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Yu Yu pushed his palms forward and sent Ji Hao to drift out of the formation like a kite. Flashing across the Chaos for a few times, Ji Hao approached Pan Gu world.

The golden bridge flashed and brought Ji Hao through the natural screen of Pan Gu world. The moment he stepped into the starry void, Ji Hao sensed a strong dark power spreading in the world. Even as a divine emperor, Ji Hao's soul and spirit were still vibrated slightly by the dark power, that made him feel so uncomfortable.

"Eh?" Ji Hao snorted and opened his erect eye, activating the great Dao of Sun of Pan Gu world. Instantly, he saw everything showered under the sunlight of Pan Gu world.

Before he figured out what exactly happened on Pan Gu Motherland, something from the starry void made Ji Hao knit his eyebrows. He moved swiftly and let the golden bridge flash like a bolt of lightning, bringing him through the void at an indescribably high speed to the sun world momentarily.

His embryo of Dao and physical body had merged with the great Dao of destruction, especially his physical body, which absorbed ninety-nine percent of Yu Man's great Dao of destruction. By now, his physical body had become a 'holy being of destruction', an embodiment of a great Dao of nature. When Ji Hao suddenly showed up near the sun world, the overwhelming black power of destruction spread out and immediately enveloped the entire sun world and tens of thousands of natural stars in the surroundings.

The dark mist covered the sky and delivered a fierce aura of killing. The strong sense of destruction pressed down on the hearts of all living beings in this area like a giant mountain. In a formidable army outside the sun world, all warriors burst into shrill screams, as their souls were almost crushed by the power of Dao released by Ji Hao. Falling to the ground one after another, these warriors were disabled from moving.

This army was composed of a whole thousand non-humankind flying forts, hundred-thousand enormous flying warships, tens of millions of elite non-humankind warriors, and human warriors. These warriors formed a fierce battle formation as they faced the only entrance of the sun world.

The entrance was guarded by Hao Tao. He was in a heavy armor, mounting on Xie Zhi's back. Floating around Hao Tao and Xiezhi were countless dead bodies. From time to time, some of these dead bodies would drift into the sun world and be incinerated immediately.

Hao Tao's armor was awfully damaged. Xie Zhi's single horn was broken and one eye was blinded, letting out streams of black blood. Xie Zhi was a creature with a magical power, but not even he could heal himself.

The tens of thousands of human warriors behind Hao Tao seemed to be on the verge of collapse as well, especially the few Divine Magi who had been leading the army, and were covered in bone-deep wounds. They had already consumed too much spirit blood, with no spare spirit blood to heal their wounds. Those scary wounds on their bodies were exposed in the air, bleeding ceaselessly.

Treading on a dark cloud, Ji Hao slowly descended from the higher sky.

"Hah! Ji Hao...You're finally back!" Hao Tao took a deep breath and spat out a large mouthful of blood, which contained a great amount of broken internal organ pieces, then said with a deep voice, "Go, Si Wen Ming is running out of materials. Go find someone to bring the materials for him."

Ji Hao nodded. He didn't have the time to ask Hao Tao about what exactly happened before he let tens of natural stars out of his body. Those stars belonged to the half of Pan Heng world inside his body. Within a blink of an eye, the tens of stars showed their true faces in the starry void of Pan Gu world.

The tens of natural stars with the radiuses of over a million miles spun slowly and buzzed rumblingly, emitting waves of heavy star power while spiraling in every direction into the starry void of Pan Gu world.

The story void quaked slightly while all Pan Gu world natural stars glowed dazzlingly. The natural stars in Pan Gu world combined their powers to teach these uninvited 'newcomers' a lesson.

A purely black crow with blood-red eyes abruptly flew out of Ji Hao's head. As the power of destruction swept across the entire area, this crow cawed towards the higher sky and sent the magical energy wave belonging to the Pan Gu sun to every corner of the starry void. Sensing the energy of the sun, which was the leader of all natural stars in Pan Gu world, all agitated natural stars quieted down and dimmed their lights.

Ji Hao activated the Pan Gu bell and let its ring echo across the sky. The tens of Pan Heng world stars disintegrated all of a sudden. All impurities contained in these stars were wiped out immediately, as Ji Hao wielded his hands and sent all the mineral resources contained in the tens of Pan Heng stars into the sun world, in a long, tremendous line.

"You're finally here in time. Ji Hao, with these materials, I will finish the job in a few days...You return to Pu Ban City now. I'm afraid that Pu Ban is now in some serious trouble!" Si Wen Ming's laughter could be heard from the sun world, sounding hoarse and exhausted.

"Don't worry, Uncle Wen Ming. You focus on your work, and I'll take care of Pu Ban City. Even if I may not be able to handle everything, I can always quell the unrest." Ji Hao didn't know what exactly happened in Pu Ban City, but his power had soared, and his body, as a 'holy being of destruction', was almost invincible. By now, the number of living beings in Pan Gu world who were stronger than Ji Hao was smaller than ten.

Therefore, Ji Hao was confident enough to comfort Si Wen Ming like that.

Rummaged through his sleeves, Ji Hao took out a large number of magic medicines that could quickly replenish consumed life-force and spirit blood, handing them to Hao Tao. Then, he turned around and coldly glanced at the enormous army outside the sun world, and all those warriors who lied on the ground without being able to move anymore.

"Who's the leader of this army? Show your face!" Ji Hao growled with a strong and deep voice. As he pointed his finger in one direction, all non-humankind warriors in a hundred flying forts exploded simultaneously. The power of destruction swept across the one-hundred forts and crushed the souls of millions of non-humankind warriors.

A series of sizzling noises could be heard. The moment Ji Hao destroyed the souls of those non-humankind warriors, their bodies turned into ashes, as if millions of years of time had gone through those bodies within a moment. Ji Hao sensed thin strands of power of destruction flowing out of those non-humankind warriors' dead bodies, being absorbed by himself. Afterward, his power was improved slightly.

Ji Hao was shocked. No wonder Priest Dachi, Priest Qingwei, and Yu Yu failed to destroy Yu Man completely even after such a long severe battle. It turned out that as long as Yu Man kept slaughtering, his cultivation of Dao and power would improve ceaselessly. The great Dao of destruction, how terrifying!

Ji Hao immediately told himself that he needed to control his heart of Dao, because if he obsessed on his desire of destruction, in improving himself by slaughtering, his mind might be devoured by the great Dao of destruction. And, if that truly happened, he would become a pure devil, who knew nothing but killing and destroying.

"Who's the leader? Show your face!" Having killed millions of heavily armored non-humankind warriors with a single strike, Ji Hao shouted out loud once again at the army.

Wielding his broad sleeve, Ji Hao released the nine dragons chariot. Standing on top of the chariot, he covered the entire army with a dark sunlight.

Everyone in the army sensed a destructive disaster. Their armors, shields, and weapons fell apart, being corroded by the power of destruction and turned into a pile of junk within a couple of breaths.

Next, their flying forts and warships began collapsing quickly as well, becoming useless metal pieces in no time.

"Ji Hao, what can you do to me?" A high-pitched voice came from the army, along with which, a scrawny old man struggled up from the crowd while laughing madly.

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