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Thunderous roars echoed through the clouds while Wuzhi Qi and Huoyuan showed their original shapes. An enormous water ape trod on a raging wave, and a fire Qilin was surrounded by lava streams. They coiled their limbs around each other and rolled ferociously in Liang Zhu City.

The water flooded and the fire scorched. The beautiful palaces in the city were burned glowing red at first, then fell apart while being swept across by the bone-piercing coldness. Not a single building in the city survived.

Non-humankind beings cried, screamed, and fled desperately with their families.

Wuzhi Qi and Huoyuan were tremendous in their original shapes, that any slight move of theirs could affect all living beings within the area miles in radius. No non-humankind being in the city managed to flee after sensing the overwhelming energy waves burst from their bodies. Some non-humankind beings were frozen to death, while others were incinerated.

Countless years after the first expeditionary force from Pan Yu world invaded Pan Gu world, Liang Zhu City now faced a true destructive disaster.

Yu Huo's golden giant chariot was melted into golden liquid, splashing everywhere. Showering in the scorching golden rain, the Jia Clan warriors who kneeled on the ground and carried the chariot remained motionless. Their skins were burned, and their bodies were covered in melted gold. But still, they kept kneeling on the ground, without making one move.

A pair of red lotuses raised Zhu Rong's hundreds of miles tall fiery body into the sky. The pair of fiery lotuses from his eyes spun swiftly, and the eyeballs in the lotuses shone dazzlingly as they were fixed on Yu Huo.

Yu Huo's body was halfway damaged. His legs were gone, left arm burned, and a half-foot-long piece of arm bone was left attached to his body, with black smoke puffing up from it. His right arm was his only uninjured limb so far.

What was even worse, his face was licked by the red lotus fire and was burned off. His entire face was gone, exposing his translucent skull. Illuminated by the fire, he now looked horrible.

"Perhaps, this is the opportunity of my Zhu Rong Family which has been mentioned by my ancestors!" Zhu Rong looked at Yu Huo and said blandly, "A clone of a 'Saint' from Pan Yu world? If I can have your great Dao, perhaps..."

Zhu Rong raised his head and looked at the sky, at the thick clouds, which were stirred by the earth-shaking battle between Wuzhi Qi and Huoyuan. Giant thunderbolts blasted from the rolling clouds and flashed across the sky, dazzling and bringing up rumbling thunders.

"You are also an ambitious one." Gasping for air, Yu Huo wheezed as his bared jawbone moved. The wind blew through this teeth, making his voice sound weird. "Take my great Dao, then free yourself from the limitations of the Dao of your own world? Freedom...Freedom!"

Yu Huo's three bared eyes rolled quickly in his eye sockets as he looked at Zhu Rong and laughed, "But, haha...There're some things, if I tell you, you might despair. So, I won't say them out loud. If you're capable enough to truly kill this clone of mine and take my great Dao, do it!"

Zhu Rong chuckled. Shaking his head, he looked at Yu Huo and said, "Do you have any other preparation? Right now? I doubt it. You are suppressed by the great Dao of Pan Gu world, so how much of your power can this clone of yours release?"

While laughing, Zhu Rong reached out his pair of enormous, blazing hands towards Yu Huo slowly.

Watched Zhu Rong's hands getting closer and closer, Yu Huo giggled and said, "Suppressed by the great Dao of Pan Gu world? But, I borrowed Yemo Tian's body when I descended, and this body of his has been In Pan Gu world for so many years. With his body, I am spared from about seventy percent of the natural suppression. Therefore, my current power is still beyond your imagination.

Yu Huo laughed out loud. He turned to a dark corner in a distance away, instead of looking at Zhu Rong's hands.

"Slave, you're here."

Dishi Cha howled shrilly. Carrying a grey-haired Yu Clan old man, he darted out of the fire and came to Yu Huo. Throwing the panicked Yu Clan old man to the ground, he politely kneeled and kowtowed to Yu Huo.

"Supreme Master, as you wished, Di Mo is here."

With his eyes sparkling dimly, Dishi cha looked at Di Mo and said in a deep voice, "My supreme Master, Di Mo is loyal, but he is not capable enough to serve you. He..."

Yu Huo waved his hands and interrupted him with a laugh, "I don't need his loyalty, or his strength. I just need him."

"You are at such a low level that you cannot understand the things I have been doing. When Blood Crown asked me for a soul core with excuses, I was already ready. Guess, what does Di Mo have inside his body?"

When Zhu Rong's hands were less than thirty meters away from Yu Huo, Yu Huo pointed his uninjured right forefinger at Di Mo, without paying attention to Zhu Rong's ragingly burning hands at all. Uncontrollably, Di Mo flew to Yu Huo.

"Little thing, do you remember me?" Yu Huo laughed with a hissing voice, tilted his head, and looked at Di Mo's pasty face.

Di Mo's face was covered in wrinkles. Without knowing what to do, he looked at Yu Huo. A while later, he suddenly burst into hoarse screams.

"You, you...What did you do to me? You, you erased my memories! You..."

"I erased your memories, but don't you remember now?" Yu Huo trembled slightly while laughing out wildly, "I like this. Erasing some memories of some people, then, under a certain circumstance, boom! The despair and fear erupting from the souls of these weak creatures, so delicious, so delicious!"


Di Mo's face was covered in cracks. In despair, his head shattered into a thousand pieces, drifting in every direction.

In the core area of Di Mo's head, in the middle of his brain, was a fist-sized, crystalline piece with shadow grooves, which looked like a tiny brain. The piece slowly flew up and landed in Yu Huo's hand.

This fist-sized weird thing slightly squirmed in Yu Huo's hands. It had a crystalline luster, and emitted a strong soul power. A thin blood vein reached out of it and drilled deep into Yu Huo's palm.

Yu Huo paused immediately. Next, a world-shaking wave of soul power burst from his body.

Zhu Rong took back his hands all of a sudden, then teleported himself backward for hundreds of miles, as if he had seen a ghost. He grabbed Zhu Rong Tonggong, who was watching from the side, transformed into a streak of fiery light, and rose into the sky.

"Too late!" Yu Huo widely opened his eyes and murmured, "Who would dare to believe that I have sent the sacred treasure made from Pan Yu's brain into Pan Gu world, by putting it in the brain of a useless old man? Who would dare to believe that? Who would?"

Laughing out loud, Yu Huo glanced at Zhu Rong's back.

Zhu Rong paused, slowly turned around, and expressionlessly flew to Yu Huo.

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