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Two spheres of red lotus fire rose from under Zhu Rong's feet, rising while spreading like numerous extremely thin fire snakes. All non-humankind warriors touched by the fire were turned into a puff of ash instantly. The fire even burned out their souls.

Yu Huo was enraged. Right in front of him, Zhu Rong destroyed the souls of the warriors who died in the battleground, and in his eyes, Zhu Rong was stealing from him!

If Zhu Rong devoured all the souls stolen from Yu Huo, Yu Huo would secretly feel delighted for meeting someone just like him. However, Zhu Rong destroyed those souls, and this 'food wastage' infuriated him greatly.

"Zu Rong, you have disrespected the souls." Yu Huo looked at Zhu Rong and said coldly, "You have to know that the physical bodies are merely appearances, which are the most unimportant trashes of living beings. But, the souls are the perfect works of nature. Every soul is unique, every soul is flawless. You shouldn't just destroy them so cruelly."

Zhu Rong looked at Yu Huo with a strange expression. His face twitched quickly, and a pair of crimson roots drilled out of his eyes suddenly. A fist-sized fiery lotus bloomed on each root, with a dazzling eyeball in its core.

The long root turned left and right, and the eyeballs in the lotuses rolled. Abruptly, Zhu Rong laughed and began talking.

"I see...What my Abba and Grandpa left me turns out to be so interesting, eh? But, they didn't tell me directly. It has to wake up in my soul at the right time."

Yu Huo felt something was wrong. Looking at the pair of lotuses growing out of Zhu Rong's eyes, he asked in a deep voice, "Zhu Rong, what do you know?"

Zhu Rong smiled. His clothes had already transformed into a raging fire that wrapped up his translucent body, as he smilingly bowed to Yu Huo and responded mildly, "Saint Yu Hua, you came all the way here, please forgive me for knowing nothing about your arrival. My bad, my bad."

Taking a deep, deep breath, Zhu Rong passionately looked at Yu Huo from head to toe and said, "Saint Yu Huo, you are like a dragon flying in the sky, but now, you turned yourself into a fish, playing with tiny fishes and shrimps in a ditch. What will you do if a fisherman shows up?"

Yu Huo immediately stood up. His eyes sparkled as he shouted with a cold voice, "Who are you? Why do you know my name? I have controlled one-billion, two-hundred seventy-three-million, eighty-hundred and ninety-four thousand, three-hundred and eleven people after I descended to this world. None of them have come into contact with you so far. How do you know my name?"

Zhu Rong Tonggong and the few senior ministers of Zhu Rong Family behind him all looked at Zhu Rong in shock.

As the core leaders of Zhu Rong Family, they knew everything about Zhu Rong Family, including the number of divine commanders and divine warriors, divine creatures, all the secret forces, and sworn friends from human clans. Anything that Zhu Rong knew, they should know too.

But, why did Zhu Rong recognize Yu Huo at the first glance?

Especially, why did Zhu Rong call him 'saint'?

In Pan Gu world, one couldn't use the word 'saint' for just anyone. Only the ones who had freed themselves from the restraint of natural laws, and were powerful enough to turn the whole world upside down, could be called 'saint' by the others in awe and veneration. Among human beings, the ordinary ones also called some storied powerful ones' saints', but clearly, the 'saint' understood by ordinary human beings wasn't the same as what Zhu Rong mentioned.

Zhu Rong Tonggong and the group of Zhu Rong Family leaders were confused. Zhu Rong knew something that they didn't, but why? They didn't even hear a word about this.

Zhu Rong Tonggong stared at Yu Huo, stunned. Zhu Rong Tonggong was responsible for all official letters received by Zhu Rong Family, which meant he had read every important message which was sent to the Zu Rong Family. Yet, he didn't understand this.

"This is Yemo Tian. Why did you call him Saint Yu Huo?" Asked Zhu Rong Tonggong in a low voice.

Yu Huo smiled. Seriously looking at Zhu Rong, he said, "Zhu Rong, I'm Yemo Tian, hehe, not Saint Yu Huo."

Just now, he had already told Zhu Rong the number of living beings that he had controlled in this world, and admitted that he was Yu Huo. But now, following Zhu Rong Tonggong, Yu Huo denied himself, then grinned and called himself 'Yemo Tian'.

"Back then, when the ancient god-kind fell, Zhu Rong Family followed the humankind, which hadn't risen yet at the time, and served the humankind as Great Libation." Looking at Yu Huo Zhu Rong said in a bland tone, "Since then, the natural fortune of our family, which was supposed to fade, was shielded by the natural fortune of the humankind. We survived, even better than we expected, and have been developing thrivingly until now."

Taking a long gasp, Zhu Rong grinned and continued, "As Great Libation, we communicate with the heaven, the earth, the gods, and ghosts, and manage every offering ceremony of the humankind. We Zhu Rong Family have been serving human beings as Great Libation for generations. Naturally, we can sometimes foresee the future."

"The natural fortune of human beings is strong and magical. Protected by the great Dao of Pan Gu world, the one who attains the natural fortune of human beings will receive an unimaginable reward. Generation after generation, the leaders of Zhu Rong Family..." Looking at Yu Huo, Zhu Rong said very seriously.

After pausing to organize his language, Zhu Rong carried on, "Today, I came here, and meeting you, Saint Yu Huo, was the best choice made by my generations of ancestor through their unpredictable destinies. Today, I came to meet you because this is the most beneficial thing to do to my Zhu Rong Family. If I didn't come to Liang Zhu City to hunt for the remaining forces of the Gong Gong Family today, and if I stayed in Southern Wasteland, I would have suffered a disaster."

"Destiny?" Yu Huo scratched his head in confusion. Shaking his head, he murmured, "Even I can't see through the secrets of destiny, so how can you? Zhu Rong, you have indeed touched a corner of the great Dao, but your Dao is the Dao of fire. What does your Dao have to do with destiny?

"But never mind. When I control your soul, I will know all the secrets in your head. If I can really learn a little bit about destiny from you, oh my great Saint Pan Yu!" Yu Huo chuckled and continued.

Trembling slightly in excitement, Yu Huo released threads of dark light from his eyes, which coiled around Zhu Rong's body.

Zhu Rong smiled, shaking his head as he responded blandly, "Like I said, Saint Yu Huo, you're like a dragon flying in the sky, but why did you turn yourself into a fish in a ditch? If you were really here, without a doubt, I wouldn't be able to stop you. But since you descended to Pan Gu world with this clone, please, just die!"

The fire surrounding him grew stronger and stronger as Zhu Rong slightly bent his body, then pounced on Yu Huo.

"My ancestors didn't tell me how to deal with you, but killing you can't be wrong." Zhu Rong laughed. His voice was especially resonant and sonorous.

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