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"Give me my...Dao!"

Yu Man was truly driven crazy!

That was the great Dao of destruction from Pan Yu world, the foundation of Pan Yu world.

The great Dao of destruction was the highest Dao of Pan Yu world. Since the beginning of Pan Yu world, Yu Man spent incalculable years, made immeasurable efforts, survived countless destructive dangers, and finally attained the great Dao of destruction after millions of deadly battles he fought. He merged the great Dao with his spirit and soul and promoted himself to indestructibility, earning himself the endless power of destruction.

Nevertheless, with the Pan Gu bell, Ji Hao directly broke Yu Man's head and dragged his great Dao out of his body, despite the fact that his great Dao of destruction has already completely merged with his soul and spirit.

Ji Hao actually managed to split up Yu Man's great Dao of destruction from his soul and spirit!

Immediately, Yu Man was weakened by over seventy percent. His spirit was injured badly while he lost ninety percent of his soul power. His indestructible body was finally broken. His skin and muscles withered quickly. If the great Dao of killing, slaughtering, and looting hadn't been supporting him at the moment, he would have been killed by Ji Hao's sword strike long ago.

"Give me my Dao! You bandits!" Yu Man's broken head healed in no time, and so did his other wounds. Tears gushed out of his large single eye as he pointed his finger at Yu Yu while screaming hoarsely. He looked like a little girl who was bullied by a group of older boys.

Priest Dachi and Priest Qingwei laughed out loud together. They locked their fingers together and quaked their sword gates. Followed their movement, streams of sword light poured down like waterfalls, instantly injuring Yu Man and making his body be covered again in wounds, worsening his injuries.

Under the pressure given by the sword formation, Yu Man could not move. He had no choice but to watch Yu Yu sending his great Dao to Ji Hao and throwing the dark light, which contained all the secrets about his great Dao, into Ji Hao's body. He had earned that great Dao by risking his life for a million times.

"My...Dao!" Yu Man cried thunderously while shaking his long black hair intensely.

Cold sweat squirted out of Ji Hao's pores. He was shaking intensely as well. Gradually, a tiny drop of blood oozed out of every pore of his. Soon, blood drops covered his body, purely black, solidifying then falling off his skin.

As Yu Yu sent the great Dao of destruction into his body, Ji Hao's blood was affected, losing its life-force and turning lifeless, being excreted outside of his body. He was in such an unbearable pain. He felt like being locked in a hell made of mountain of blades and fire ocean, that a thousand blades were hacking him and a fire was burning him. The tearing pain almost made him cry out loud.

"Focus, I'll be helping you!" Yu Yu pressed his hands on Ji Hao's temples an sent rapidly flowing clear light streams into Ji Hao's body. Every stream of light delivered a great power into Ji Hao's body. To generate a stream of light like this, even a powerful being like Po had to cultivate himself severely for ten-thousand years. But at this very moment, the clear light had been flowing so quickly into Ji Hao's body like water, helping him to suppress and absorb the great Dao of destruction from Yu Man.

Ji Hao felt that both his body and embryo of Dao had been expanding quickly in all directions. Within a second, he felt that he had become a giant, and his body was vast enough to contain tens, hundreds of mature great worlds.

The power of destruction flooded into Ji Hao's embryo of Dao, filling the embryo of Dao. The pure and strong power of destruction was far beyond Ji Hao's imagination, making him uncontrollably roll his eyes. Next, his embryo of Dao began glowing with sharp beams of dark light.

Ji Hao's body and embryo of Dao were both like a three-year-old boy who needed no more than three little bowls of gruel and some comminuted meat to be healthy and strong. However, the great Dao of destruction, which was forcibly sent into his body by Yu Yu was like a thirty-million-miles-long Kun Peng, suddenly filling Ji Hao up to the verge of collapse.

Additionally, along with the pure power he had been injecting into Ji Hao's body, Yu Yu had also put the North Sea Sky Pond, which was enormous enough to contain that thirty-million-miles-long Kun Peng, into Ji Hao's body.

Ji Hao had already lost all his sensations to the outside world. Without any other choice, he was forced to absorb the great Dao of destruction with Yu Yu's help. Once he merged himself with the great Dao of destruction, he would have a skyrocketing rise, that his cultivation might even be higher than that of Po. But, if he failed, in all probability, he might need to stay in such a vegetative-state for countless years. Before he completely merged with the great Dao of destruction, he would never wake up, but could only stay in the endless power of Dao of destruction.

Yu Yu cast a spell and his strong voice echoed across Ji Hao's spiritual space. Cyan-colored lotuses bloomed in the spiritual space, merging into Ji Hao's embryo of Dao and helping him to understand and absorb the great Dao of destruction at a higher rate.

Ji Hao's embryo of Dao sparkled dimly. Countless dark spell symbols quietly emerged on the embryo of Dao, then soon disappeared. His embryo of Dao began growing slowly, bit by bit, inch by inch, slowly turned strong and clear. Meanwhile, the power that could be sensed from Ji Hao's body began changing as well.

The mysterious man showed up and glanced at the cyan lotuses in Ji Hao's spiritual space while shaking his head.

"Ah, the great Dao of destruction from Pan Yu world? It's a treasure. If I had it back then...How can Ji Hao cope with a supreme great Dao like this within such a short span of time? Yu Yu kid, he always likes to give his disciples the best in the world. This is a good habit indeed, but the little one needs to be able to handle so much as well!"

Locking his fingers together, the mysterious man silently cast a spell.

The Pan Gu bell buzzed and expanded to hundreds of meters tall as it floated above Ji Hao's head. Chaos power poured down in huge streams, flowing into Ji Hao's body and flushing through the dark light which was sent into Ji Hao's body by Yu Yu. The Chaos power extracted the great Dao of destruction from the dark light and turned it into a series of strange spell symbols which merged into Ji Hao's body.

Gradually, complicated but beautiful marks of Dao emerged from Ji Hao's skin. His body began releasing a scary power of destruction, like a world-destroying weapon. A giant amount of Chaos power merged into Ji Hao's body along with the great Dao of destruction, slowly strengthening his body, filling every single cell of his with the pure power of destruction.

"A true Pan Gu body can contain all types of great Dao. With any slight move, with a thought, a Pan Gu body can generate a tremendous power. This is how you attain the great Dao through strength." Murmured the mysterious man. "A single great Dao of destruction, slightly thin, but enough for now."

Ji Hao abruptly opened his eyes. From those eyes, two beams of dark light shone to a thousand miles away. He rubbed his hands and created a black thunderbolt, then wielded his hands and shattered the space. He sent the thunderbolt towards Yu Man and struck on his left shoulder.

With a thunderous bang, Yu Man's left shoulder was blown up, without being able to recover.

"My...Dao!" Yu Man cried and wailed, his face covered in tears.

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