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Ji Hao crushed Yu Man's left shoulder with a dark thunderbolt. A giant arm of Yu Man fell off from his body, without being able to merge back swith his body anymore.

Witnessing the power of Ji Hao's dark thunderbolt, Pries Dachi and Priest Qingwei were both shocked, even though they were already way too powerful. They expressionless faces twitched slightly.

A big half of Yu Man's power had been worn out by Yu Yu's sword formation, but he was still a saint. Compared with Priest Dachi and Priest Qingwei, as a wild, violent being, Yu Man's body might even be slightly stronger. Even if he had lost half of his power, no creature weaker than Priest Dachi and Priest Qingwei could do any harm to him.

However, a thunderbolt created by Ji Hao crushed a shoulder of Yu Man. Suffering this thunder strike, even a powerful being like Priest Dachi and Priest Qingwei would be injured slightly, and humiliated badly, without extra preparation.

They were both shocked. Even with Yu Yu's help, Ji Hao shouldn't be so powerful, should he?

"This bell is so powerful!" Countless thoughts flashed through their minds. With their wisdom, they denied all the other thoughts but figured out the only possibility. The Pan Gu bell was the only reason why Ji Hao was able to merge with the great Dao of destruction and attain such a great power within such a short span of time, even threatening the life of a saint-level being.

"Such a shame!" Priest Qingwei's face twitched again as he subconsciously slapped his knee.

Back then, with the power of the divine heaven and earth formation, Gong Gong broke Buzhou Mountain. Priest Qingwei only took a small part of the mountain, because he was too shameful to collect the entire mountain. He made the small part of the mountain into a seal, then gifted it to Priest Guangcheng as a supreme treasure.

Later on, Ji Hao collected the remaining part of Buzhou Mountain. When the long root of the mountain was pulled out from Midland, Priest Qingwei was seriously shocked — The remaining part of the mountain was more than a hundred times larger than the part he collected!

Because of the sense of shame, Priest Qingwei only collected the top area of Buzhou Mountain, but Ji Hao, as a shameless disciple of Yu Yu, took the entire remaining part of the mountain. Afterward, the larger part of Buzhou Mountain was made into the Pan Gu bell, and Priest Qingwei even helped in that!

The Pan Gu bell was an after-world supreme treasure made from Pan Gu's spine. It was greatly powerful, but Priest Qingwei was never tempted. However, today, as he watched the bell releasing a giant amount of Chaos power to help Ji Hao absorb the great Dao of destruction and allow him to attain such a great, immeasurable power, Priest Qignwei felt not quite comfortable! After all, in mere terms of thunder magic, Ji Hao was already stronger than all his disciples.

If Ji Hao were his disciple, how wonderful this would be? But, Ji Hao was a disciple of Yu Yu, and how many elite disciples Yu Yu had under his guidance? Po, Gui Ling, Wu Dang, Jin Ling, every single one of them was amazing. And now, Ji Hao became one of them...

Priest Qingwei's heart suddenly missed a beat — Ji Hao hadn't even finished his first century as a cultivator, had he?

Priest Qingwei was a well-cultivated being with an unshakable heart of Dao. But at this very moment, his peaceful lake of heart was rippled slightly. Ji Hao was such a freak! Within the first century of his cultivation, Ji Hao had actually surpassed his best disciples!

"Eh? This bell is quite interesting. Ji Hao's embryo of Dao wasn't able to contain the great Dao of destruction, but with the help of the bell, he actually absorbed it, didn't he?" Priest Dachi gently clapped his hands and chuckled, "Interesting, interesting! This...seems like the original Dao of Pan Gu."

Priest Dachi gave a carefree smile, but the surprise in his eyes hadn't faded yet.

He saw through Ji Hao's cultivation with one single glance. Ji Hao's hadn't thoroughly understood the great Dao of sun and extreme negative from Pan Gu world yet, but Yu Yu directly sent the great Dao of destruction into his body. One had to mention again that the great Dao of destruction was the highest Dao of Pan Yu world. With Ji Hao's 'shallow cultivation', it was not possible for him to understand the great Dao of destruction. But, with the help of the Pan Gu bell, Ji Hao actually managed to contain the great Dao of destruction within his physical body.

Sensing the power of destruction rolling in Ji Hao's every cell, even Priest Dachi was choked.

This...should be the true face of Saint Pan Gu's original great Dao, right?

However, this path was so difficult, that not even Priest Dachi had the confidence and courage to step onto it, despite his high cultivation and stable heart of Dao.

Ji Hao sat under his sword gate with his legs crossed. Yu Yu had still been sending his pure power of Dao into Ji Hao's body, while the mature great Dao of destruction was crushed by the Pan Gu bell and completely merged into Ji Hao's embryo of Dao and physical body.

The power of destruction boiled inside Ji Hao's body, adding a thick layer of blackness to every great Dao that he had understood, including his great Dao of sun and extreme negative.

Inside Ji Hao's body, the nine dazzling suns had already turned black. In the core area of each sun, the Gold Crow had become three-legged dark crows, with a pair of blood-red eyes filled with an endless sense of violence and intent of killing.

If Ji Hao were an ordinary cultivator, his heart of Dao would have been twisted, his mind would have been confused, and he would have become a purely evil devil which knew nothing but destruction and killing. After all, the great Dao of destruction was so much beyond the limitation of his embryo of Dao.

Nevertheless, ninety-nine percent of Yu Man's great Dao of destruction was absorbed by Ji Hao's physical body, without causing any effect to Ji Hao's heart of Dao under the suppression of the Pan Gu bell. The power of destruction surged inside Ji Hao's body so rampantly, but Ji Hao suffered absolutely no harm from it.

"Interesting!" Yu Yu sensed the changes that happened to Ji Hao, then laughed and stopped injecting his power into Ji Hao's body.

Within such a short span of time, a mature supreme great Dao merged with Ji Hao's embryo of Dao and physical body so perfectly, delivering such a magical change to Ji Hao. Yu Yu looked at the bell, then nodded and praised, calling it 'a nice treasure'.

Suddenly, Priest Dachi, Priest Qingwei, and Yu Yu frowned simultaneously. Glancing at Pan Gu world, they communicated for tens of thousands of times by using their spirit power within a second, after which, Yu Yu shouted out loud, "Good disciple, return to Pu Ban City now. Do what you want! Your brother Po will take over this sword gate!"

A streak of light flashed across the Chaos, approaching Ji Hao. It was Po, who trod on a lotus while flying towards the sword formation.

Yu Yu pushed forward his hands and sent Ji Hao out of the formation. Bringing up a strong gale and crushing layers of Chaos tide wave, Ji Hao flew back to Pan Gu world at light speed.

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