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A fracture?

Ji Hao looked at his broken bones. Meanwhile, he thought of something.

His arm was broken by Pan Xi, this was a sort of destruction, wasn't it? Ji Hao chuckled. All of a sudden, his broken left arm quietly disintegrated into cloud of dark grains. Pan Xi's arms reached straight to his chest with the dazzling colorful light.

In the next moment, Ji Hao gained a slightly deeper understanding about the great Dao of destruction. His broke arm grew back out, looking exactly the same as the original one, but the strength and power of destruction contained in this new arm had both been raised by thirty percent.

Destruction of both himself and the other things was a source of power!

The fracture enlightened Ji Hao and guided him to a higher level of Dao. With the new arm, he gripped Pan Xi 's both hands. The dark fire and colorful light started an intense conflict with each other. This time, as Ji Hao's arm shook slightly, and a loud series of bone cracking noise could already be heard from Pan Xi's tender hands.

"Ji Hao!" The colorful light shining in Pan Xi's eyes suddenly grew stronger. She stared at Ji Hao and said with a deep voice, "Our master has given his word. You are our archenemy, and we will..."

"Noisy! What can you do to me?" Ji Hao laughed brightly as he raised his left arm and pushed forward. Following his move, the giant swirl condensed from the black light shredded the colorful light from Pan Xi's palms and tore a large piece of skin and muscle off, exposing her crystalline bones which were thickly covered in cracks.

Ji Hao sent Pan Xi backward for tens of steps, then gripped the sword with both hands and swung down to her head.

The Pan Gu sword buzzed shrilly. The moment Ji Hao wielded the sword, numerous natural stars shone in the sky. Streams of starlight poured into the Pan Gu sword from the starry void, allowing the sword to glow with a dazzling, colorful light and create a beautiful light screen between the heaven and the earth, full of splendor. Like a colorful waterfall, the light screen descended to Pan Xi in an overwhelming, unstoppable way.

Pan Xi's face twisted intensely, and her body paused briefly. Suddenly, she clapped her hands and emitted a faint aroma from her palms. Next, wisps of glow condensed into a splendid light shield upon her head. The light shield was divided into thirty-six layers, each layer with six towers sparkling brightly in it. On the towers, numerous golden-armored warriors had been walking, giving a sacred feeling that would make people want to worship them uncontrollably.

Facing Ji Hao's terrifying sword strike, the sky devil which controlled Pan Xi's body gave up on fighting straight against Ji Hao. Instead, it chose to continue this battle with the power of a sky devil.

Ji Hao laughed. Sky devils weren't easy to deal with, but they did have weaknesses. They instinctively believed in their own powers instead of the power of Pan Xi, a world creator. If the sky devil which controlled Pan Xi's body was able to release Pan Xi's full power, not even Ji Hao could do anything to it. Nevertheless, facing Ji Hao's threat, the sky devil chose to fight with its own power and gave up on the great power of Saint Pan Xi. By doing this, this sky devil sought its own doom!

The Pan Gu sword fell from the sky. Under the sword edge, the thirty-six layers of colorfully shining light shield quietly shattered. The six towers in each layer of light shield were torn into pieces, and in the towers, numerous golden-armored warriors howled shrilly while being wiped out by Ji Hao's sword strike. The sword light flashed across the air, then the Pan Gu sword landed heavily on Pan Xi's body. The sword edge went into her body from between her eyebrows, then came out from her lower stomach, nearly cutting her into two.

"Show some mercy!" The moment Ji Hao swung his sword, Netherworld Hierarch shouted out loud from aside.

Hearing Netherworld Hierarch, Ji Hao slightly lifted his wrists and saved Pan Xi from being cut into two pieces. But still, Pan Xi's body was halfway split up. Colorful blood spurted from her body and turned into colorful beads in the air, tinkling on the ground.

The sky devil hiding in Pan Xi's body let out a series of ear-piercing screams. It transformed into a colorful glow and hurriedly rose into the sky.

The Pan Gu bell buzzed deeply and flew up from Ji Hao's head. Streams of Chaos power surged and wove into a giant bell-shaped cage, imprisoning this colorful light. Ji Hao opened his mouth and let out a black streak of fire. The mushroom-like fire immediately swirled the colorful glow in, then the power of destruction erupted, turning this sky devil into nothingness within a few breaths.

Tremendous original soul power began spreading from the black fire. Ji Hao fully activated his embryo of Dao and absorbed the original soul power, which was extracted from the sky devil. After that, Ji Hao gripped Pan Xi's neck, which still had blood squirting from it. He turned around and laughed to Blood Pool, "Elder, do you want her? But, she belongs to the Magi Palace!"

Blood Pool threw a threatening glance at Ji Hao and yelled, "Cut the crap! Pan Xi belongs to both the Magi Palace and me. Bring her to me now. Look at what you did..."

Blood Pool suddenly quivered in shock as he stared at Ji Hao's Pan Gu sword, as if he had seen a ghost wandering in broad daylight. He just realized that no matter who controlled Pan Xi's body, that was still a body of a saint, a world creator. Even though the origin of Pan Xi world wasn't as strong as it of Pan Gu world, the body of its creator could never be harmed by an ordinary weapon.

But, with the Pan Gu sword, Ji Hao nearly cut Pan Xi into two. The dark, ordinary-looking holding in Ji Hao's hands, what kind of a supreme treasure it was?

Blood Pool's heart had even been twitching, 'Not even Netherworld Priest's pair of fierce supreme swords can compete with this Pan Gu sword, can it? Oh my, Ji Hao kid is getting scarier and scarier!' He thought.

"How can that even happen? Xi, my Xi! Ji Hao, how dare you hurt my Xi?! Give Xi back to me now. Otherwise, you will become my sworn enemy!" Down below from the Divine Tortoise Pavilion, Emperor Xun burst with a series of screams, as he couldn't believe what he saw.

"Sworn enemy? Are you even qualified to say that?" Ji Hao looked at Emperor Xun coldly.

Raising the pan Gu sword, Ji Hao prepared to finish Emperor Xun. But from the higher sky, a streak of light descended swiftly. Mounting on Xie Zhi, Hao Tao dove down from the air and shouted, "Ji Hao, Ji Hao, leave these things over there...We need 'Jiuzhou weapons!"

"Jiuzhou weapon? What was that?" Ji Hao raised his head and looked at Hao Tao in confusion as he asked.

"Collect weapons from all over the world, preferably the ones used for slaughtering. Melt the weapons in the cauldrons, to suppress the world with the strong wills of fighting of our brave human warriors." Hao Tao explained with a deep voice.

Blinking his eyes, Ji Hao looked at Hao Tao. Si Wen Ming needed 'Jiuzhou weapons' for forging the nine cauldrons?

'Hah, did Si Wen Ming bring up the concept of 'Jiuzhou' even before the nine cauldrons were forged?' It seemed that Hao Tao had accepted it already.

"Then, this one?" Ji Hao pointed at Emperor Xun.

"Leave him alive for now." Hao Tao gave Emperor Xun a complicated glance.

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