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The giant dark ice cudgel hit violently against a dragon-horn golden sword. The watery light and fire dazzled, flattening a mountain down below and crushing countless living beings on the mountain.

The cudgel and the golden sword rubbed deafeningly against each other, and started eye-piercing sparkles. From behind Wuzhi Qi's back, a giant hairy arm lunged out and punched straight to Huoyuan's head.

Huoyuan burst into a roar as he transformed his lower body back into the shape of a Qilin and whipped his long tail fiercely on Wuzhi Qi's suddenly appearing third arm, leaving a sharp beam of fiery light in the sky.

Wuzhi Qi snorted in pain. The third arm of his broke into a stream of water, which spiraled in the air and condensed into a water-tank-sized thunder bomb, going off beside Huoyuan.

Layers of dark waves rolled while a soft yet unstoppable thunder power struck on Huoyuan's rib area, crushing his scales and tearing open his muscles. His few ribs were broken, piercing out of his body from the other side.

"Wuzhi Qi!" Huoyuan shaking his head in pain and yelled, "You have made progress in your cultivation! But today, you won't get away!"

The other ten marched towards Wuzhi Qi. Swords, blades, spears, all kinds of dazzling weapons landed on Wuzhi Qi's body. This silver-blue long fur vibrated intensely as it clanged against these weapons like sharp steel needles. Along with the silvery metal clangs, tens of bone-deep wounds were left on Wuzhi Qi's body.

"Huoyuan...Shame you all of you." Wuzhi Qi's hairy face was darkened badly. He flashed across the air and transformed into a stream of water, flashing out of the encirclement as he fled swiftly to Pu Ban City. He had every reason to despise Huoyuan now. As a senior minister of the Zhu Rong Family, Huoyuan actually let Yu Huo control his soul. What could be more humiliating than this?

However, while casting sour words on Huoyuan, Wuzhi Qi sensed a lingering fear as well.

If he hadn't luckily upgraded himself for a couple of times these years, and if his souls hadn't merged with his strong body to allow him to be immune to soul attacks, perhaps he would have become a tool of some other people too, like Huoyuan did.

Trying his best, Wuzhi Qi fled to Pu Ban City. No matter what, he needed to inform the humankind about what happened in Liang Zhu City...Wuzhi Qi cursed in his head. If Yu Huo had controlled the human leaders, the whole Pan Gu world could expect a great show.

Tens of fire thunder bombs which contained Qilin essence fire caught up with Wuzhi Qi. The human-head sized thunder bombs went off on Wuzhi Qi's back, venting the fire as they swept across the area with a radius of a thousand miles. Wherever the fire went through, the hills were flattened, plants were incinerated, and towering mountains were uprooted, drifting away along the wind like falling leaves.

A series of bone popping noise could be heard from Wuzhi Qi's back. The poisonous fire drilled into his internal organs and brought him an unbearable pain. The fire was even puffed out of his mouth.

The fire thunder bombs were made from the essence ancient poisonous fire collected by Zhu Rong Family people from the largest volcano in Southern Wasteland, mixed with the true spirit fire that belonged to the Fire Qilin Family, which had followed the leadership of Zhu Rong, and were brewed in the 'ancient fire lung' under the ground of Southern Wasteland for a thousand years.

These types of fire thunder bombs were greatly powerful, and were designed as a strategic weapon for breaking cities. However, Huoyuan used them on Wuzhi Qi. One fire thunder bomb like this could erase everything within a thousand miles in radius, but just now, tens of thunder bombs went off in a row. In ten-thousand miles around Wuzhi Qi, everything had turned into ashes. Wuzhi Qi suffered severe injuries; his bones were all broken, and his internal organs were nearly set on fire.

"Huoyuan! Are you crazy?" Wuzhi Qi screamed while his silver fur was burning. Within a few breaths, he became a bald monkey!

"Abba! Abba! This is the secret magic of Yin! Memorize this now! Use the extreme negative power!" A leather bag was tied around Wuzhi Qi's waist. Inside the bag, Yi Si and Yuan Li, who were both halfway cooked, had been weakly struggling.

They were injured by Huoyuan's Qilin essence fire. They had especially strong life-force indeed, but they both failed to dispel the Qilin essence fire lingering inside their bodies. At the moment, they were able to do nothing but let the fire burn rampantly inside them.

Hearing Wuzhi Qi's heart-breaking howls, Yuan Li hurriedly taught Wuzhi Qi about the secret of extreme negative power by using his soul, despite the fact that this was forbidden by his sect.

Wuzhi Qi was fleeing desperately. Learning the secret of Yin, he quivered instantly. Before long, the silver-blue spirit creature power releasing from his body began turning pure silver. His body turned hazy and blur like a shadow, and he moved faster and faster. Within a twinkling of an eye, he left a long series of afterimages behind.

He was born in the prehistorical era. As the first water ape in the world, Wuzhi Qi used to shower in the endless glow of the star of Yin, cultivating himself as much as he liked. He deeply understood how beneficial the extremely negative power was to spirit creatures. But sadly, back at that time, Wuzhi Qi had just started to know things, and was far less smart than he was now. He lived under the light of the star of Yin, yet he didn't learn its secrets.

Learning from Yuan Li, Wuzhi Qi felt that an invisible screen inside his soul was suddenly broken. His power didn't improve, but his cultivation had stepped into another level.

"Haha, haha hahahaha!" While fleeing, Wuzhi Qi laughed with a high-pitched voice, "Huoyuan, I will soon smash your head! You disappointing b*stards! You sold yourselves to the non-humankind monster! You idiots!"

"Wuzhi Qi, I will chop off your head before long!" Huoyuan chased after Wuzhi Qi with no spare efforts while vomiting blood. He was burning his spirit blood in order to catch up with Wuzhi Qi, who just moved faster and faster.

All of a sudden, a thunderous bang could be heard from the sky, and a divine gate emerged in the highest air. Numberless Gold Crow warriors dove down from the sky while cawing shrilly. From tens of thousands of miles away from the ground, they released an overwhelming wave of golden flying swords, swirling in the air like a thunderstorm and descending along with sharp swishing noises.

"!" Wuzhi Qi cursed out loud. The flying golden swords coming from the sky were indeed targeting Huoyuan and his people, but still, some unreliable Gold Crow warriors who failed to see Wuzhi Qi's face clearly had thrown hundreds of golden flying swords at him.

Wuzhi Qi cursed in anger. From the bag tied around his waist, Yuan Li reached out his head, screaming at a group of people he knew in the sky, "Help! Help! I'm cooked! I'm cooked! My limbs, my penis, all cooked! Uncle Ji Xia! Lord Ji Xia, Master Ji Xia, save us!"

Huoyuan and his people were startled by the divine troop which appeared so suddenly. They growled and activated their defensive supreme treasures. But, as the golden flying sword stormed down from the sky, their defensive treasures were shattered immediately, letting out deafening cracking noises.

Huoyuan's body was penetrated by hundreds of flying swords. His enormous body was pressed down to the ground, lying in the dust without being able to move.

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