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About ten days ago, Emperor Xun suddenly took a fancy to gold. Therefore, a purely golden, mountain-sized palace appeared in Pu Ban City.

Seven to eight days ago, Emperor Xun found that the jade was the best thing in the world, for which reason, a group of Kuafu Family people were sent to empty three white jade mines for building another palace.

Two days ago, Emperor Xun fell in love with hawksbill shell, and eight ancient dragon kings made their moves immediately. They hunted millions of hawksbill turtles, took their shells, and built a palace.

When Ji Hao dove down from the sky, Emperor Xun was enjoying a banquet in his 'Divine Tortoise Pavilion', which was a nine-thousand, nine-hundred and ninety-nine meters tall building made from the shells of millions of hawksbill turtles. That was a quaint building, with beautiful natural patterns, thickly embossed with spell symbols and mysterious marks. The building was as magnificent as a palace of a divine emperor.

When Ji Hao growled out loud, countless beautiful maids had been walking airily on the cliffy plank road built along the surface of the building as they carried large jade and gold trays and silver plates. Faint clouds drifted across their bodies and the wind fluttered their long white dresses, while the building glowed faintly, making these girls look like fairies that descended from the heaven, so special and graceful.

Startled by Ji Hao's thunderous voice, these young girls burst into screams. Some of them even dropped the containers in their hands, which were filled with delicate dishes and rare foods. Jade and golden trays fell to the ground from the edge of the plank road, looking like sparkling lights descending from the sky. Instantly, shouts and yells of both anger and shock could be heard from all directions.

The beautiful melody echoing through the entire Divine Tortoise Pavilion stopped abruptly, and so did the deep yet silvery rings of chime. After that, Emperor Xun's tired voice came out of the building. Because of the special magic formation based on the Divine Tortoise Pavilion, his voice was amplified largely, sounding like a series of thunder that echoed in half the city.

"Who is it? Who is so disrespectful to the human emperor? Guards, break his limbs and drag him to me." Emperor Xun snorted carelessly and gave an order, then his giggles also resounded across a big half of Pu Ban City. "Ignore those idiots who are bringing themselves so eagerly to death. Come on, my beauty. This cloth of yours is so unpleasant to look at. Take it off..."

Hearing Emperor Xun, Ji Hao looked at the ivory-shaped Divine Tortoise Pavilion. He scanned across the building with his waves of spirit power, then was shocked by this luxurious construction.

Not to mention the layers of magic formations buried in it, this building was purely made from the shells of millions of giant hawksbill turtles. An ocean-wide life-force was contained in these shells, judging by which, many of these hawksbills turtles had lived for over ten-thousand years!

Giant turtles were intelligent; at the age of ten-thousand or even higher, they would become creatures of wisdom. But, for building this palace, these creatures of wisdom were cruelly hunted, and their shells were taken away. Ji Hao sensed the hatred contained in their shells deep in the core of each shell, which could not be dispelled by any magic.

"Emperor Xun, haven't you been having nightmares living in this building?" Looking at the building, Ji Hao growled once again.

Coiled on Ji Hao's shoulders, the pair of fire dragons roared sonorously. Nourished by the great Dao of destruction, their scales had turned slightly dark, and the fire rising from their bodies was added with a faint layer of blackness as well. They each let out a long streak of flame towards the Divine Tortoise Pavilion.

They had followed Ji Hao for years, and attained quite a lot resources, especially after Ji Hao became a divine emperor. In the heaven, supported by the natural fortune, this pair of dragons had soared in an amazing way.

As the close guards of the only incumbent divine emperor, the pair of fire dragons had already reached the level of peak-Divine-Magus. If they were allowed to rest for a longer while in the Dragon Pool in the heaven, they would soon become as powerful as Supreme Magi.

Their powers had been raised, and the fire they created had been getting more and more terrifying.

Two fist-sized streams of fire reached down from the sky and turned millions of miles long, piercing straight into the cores of the most essential two defensive formations in the building.

As Ji Hao's loyal followers, these two fire dragons had learned some solid knowledge too when Ji Hao studied Yu Yu's art of magic formations. By now, they were no weaker than magic formation masters. Their targets were the most important areas of the Divine Tortoise Pavilion; once the targets were hit, the entire building could collapse.

Two hoarse and wild voices could be heard, roaring in the building. Following the voices, two tall and sturdy figures rose trod on a dense dark smoke, rising into the sky as they flashed across the air and blocked the fire.

Thud! Thud!

Two bronze square shields with embossments of ghost faces appeared, and the fire thudded against the shields, starting dazzling sparkles.

The slightly dark fire corroded the shields. The shields buzzed deeply, turning more and more scorching. Countless ancient spell symbols sparkled on the shields, but in no time, they were burned glowing red, letting out rumbling roars that sounded like agitated beasts.


A rain of sparkle erupted from the surface of the two shields as countless spell symbols fell apart. In the following moment, the two shields melted and exploded, splashing the molten metal all over the two sturdy figures.

With a series of sizzling noise, the two fist-thick streams of fire penetrated the chests of the two sturdy figures.

Wild roars could immediately be heard as the two sturdy warriors shook their bodies as hard as they could to get rid of the molten metal on their bodies. They raised their heads in rage, then lifted their antique-looking long spears while roaring to Ji Hao.

Ji Hao lowered his head and looked at them. They were about four meters tall, and their spears looked roughly crafted, over nine-meters long, with the spearheads glowing with a blood-red light. Apparently, these spears were fierce pieces which had taken countless lives.

What surprised Ji Hao was the ugly faces of these two warriors. Overall speaking, they were tall and muscular, each with a ragged leather skirt wrapped perfunctorily around the waist. Other than the areas covered by the shirts, the thick dark hair all over their bodies were exposed completely in the air. Their faces looked even cruder, with prominent brow lines and mouth areas, and flat noses. They looked like two hairy gorillas at first glance.

What was even more eye-catching, each of these two warriors had a pair of curved, shiny horns, which were not that large, glowing with a faint red light. They also seemed to be stained by the blood and lives of countless living beings.

The fire penetrated their bodies. At the moment, they covered their wounds with their hands and roared thunderously. Their wounds squirmed and healed within a couple of breaths. They glared at Ji Hao, clenched their long spears with both hands, and released a meters long streak of blood-red light from each spearhead, locking on Ji Hao's chest and stomach.

"Who are you?" Ji Hao looked at them, sensing the familiar sense of power releasing from their bodies.

"Chi You!" Growled these two warriors, who were clearly not so smart. This answer they gave was completely unexpected to Ji Hao!

The Chi You Army?

Were They Chi You warriors?

Judging by their horns, they could truly be members of the Chi You Army, the ancient one, the real one!

Even ancient Chi You warriors had shown up around Emperor Xun!

What the hell?

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