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The one leading the army to attack the sun world was Wu Gu, an elder of Chi Wu Clan.

What made Ji Hao and Hao Tao drop their faces was that Wu Gu and his warriors were all crazy, that no matter how cruelly Ji Hao tortured them, they wouldn't care about their own lives. Ji Hao made them howl in pain, but they merely twisted their faces and cursed Ji Hao through clenched teeth, without taking one step backward.

With a slight carelessness, Ji Hao failed to control his power well and killed a few Chu Wu Clan Senior Magi right on the spot, both their bodies and souls. But, the blood and body parts of those dead Senior Magi immediately merged with their souls and formed an extremely evil curse, striking towards Ji Hao and Hao Tao. If Ji Hao didn't react timely, Hao Tao would have been harmed by it already. After all, Hao Tao had already suffered serious injuries.

They were so strangely brave, with no fear to death. Ji Hao looked at these human warriors, and had no idea what was wrong with them. He saw a dark mist rolling inside their bodies, sensing the evil power from them, but Ji Hao didn't know where that evil power was from.

Ji Hao had read every secret scripture collected by the Magi palace, but he failed to figure out the source of the dark mist inside these people' bodies. He knew that the mist was generated from an extremely evil power. It was highly infective, corrosive, could drive people crazy, twist people' hearts, and sink people' souls.

He stormed his brain but still failed to find any useful information. With no other better idea, Ji Hao left these human warriors to Hao Tao, locking them in the prison in the sun world. Then, he started the nine dragons chariot and transformed into a blinding streak of dark light, flying back to Pan Gu Motherland.

The closer he go to Pan Gu Motherland, the more rapid his heartbeat turned.

The sunlight shone on every corner of Pan Gu Motherland. Through the sunlight, Ji Hao saw everything happening on Pan Gu Motherland. His heart sank deeper and deeper, and even his heart of Dao began shaking slightly.

Outside Yao Mountain City, countless zombies stood by the edge of the heaven and earth great formation, emitting an evil power. These zombies encircled the entire Yao Mountain territory and released clouds of dark mist, which condensed into weapons and battle flags, composing an enormous evil great formation. The dark mist had been attacking Yao Mountain territory restlessly.

Fortunately, Yao Mountain territory was protected by the heaven and earth great formation. The formation was fully activated, shielding the entire vast Yao Mountain territory, with a radius of tens of millions of miles. Within this area, Yao Mountain people lived a peaceful life, grazing and farming without being affected by whatever was happening outside the formation at all.

However, the territories around Yao Mountain territory, which belonged to hundreds of earls and marquises, were ruined by these zombies, becoming a dirty, barren zone. The thriving forests had become dark forests, with strands of evil dark mist rising from the sand. Wherever the dark mist reached, not even a grass could survive. Looking down from the sky, one would see Yao Mountain territory surrounded by a dark desert hundred times larger in size.

Ji Hao saw Man Man patrolling on the city wall with her troops, and Shaosi working hard with Yao Mountain people in the farmlands around the city, storing crops and all kinds of supply. Feng Xing and Yu Mu were vigilantly guarding by the edge of the heaven and earth formation with the Yao Mountain army, launching destructive counterattacks on every enemy who dared to try to set a foot in the formation.

Within a short period of time, Yao Mountain territory wouldn't fall in any trouble. In sadness, Ji Hao glanced at the dark desert around his territory. He didn't know how many efforts and how much time it would take to restore the fertile land which was corroded by the evil dark power.

What shocked Ji Hao even more was that Si Wen Ming's You Chong Clan was under attack from an allied force.

Countless human warriors and non-humankind warriors composed a boundless army, their eyes flickering with an evil light. They controlled countless giant scale armaments and billions of battle beasts, striking the line of defense of You Chong Clan like black tide waves.

You Chong Clan was a strong clan, one of the top-hundred among all large-scale human clans. However, the allied force which had been attacking You Chong Clan was tremendous, with a formidable power. Ji Hao looked down from the sky and found that the allied force had already occupied over sixty-percent of You Chong Clan's territory. They had almost touched the forbidden area of You Chong Clan, where the ancestral temple was located.

Fortunately, Ji Xia and his divine force had been helping You Chong Clan to defend against the allied force at all costs. Countless Gold Crow warriors composed a pure positive sword formation in the core area of You Chong Clan and slaughtered every enemy who entered this area, managing to stop the allied force temporarily.

Gazing down from the sky, Ji Hao saw a human Maguspriest attacking Ji Xia with an evil curse. Ji Xia gave a muffled snort, being sent flying away while vomiting blood. Tens of Gold Crow Clan commanders hurriedly shielded Ji Xia with their bodies, but from behind that Maguspriest, countless Eastern Wasteland archers roared out shrilly and released thousands of spell symbol arrows, swishing towards the group of Gold Crow Clan commanders while bringing up dazzling lights.

"You damned things!" Ji Hao burst into a raging roar. He raised his hand and let the Pan Gu bell ring thunderously. The bell expanded to miles wide and spiraled down from the sky, covering the ancestral land of You Chong Clan and a large area in the surroundings.

The Pan Gu bell released strands of dark mist that shredded all the arrows before they landed. Ji Hao pressed down his palm and the bell buzzed rumblingly, venting waves of dark mist. You Chong Clan people, Ji Xia, and his warriors remained perfectly unharmed, but all the enemies within the area one-hundred-thousand miles in radius screamed out loud. Swept across by the dark mist, the bodies of all enemies began burning. Soon, their limbs disappeared in the black fire.

Leading the allied force, over a thousand Divine Magi also had their limbs burned out, even though they were able to regrow their bodies from blood drops. Wisps of dark fire lingered on their wounds, devouring their spirit blood. No matter how hard they tried to activate their spirit blood, none of them managed to heal their wounds, not even by a little bit.

"Talk to you later!" Ji Hao descended, floating above the Pan Gu bell as he greeted to Ji Xia, then the nine dragons chariot transformed again into a dazzling black light, rising straight to the sky towards the heaven.

Seeing Ji Hao, countless You Chong Clan people and divine warriors remained silent for a while, the burst into earthshaking cheers.

Staring at the Pan Gu bell which floated above You Chong Clan, Ji Xia sat straight down on the ground, wiped the sweat on his forehead, and murmured, "You little b*stard, finally coming back, eh? What...It has been a few months, but why is he getting scarier and scarier? I'm his father, but why are my legs softened when I see him? The kid used to spread golden fire, but now he covered the sky with a black fire. He isn't possessed by a devil, is he?"

While Ji Xia was murmuring, Ji Hao had already rushed up to the front gate of the heaven. An allied force of the dragon-kind, phoenix-kind, human-kind and non-humankind had been launching crazy offensives to the heaven.

Ao Bai was commanding a divine army, and had activated the heaven and earth formation. No matter how fiercely the enemies attacked, how evilly they cursed, he sat so calmly by the front gate of the heaven, remaining perfectly unmoved.

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