, the deep and mysterious colorful eyes of Pan Xi suddenly turned especially lively. Judging from those eyes, an extremely strong and wise soul definitely existed inside Pan Xi's body!

"Sky devil?" Ji Hao glared at Pan Xi.

Pan Xi slightly curved up her lip corners and gave a sweet smile. As same as Ji Hao, slight bone-cracking noises could also be heard from her pair of arms, which were much thinner than Ji Hao's. The colorful light in her palm grew strangely bright and vivid. As the light spun, a strangely strong and sticky power was released from her palms, which sucked Ji Hao's hands like two giant swirls.

Gold, green, water, fire, earth, wind, thunder, light, lightning, darkness...

Inside Pan Xi's body, all types of natural power had composed a tremendous and perfect circulation, generating two giant swirls that disabled Ji Hao from moving, while wearing out Ji Hao's power like two enormous millstones.

The dark fire rose from Ji Hao's palms and the power of destruction roared, erupting from Ji Hao's hands and also condensing into a dark swirling light sphere. It was thousands of meters in radius, sucking Pan Xi's palms and grinding her power.

Strong waves of energy flooded out of the bodies of Pan Xi and Ji Hao towards each other. Extraordinary power waves clashed against each other and generated deafening, muffled booms which quaked the building and the garden, flattening mountains and palaces. The luxurious and magnificent Divine Tortoise Pavilion began falling quickly as well, from which, beautiful hawksbill turtle shells shattered and fell one after another.

"Xi, kill him!" Standing on top of the collapsing Divine Tortoise Pavilion, Emperor Xun waved his arms and yelled, "Haha, kill him...Kill him. I can even consider turning you into my queen! Hah, even though you're a dead creature!"

Eyes shining with a lubricious light, Emperor Xun looked at Pan Xi's beautiful face and body and trembled slightly, then giggled and shouted, "I've played with too many living girls, but a dead one...A dead saint who created a world, interesting!"

A few young men standing behind Emperor Xun with their chests bared burst into slutty laughter.

With his left hand, Ji Hao defended himself with the heavy pressure given from Pan Xi, and with his right hand, he raised the Pan Gu sword and pierced towards Pan Xi's heart inch by inch. An axe-shaped stream of light flashed across the Pan Gu sword. A frosty light sparkled on the sword tip, releasing an invisible intent of sword which tore open Pan Xi's clothes from about a foot away and left a clear slash on her chest.

The Pan Gu sword was incomparably sharp, especially after merging with the giant axe that belonged to Pan Gu in Pan Heng world. By now, the sharpness of Pan Gu sword was even beyond Ji Hao's understanding. Under the edge of the Pan Gu sword, Pan Xi's body was torn apart bit by bit. Colorful blood gushed out of her wounds and formed colorful beads in the air, falling to the ground.

"I know that you have controlled Pan Xi's body." Ji Hao looked at Pan Xi's sparkling eyes and asked, "What I don't understand is that you sky devils are fierce and cruel. But, why did you collude with Emperor Xun, such a waste?"

A fierce light flashed across Pan Xi's eyes, then disappeared. She lowered her head, looked at the continuously deepening wound on her chest, and chuckled, "Don't you human beings raise livestock as meat supplies? My kind prepares to raise human beings as livestock. If your leader is willing to work with us, to ease the resistance of the livestock, why not do it?"

Chuckling again, Pan Xi suddenly flicked her wrists. With a loud crack, Ji Hao's left forearm was suddenly twisted to ninety degrees and broken.

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