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Above Pu Ban City, upon layers of chaos, tens of people flashed through the space at their highest speeds.

The clouds were shattered, gales were crushed, auroras, sky fires, soul pieces, iced spirits, dark winds...All scary natural dangers were left far behind, as they were heading to the heaven as fast as possible.


Following a muffled noise, a, millions of miles long formidable purple aurora streak suddenly descended from the end of the sky and swept across these swiftly flying people. Their defensive treasures burst into dazzling lights. Struck by the aurora, the cracking noises could be heard from quite a few of their defensive treasures.

"Be careful! Go up if we can, draw back if we can't!" Shouted an old yet strong voice, "We have to arrive at heaven as quickly as possible. Ji Hao isn't in the heaven, but he should have let senior Yao Mountain ministers in there, or Gold Crow elders. They are all divine gods now, powerful enough to interfere in an human world affair."

The tens of people sighed simultaneously.

Once, the human ancestors spent countless years of effort to free the humankind from the effect and restraint of the heaven. But today, they were actually going to beg the heaven to interfere in a human world affair again. Fortunately, the only current divine emperor was Ji Hao, a human being. Otherwise, how could they ever face this whole thing?

"Begging the heaven to interfere in a human world affair?" A hoarse voice came from a long distance away, very unpleasant to hear. "You are all traitors of the humankind. Every human being will want you dead!"

Along with the hoarse laughter, tens of thousands of meters long light beams flashed across the sky and penetrated the chests of the tens of people, generating a series of shrill howl. Blood sprayed about while they fell quickly from the air.

Hundreds of enormous sky rocs dove down from the higher sky, surrounded by strong gales. Standing on the backs of these sky rocks, which had the wingspans over nine hundred meters were a large group of Eastern Wasteland archers with strong bows.

The eyes of these Eastern Wasteland archers flickered with a dim light, and were covered in a faint, dark layer of mist.

A middle-aged man stood on the head of the sky roc which was at the front of the troop. He was over three meters tall, baring his upper body, his skin thickly covered in the tattoos of clouds and hurricanes. Holding a longbow, he stood perfectly straight, with the long hair hanging loosely on his back.

"We are Fang Feng Family. As long as we are here, you will not take a single step towards the heaven." The middle-aged man's fierce-looking long face twitched slightly as he showed an ugly smile and said, "Asking the heaven to interfere in our human affairs? Hehe, let me capture you all alive and bring you to Gong Sun Su Su...No, to Emperor Gong Sun. Then, everyone behind you will die!"

Following Fang Feng's wild laughter, tens of thousands of metal plates suddenly rose from the raging sky fire down below. Standing on every three meters wide metal plate were heavily armored Jia Clan warriors, also with specially crafted longbows, looking at the tens of people with twisted smiles.

"You..." Among the tens of people, a gray-haired elderly man shouted out loud, "Fang Feng, don't you know that Gong Sun Su Su has no ability to serve as a human emperor? If he becomes the emperor, we human beings would be facing a disaster."

Fang Feng grinned and slowly pulled out an arrow, which was dazzling with bolts of lightning. He put on his bowstring and then responded, "I know Gong Sun Su Su is a b*stard. During the flood-control mission, he actually played with non-humankind women. He is a total b*stard."

"But, whether the human emperor is a b*stard or not, what does that have to do with the Fang Feng Family?" Fang Feng laughed proudly and said, "We Fang Feng Family have a vast rich territory in Eastern Wasteland, that is great enough for all our people to live happily and safely. What does the future of the humankind have to do with my Fang Feng Family?"

"Besides, in order to allow Gong Sun Su Su to successfully ascend to the throne, the few old dudes from Gong Sun Family have promised me a lot of things. The territory of our Fang Feng Family will be doubled, plus a giant number of slaves, great amounts of livestock, jade coins, crystals, armors, weapons...Why wouldn't I support him?"

Fang Feng sneered and continued, "Emperor Shun didn't give me so much...As for Si Wen Ming, how could he ever bribe me for personal interests? Rather than allowing a decent man to become the human emperor, with nothing for me in it, I'd rather let a b*stard have the crown, as long as I can get enough!"

The grey-haired old man and his people couldn't say a word for a long while. Looking at the completely unconcealed greediness on Fang Feng's face, they didn't know what to say.

Fang Feng grinned again in pride and said, "And, allowing Gong Sun Su Su to ascend to the throne isn't an idea of Emperor Shun. It's decided by the Saint...You're like a mantis trying to stop a chariot. Hehe, you're gonna suffer after all this."

'Decided by the 'Saint'?

The tens of people stared at Fang Feng in shock.

Which saint? Where was the saint from? A human saint? Only a handful among the human beings could be called as 'saints', but they hadn't been a part of the mortal human world since long ago. As the first human emperor, Emperor Fuxi was one of these few 'saints' among human beings. But, how could he ever possibly choose someone like Gong Sun Su Su to be the new human emperor?

"Do it!" Fang Feng pulled open his long bow and growled out loud, "Capture them alive! They are 'living evidence'! Haha! Colluding with the heaven, interfering in human affairs, this crime is heavy enough to turn their whole families into slaves!"

Following his order, all Eastern Wasteland archers on the backs of sky rocs, and Jia Clan warriors standing on metal plates, pulled open their bows. Waves of arrows were released to the grey-haired old man and his people, and immediately, their defensive treasures emitted dazzling lights.

Along with a series of clangs, their defensive treasures were penetrated within a very short span of time, and the arrows went through their limbs, bringing their blood to the higher sky.

"Fang Feng!" Both arms of the grey-haired old man were broken. Staring at Fang Feng, he growled in rage.

"I am right here." Fang Feng laughed, "Why are you howling so loud? Just allow yourselves to be arrested. You aren't going anywhere near the heaven anyway, not while I am guarding here. Those idiots in the heaven won't hear a word from you all."

Before Fang Feng's laughter faded, a strong fire fell from the higher sky.

The shrill caws swept across the entire area like a nightmare, nearly deafening everyone on the scene and vibrating everyone's internal organs. Hearing the soul-shaking caws, Fang Feng and all his archers, even those Jia Clan warriors who were armed to the teeth, covered their ears with their hands in fear.

But, covering their ears failed to ease their pain. Tens of millions of Gold Crows dove down from the heaven, and the penetrating high-pitched caws from them struck directly on their souls in chorus. It made them vomit blood, nearly tearing their souls into pieces.

Mounting on a Gold Crow, Ji Xia descended from the heaven ahead of the others.

"Am I an idiot? Hah! Fang Heng, watch your head!" Ji Xia burst into a thunderous roar as he lunged his long spear straight to Fang Feng's head.

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