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Huoyuan fell into a cloud of dust while vomiting blood. Shaking his head hard, he coughed out the sand in his mouth. A streak of fire rose from his mouth along with the sand, which melted the sand into tiny drops of lava it could fall on the ground.

Raising his head, Huoyuan looked at Wuzhi Qi in confusion. He touched the tens of puncture wounds left on his body by the wave of golden flying swords, feeling his fingers scorched. The scary fire power lingering in his wounds was unbearable, that even as a fire Qilin, Huoyuan's scales were softened by that fire.

The fire which hurt him was even more powerful than the Qilin essence fire. The fires at this level were fairly rare in Pan Gu world. Through gritted teeth, Huoyuan began talking with a deep voice, "Gold Crow true fire? No, it's the essence sun fire developed from the Gold Crow fire. I sense the power of the star, and the ruthless Gold Crow fire, hah!"

Baring his teeth, Huoyuan stood up from the ground, dropped the pair of golden swords, raised his arms high, and shouted, "Lord Ji Xia, please shut your crows up. Don't attack for now, I'm awake. Damn it! My soul is confused by the enemy! Damn it!"

Huoyuan was shaking his head. The flying swords of Gold Crow warriors went through his body and left the essence sun fire inside him. The essence sun fire delivered an extremely strong evil-suppressing power. Plus, Huoyuan's soul had been struggling hard the whole time; the moment he fell into the dust, Huoyuan woke up and regained his independent spirit, but still felt muddleheaded, and suffered a bad headache.

Wuzhi Qi looked at Huoyuan with a sullen face. Patting the few burning wounds on his body, he shouted at Ji Xia, "Ji Xia kid, don't listen to this old b*stard. He's playing a trick. Just give the order and kill him!"

Huoyuan's face twisted in anger when he heard Wuzhi Qi. He leaped up from the ground, pointed at Wuzhi Qi, and cursed, "Wuzhi Qi, we do hate each other, but we're at a critical moment now! Don't make this personal! You should know about Yu Huo's power! If he achieves his aim, how well would you end?"

Wuzhi Qi gave Huoyuan a glance and snorted, without saying another word.

Ji Xia nodded. Pointing at the other ministers of Zhu Rong, who were also sent down to the dust, he asked, "Minister Huoyuan, can you wake them up too? If you can't, I can provide you with a set of five-natural-element chains from the heaven, and I think they should better be locked up."

Among the other ten ministers of Zhu Rong, three were Huoyuan's family members, whose bodies were also penetrated by the flying swords. These minsters were slightly weaker than Huoyuan. Therefore, Yu Huo had gained a deeper control of their souls. Some of them seemed to be confused, while the others still had their eyes sparkling with a dim misty light. Apparently, they failed to free themselves from Yu Huo's control. Gritting his teeth, Huoyuan glanced at his people, then stomped his foot against the ground and yelled, "Tie them up...B*stard, this isn't over!

Wuzhi Qi stood aside and said coldly while stamping out the fire on his wounds, "No, this isn't ending...You want Gong Gong's remaining forces dead, just go after the others. Why did you come to me? Fortunately, I ran fast. Otherwise, you old b*stards would have crushed my bones."

Wuzhi Qi sneered continued in a malicious tone, "This isn't over, Zhu Rong. Let's go and see."

Huoyuan snorted and threw a sideways glance at Wuzhi Qi, then raised his chin, scornfully shaking his head.

Gong Gong was history now. The Gong Gong Family had already been stormed, and among his eight famous senior ministers, Wuzhi Qi was the only one who still dared to show up in public. Did Wuzhi Qi say that he would raise a trouble for Zhu Rong Family? What a joke! Huoyuan picked up his pair of golden swords and clanged them loudly.

A large group of divine warriors descended from the sky, holding the frosty' dark-ice chain', and tied up Huoyuan's people quickly. The five-natural-element chains were a powerful divine treasure, naturally generated from the great Dao of the five basic natural elements. No creature living upon the five-natural elements could free itself from this set of chains.

All of the important bone joints of the ten ministers of Zhu Rong were locked up by the chains. Thin and long dark ice needles reached out from the chain, piercing deeply into their bodies. They sent the strong ice power into their internal organs and forcibly sealed their fire power. Before long, they were covered in a thick layer of ice.

Wuzhi Qi watched this delightfully, and laughed out loud, "You didn't see this coming, did you?"

"Wuzhi Qi," Huoyuan yelled angrily at Wzhi Qi, "Our souls were controlled by someone else, so we could only release about thirty percent of our powers. Otherwise, how could we be defeated so easily?"

Ji Xia chuckled aside, then tiled his head and looked at Huoyuan.

Huoyuan paused for a short while, then continued unhappily, "Alright, Lord Ji Xia, I admit that your divine army is extraordinary...But, this Gold Crow army of yours is newly raised, isn't it? If we..."

Ji Xia flicked his red cloak, turned around, and walked straight away. Wuzhi Qi laughed extra loud as he followed Ji Xia closely.

Huoyuan also followed behind Ji Xia, his face blushed while saying loudly, "Oi, Oi, Ji Xia, you're a Southern Wasteland man too. I and your Fire Crow Clan...No, Your Gold Crow Clan ancestors were my old friends. Oi, kid, listen to me. If you dare to tell anyone about you beating me down to the ground today, if you dare to say a word, things will go ugly between us!"

The formidable Gold Crow army and troops of divine warriors, who were with all kinds of flying mounts, transformed into a raging fire as they rose to the ground, flying to Pu Ban City. Surrounded by a group of divine warriors, Fang Feng, his Eastern Wasteland archers, and tens of thousands of Jia Clan warriors lied on a fiery cloud, covered in wounds, and every one of them was tied up by a heavy earth chain.

In Pu Ban City, Yu Huo, who had been smilingly sat under the giant altar, suddenly changed his expression.

"Why is the natural suppression from this world so strong? Has the strongest fire Qilin freed himself from my control already? Damn you Emperor Shun! How can you be protected by such a great natural reward power? In order to control you, I have put ninety-three percent of the power that I can control from Pan Yu's brain on you." Raising his head, he murmured in a low voice.

Breathing deeply, Yu Huo continued through gritted teeth, "I will absorb more souls, and this clone of mine will grow stronger... By then, I will control a greater power from Pan Yu's brain, and no one can ever escape from my control anymore!"

On the altar, Emperor Shun was holding a shiny golden scroll while loudly reciting a prayer.

Escorted by a few Gong Sun Family elders, Gong Sun Su Su walked slowly up the stairs on one side of the altar, step by step. Gong Sun Su Su was looking at Emperor Shun with a large grin on his face. Till now, he still couldn't believe this— Did Emperor Shun lose his mind? Why would Emperor Shun hand over the crown to him?

A fiery cloud rolled down from the sky.

"Kid, get off the altar! Are you qualified to go up there?" Ji Xia raised an arm as he let a fiery thunder bomb go off in the sky, then growled with a strong voice.

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