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"Human, die!"

Their healed wounds were still covered in blood as the two Chi You warriors wielded their long spears and fearlessly launched an offensive against Ji Hao. They were four meters tall, but facing the enormous nine dragons chariot, they were tiny as ants. From the bodies of the nine dragons which had been pulling the chariot, as well as the chariot itself, a faintly black fire had been rising. Flushed by an overwhelming power, the black hair of the two Chi You warriors fluttered like water waves while their eyes sparkled with a fierce, wild, rock-hard light.

Throwing a sideways glance at the two warriors, Ji Hao glared at the Divine Tortoise Pavilion and growled, "Emperor Xun, aren't you going to come out?"

The beautiful melody once again could be heard from the Divine Tortoise Pavilion, along with the sound of waves. A thousands of meters thick, beautifully blue water stream spiraled up from the bottom of the building, wrapping the building up like an enormous boa.

Inside the blue water, the silhouettes of countless seven-colored hawkbill turtles were faintly visible. They opened their mouths and let out fist-sized, beautiful pearls along with shrill and painful screams. Immediately, the water power in this area was boosted up to an extreme point, and with muffled thunders, water-tank-sized, dark-blue thunder bombs emerged from the blue water.

Millions of thunder bombs slowly rotated around the building. Every single thunder bomb was tightly connected with the blue water surrounding the building. Strong strands of water power were sent into the water thunder bombs through the water, gradually turning the dark-blue thunder bombs black.

A sizzling noise could be heard without an end. As the highly compressed enormous thunder power in the black thunder bombs leaked out slightly, thin bolts of lightning erupted from the thunder bombs and wove into a thick web of lightning that covered the entire building.

The arrogant, libertine laughter came out of the building. A few good-looking boys bared their chests and carried wine pots and wine cups, slowly walking out of a magnificent hall on top of the Divine Tortoise Pavilion. They stood on the scenic terrace outside the hall, giggling, chatting, and laughing with each other while pointing their fingers at Ji Hao, who floated in the air.

Those maids, who were startled by Ji Hao and dropped their golden and jade trays earlier, now had also been smiling charmingly. They didn't know who Ji Hao was, neither did they understand the current situation. They just chuckled while leering at the few young men. Under the orders of a few middle-aged female executives, they airily ran up through the cliffy stairs of the building like butterflies.

Before long, these maids quickly walked to the hall on top of the Divine Tortoise Pavilion, where a great party was going on. They were wearing bright smiles; they raised their heads to glance at Ji Hao from time to time and blinked their eyes at him, twisting their waists and hips exaggeratedly while singing a gentle, happy folk song.

The two Chi You warriors had already rushed up to the chariot. They roared hoarsely and straightened their long spears, lunging fiercely towards Ji Hao, who stood on top of the chariot. Their mottled long spears vented meters long frosty light beams that buzzed shrilly while clashing against the defensive screen of the chariot.

Waves of dark fire rose into the sky. The fire neutralized the frosty light of the spears and coiled onto the spears. The bronze spears were immediately burned glowing-red, scorching the hands of their owners while generating a sizzling noise.

The two warriors burst into raging roars. They fought as hard as they could without taking a step backward. They madly wielded their bronze long spears, which were almost melted, lunging and hacking at the chariot with all their strengths. From their bodies, a wild, primitive-beast-like sense of power had been erupting, which condensed into two lively portraits of beasts behind them, roaring thunderously.

"Human, die!" The eyes of the two warriors were filled with blood streaks. Their eyeballs nearly popped out from their eye sockets while their blood veins bulged under their skins one after another, swelling to the thickness of fists, coiling on their bodies while twisting and squirming intensely. White stream puffed out from their pores, as they burned their spirit blood to attack Ji Hao so crazily.

The bronze long spears drew dazzling lines in the air and, brought up a deafening swishing noise as they clanged against the defensive screen of the nine dragons chariot once again. Black fire rose in clouds and neutralized the wild power from the spears. Slowly, the spears began melting, and the molten bronze splashed everywhere.

"Emperor Xun," Ji Hao looked at the Divine Tortoise Pavilion and shouted, "Do you think that I can do nothing to you as long as you stay inside?"

Mr. Crow rose into the sky and shifted into his man shape, but with his hands staying in the shape of sharp claws. He reached his pair of claws towards the heads of the two Chi You warriors, leaving sharp beams of light in the air. His claws were burning with a blinding black fire. The fire was black, but was even more dazzling than the Pan Gu sun, like thousands of needles piercing straight into every living being's eyes.

Because of the power of destruction contained in the fire, Mr. Crow left clearly visible dark space traces when his claws swept across the air. The thin space cracks were as sharp as blade edges, emitted a scary light. Mr. Crow had flashed across the air, but the space cracks he left behind didn't fade for long.

The two warriors didn't manage to raise their spears to defend themselves, before Mr. Crow brushed across their bodies at lightning speed. Their heads evaporated quietly, then their muscular bodies thudded against the ground.

The power of destruction lingered on their bodies and destroyed them, turning those strong bodies into wisps of black dust in no time. Eventually, the black dust turned into invisible mist, disappearing without a trace.

Standing on the terrace, the few good-looking boys glanced at Ji Hao, then made gestures towards the corpses of the two warriors, as if they had seen something laughable. One of these boys smashed his wine pot violently against the ground, then put a finger into his mouth and made a high-pitched whistle.

"Whoo-hah!" With a thunderous roar, a fierce stream of power transformed into a dense strand of smoke and rose straight into the sky. Hundreds of Chi You warriors, who had hide pieces wrapped around their waists, bodies covered in thick dark hair, with small horns on their heads, marched out of the Divine Tortoise Pavilion and lined up, composing a weird battle formation shaped like a pair of connected scissors as they approached the nine dragons chariot.

Looking at these Chi You warriors who showed up so suddenly, Ji Hao roared out angrily, "Emperor Xun, aren't you going to bring out the facts and reasons at all? Aren't you prepared to negotiate at all?"

"Negotiate my a*s! Kill the b*stard outside!" From the Divine Tortoise Pavilion, Emperor Xun's oily, drunken voice drifted out.

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