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As the core of the heaven, the heaven and earth divine tower wasn't activated while Ji Hao was absent. Without the tower, the heaven and earth great formation hadn't been operating at its full-speed. Therefore, the ten divine formations which composed the heaven and earth formation had merely been functioning at a basic level.

Nevertheless, the heaven had already been turned into an impregnable zone, that no matter how hard those dragons, phoenixes, human beings and non-humankind beings attacked, the gate of the heaven would not even be touched.

Ao Bai sat on the sill of the gate, smilingly looking at those raging warriors outside the colorful defensive screen. He took out a large tortilla made from hulless oat, folded it and spread a thick layer of raw honey on it, then began taking small bites of it.

While eating, Ao Bai giggled at the allied force and said, "Masters, you're in such a good mood, aren't you? You've been trying so hard since this morning! Harder, work harder! It's not easy for you to step into the gate of the heaven! Hah, follow my words… One, two, one, two, harder!"

Hearing Ao Bai, the warriors from the allied force even had smokes puffing out of their nostrils in anger. They growled with dry voices while launching strikes on the heaven gate with all their powers.

The dragons let out torrents of water, flakes of flame, and bolts of thunder from their mouths. The phoenixes raised a sky-devouring fire, while countless arrows darted out of the array of human warriors, bringing up sharp beams of light towards the gate of the heaven, along with all kinds of fierce magic strikes, causing a series of thunderous bangs.

A straight line of flying forts floated above the non-humankind troop, sparkling brightly with countless spell symbols. On the forts, divine towers vented colorful lights that stirred circles of ripple on the defensive screen above Ao Bai's head, but failed to touch even a hair of his.

Ao Bai finished a big half of the tortilla, baring his teeth and wiping the honey on his mouth corners with his sleeves. Then, he abruptly picked up an enormous, eight-edged hammer by his foot and threw it out heavily, sending away a Jia Clan warrior who accidentally approached the gate of the heaven and making him vomit blood.

Ao Bai was a Bi Xi, one of the nine sons of the dragon ancestor, one of the most powerful beings among the dragon-kind. The eight-edged golden hammer he threw out was a supreme treasure from a secret treasury in the heaven, and was made from the core of a dead natural star. It was incredibly heavy, that not even Divine Magi could carry it.

However, Ao Bai wielded the hammer as easily as waving a straw, leaving shreds of afterimages in the air. The Jia Clan warrior remained in a whole piece when he was sent flying away by the hammer, but when he landed on the ground, his body disintegrated suddenly into strands of dust that dissipated in the air without leaving a trace. He was a high-Divine-Magus-level Jia Clan battle king, but in Ao Bai's hands, he was a fragile as a piece of tofu.

"Masters, work harder! If you stay soft like girls, you won't set even half a foot into the heaven." Ao Bai laughed to the allied force, "Especially you, young dragons. I'm seriously one of your ancestors, hah! Since you're daring enough to offend me, you shall prepare your butts for ten-thousand hammer strikes from me!"

Ao Bai was having fun, when an overwhelming dark light suddenly enveloped the entire world.

Above the heaven, other than the Pan Gu sun, a dark sphere of fire dazzled and covered the surrounding area with a scary black light. A suffocating sense of destruction descended like a mountain, making countless warriors in the allied force wail in fear. Immediately, over ninety-nine percent of all warriors from the allied force vomited blood, being pressed to the ground without being able to move.

"Emperor Ji Hao!" Ao Bai's pupils suddenly shrank to the size of needlepoints. Gripping the hammer, he thrust the rest of tortilla into his mouth, then stood up with extra carefulness and cautiousness.

A faintly sensible, passionate will of fighting spread from Ao Bai's body, which transformed into an invisible mist, coiling around him. He fixed his eyes on Ji Hao, with the golden hammer vibrating slightly in his hands, buzzing continuously.

"Mr. Bai!" Ji Hao nodded to Ao Bai, then lowered his head and glanced at the group of commanders, who strenuously straightened their bodies and stood among numerous warriors who had fallen to the ground, then continued, "You are a powerful being, but why didn't you destroy them?"

Ji Hao's eyes sparkled dimly. Mr. Crow suddenly flew out of a cloud of golden fire and spread his enormous wings, looking down at Ao Bai as he screamed hoarsely, "Caw, indeed, why...? Ahyaya, this is..."

Before Mr. Crow finished, the terrifying power of destruction drilled into Mr. Crow's body trace by trace, strand by strand. Instantly. Mr. Crow's feathers were covered in a thick layer of black mist. He trembled intensely, changing under the effect of the Dao of destruction under Ji Hao's careful control. His body began quickly turning 'dark'.

"How could I?" Ao Bai pointed at those dragon warriors lying on the ground outside the gate helplessly. "So many of my grandchildren are here. I can't bear to kill them. And, so many little phoenixes swaggered around in here. If I truly killed a couple of these feathered things, Qing Qiang would kill me."

Helplessly spreading his hands, Ao Bai pointed at the human warriors lying on the ground and carried on, "And these human boys, I can surely flatten them all with one hammer strike, but...they all have parents, and it's never easy for their parents to raise them into strong boys like these. I just can't bear doing it...We're all Pan Gu's descendants after all, aren't we?"

Shrugging and narrowing his eyes, Ao Bai turned to those non-humankind warriors with a fierce intent of killing in his eyes and said, "These non-humankind monsters mingled in the arrays of the dragon-kind, phoenix-kind and humankind. Do you want me to pick them out and crush them one by one? That'd be too troublesome."

"Emperor Ji Hao, since you're back, Qing Qiang and I shall worry about nothing. We'll be guarding the heaven. Don't worry about the heaven...The current biggest trouble is Pu Ban City. The human emperor and those crazy leaders and elders from large human clans and families...There are some things we dare not to think, talk, or plan, neither can we do those things." Ao Bai sighed and looked at Ji Hao seriously.

Breathing deeply, Ao Bai cupped his hands towards Ji Hao and said, "Emperor Ji Hao, you're a divine emperor, hehe, and your power has suddenly improved so much. It's better for you to deal with those things, isn't it? And, conveniently teach a lesson to the dragon emperor and phoenixes emperor, those two idiots, alright?

Spreading his hands again, Ao Bai gave a bitter grin and explained, "Those two idiots have actually sent their troops to attack their ancestors, haven't they? They have no filiality at all!"

Ji Hao smiled as he glanced at Ao Bai and responded, "Mr. Bai, I'll leave the heaven to you then!"

Before the nine dragons chariot, the nine fiery dragons roared towards the sky. Then, the enormous chariot transformed into a dark streak of light and descended straight to the earth, whooshing to Pu Ban City.

As the chariot fell straight down from the heaven, Ji Hao's thunderous growls quaked the entire Pu Ban City from hundreds of miles away.

"Where is Emperor Xun? Show your bloody face!"

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