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In the Divine Tortoise Pavilion, Emperor Xun looked at Chi You with a pasty face, who had turned into a skeleton with a pair of rolling eyeballs on his utterly damaged face.

Abruptly, he raised the exquisite jade wine cup in his hand and smashed it on the colorful hawksbill turtle shell floor. As the wine cup shattered, he burst into hysterical shouts, "Zhu Rong, old waste, what a crappy 'qualified' man he recommended! This so-called most powerful ancient warrior was actually wasted by the enemy with a single punch!"

Emperor Xun even leaped up from his seat while cursing, "Useless, so useless! So-called 'unbreakable body', look at him! What the hell are these people?"

A teleporting formation in the Divine Tortoise Pavilion had been sparkling with a dazzling light. From the formation, large groups of fierce-looking Chi You warriors marched out while roaring and wielding their weapons as they joined the battle formation outside.

The battle formation now looked like tens of crossed scissors, emitting a strong blood-red mist, fighting intensely against the pure sun sword formation composed of the Gold Crow army. Strands of blood-red mist rose straight into the sky, interweaving with the golden sword lights falling from the sky like a heavy rain. They were clashing against and trying to destroy each other. Sharp metal clangs echoed through the sky while fierce strands of power spread to all directions.

Countless corpses had been falling from the sky. The golden Cold Grow fire coiled on the dead bodies of some fallen Chi You warriors, quickly incinerating those bodies and sending clouds of smoke into the sky that reached straight into the clouds, showing the cruelty and violence of this war.

Hearing what Emperor Xun said about Chi You, these already mad Chi You warrior were driven even crazier. A large number of Chi You warriors had still been merging into the battle formation without an end. Other than them, groups of Chi You warriors burst into thunderous roars and marched directly towards Ji Hao.

Ji Hao laughed out loud. He pulled out the Pan Gu sword and cut off Chi You's head, then gripped the sword hilt with both hands and swung it sideways. Waves of dark sword light rolled like raging waves, instantly swallowing all Chi You warriors who rushed up to him.

The dark sword light with an immeasurable power of destruction destroyed everything it touched, except for Chi You's skeleton. Struck by the sword light, his skeleton stayed in a whole piece with difficulty, glowing with a faint blood-red light while defending against the power of destruction.

"Ji Hao kid!" A shrill shout could be heard from Chi You's skull, "Ji Hao kid, don't be arrogant! Back then, under the suppression of the great Dao of Pan Gu world, I could merely release ten to twenty percent of my power, but I still disarrayed your human army! Today, I am a general of your humankind, and have the military power of the humankind under my control. I am appointed to this position by your emperor, and battling across the world is my duty!"

Chi You grinned in an especially twisted way and said, "With this title conferred by the human emperor, the great Dao of Pan Gu world can no longer harm me. You shall wait until I regain all of my power. Then, the winner will be determined between you and me!"

With a sword move, Ji Hao killed thousands of Chi You army warriors. Hearing Chi You, he paused briefly — Emperor Xun was such an idiot. He actually appointed Chi You to a general with the special right of human emperor. How could he do this?

Back in the ancient era, Chi You's evil power quaked the world, that even Emperor Xuanyuan had lost a series of battles to him. Back then, if Chi You weren't suppressed by the great Dao of Pan Gu world moment by moment, the alliance of human clan under Emperor Xuanyuan's leadership at the time would have been destroyed by Chi You, and would have never made it to the day of victory.

Chi You was such a strong and brutal enemy of human beings. Yet, Emperor Xun actually appointed him as a general, shielding him against the great Dao of Pan Gu world with the natural fortune of the humankind and freeing him from the suppression giving by the world.

"Emperor Xun, you fool!" Ji Hao made another sword move. The dark sword light flashed across the space like a rain of shooting star and landed violently on Chi You's skeleton. Chi You's bones were broken, crushed one after another. From the space, a thick and dense dark mist had been gushing out, coiling around his broken bones and healing his damaged body at an amazing rate.

What was even more surprising, as the Gold Crow army killed more and more Chi You warriors, the blood-red mist that came from the space grew stronger and stronger, denser and denser. Visibly, wisps of muscle grew out of the bloody bones of Chi You, and thick, sharp, and thin thorns began rising from his bone joints, making his body even stronger and scarier.

Ji Hao threw a complicated glance at Chi You, then raised the Pan Gu sword with his right hand and spread his left palm. Raising his palm facing Chi You, Ji Hao cast a spell with a gentle voice.

Hearing his voice, the Pan Gu sun in the starry void of Pan Gu world suddenly burst forth with an unprecedented dazzling light. All natural stars in the starry void quaked slightly but simultaneously. The sun was the leader of all the stars, and following their leader, all natural stars in this world vented their lights.

Above the Pan Gu Motherland, countless natural stars shone in broad daylight. The colorful starlight made the sky full of splendor, disabling living beings from opening their eyes.

A thunderous boom echoed through everyone's soul as a dark sun emerged from Ji Hao's palm. The immeasurable star powers merged into this dark sun, then a suffocating pressure was generated, descending from the sky and disabling Chi You from moving.

Chi You never felt such a strong despair, which made him scream with a hoarse voice. He even sensed his death, which was right before his eyes!

Chi You was such a powerful being that not even Emperor Xuanyuan managed to kill him for good. The best Emperor Xuanyuan could do was splitting up his body and keeping his body parts separately in the most dangerous areas all over the world. But at this very moment, Chi You, who always believed that he was an immortal, unbreakable creature, sensed a catastrophic disaster coming at him. The great Dao of destruction Ji Hao attained from Yu Man, in coordination with the powers of all natural stars in Pan Gu world, was indeed great enough to destroy him thoroughly.

Chi You's skeleton trembled intensely. Uncontrollably, he let out a shrill howl.

Hearing him, all Chi You warriors who had been fighting against the Gold Crow army, turned away from their enemies and desperately marched towards Ji Hao.

Tens of scissors-shaped battle formations dove down towards Ji Hao from the sky. Strong streams of evil power condensed into sharp blood-red light beams, flashing to Ji Hao from two different directions while causing deafening noises.

Ji Hao snorted coldly. He wielded the Pan Gu sword with the right hand and crushed twelve scissors-shaped formations, destroying hundreds of thousands of Chi You warriors.

As he prepared to wield the sword again and finish off all the rest Chi You warriors, a snow-white, tender little hand abruptly reached out from behind. The fragile-looking little hand gently pressed on Ji Hao's heart from his back and generated a loud boom. Ji Hao felt a horrifying force coming from the behind and heard the cracks of the few bones around his heart, then sensed a sharp pain while being sent flying to tens of miles away.

"Eh?" Netherworld Hierarch exclaimed out loud. From the Netherworld power which encircled the entire area, his voice could be heard with surprise, "Emperor Ji Hao, be careful. Pan Xi's body...How did it become like this?"

Ji Hao immediately turned around. As Netherworld Hierarch said, the one who attacked him from behind was Pan Xi. Years ago, he brought her back to Pan Gu world from Pan Xi world. Pan Xi's soul had long gone, but her invincible body remained. Right now, she looked like a sixteen-year-old girl, quietly floating in the air with her eyes fixed on Ji Hao expressionlessly. Her eyes sparkled with a dim colorful light while countless blurry strange spell symbols emerged from her snow-white skin.

"Xi, Kill Ji Hao!" Emperor Xun's hysterical laughter came out of the Divine Tortoise Pavilion.

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