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Groups of non-humankind warriors roared while marching towards Wuzhi Qi. Sharp weapons swished with the lights of spell symbols blinking brightly, landing on Wuzhi Qi's head. From the flying forts and mountains, giant chains were dragged rumblingly down by heavy anchors. The sharp iron anchors flickered with lightning bolts as the non-humankind army attempted to disable Wuzhi Qi from moving with these chains.

Wuzhi Qi laughed crazily. In the three giant swirls above his head, the lights of sun and moon and stars shone brightly. Golden-red, silver-blue, seven-colored, the lights of sun, moon and stars glistened as they drew the hazy figures of three water apes in the blue swords.

A human being was born with three natural treasures, a spirit, a soul, and life-force. The sky had three treasures too, the sun, the moon, the stars.

Lineal cultivators, such as Yu Yu's disciples, had been cultivating their spirits, souls, and life-force with supreme magic of Dao to strengthen their primordial spirits, grow embryos of Dao. And when they achieved a certain level, one most distinguishing feature would be three lotuses blooming upon their heads.

Wuzhi Qi was a spirit creature, a powerful prehistorical being. He was too immeasurably powerful. Unlike lineal cultivators, spirit creatures absorbed the powers from the sun, the moon, and stars to strengthen themselves and temper their souls. As a feature of powerful spirit creatures, three giant swirls would emerge upon his head when he fully released his power, and the blue color of the swirls meant that his original power was 'water'.

In the swirls, the lights of sun, moon and stars condensed into hazy silhouettes of water apes, which were the embodiments of his power, being visualized by the powers of the sun, the moon and the stars when he reached a certain level of power.

The three hazy water apes roared in rage above Wuzhi Qi's head. Supported by them, Wuzhi Qi's horrifying physical power grew even greater. He looked at all the non-humankind warriors coming from all directions, puffed out his chest, and gave a deep snort. Immediately, blood spurted out of the eyes, noses, mouths, and ears of countless non-humankind beings, while they were sent flying backward like falling leaves.

With a snort, he finished at least ten-thousand non-humankind warriors. Many of those non-humankind warriors thudded softly against the ground, as their internal organs and bones were all crushed, and their bodies had become like an empty sack.

A giant chain fell from the sky, being caught by Wuzhi Qi with one hand. Laughing wildly, he pulled the chain hard. In the following moment, every chain was covered in a thick layer of dark ice. The piercing coldness rose straight into the sky and froze tens of flying forts and mountains simultaneously.

In the flying forts and mountains, the non-humankind warriors didn't manage to dodge, and ended up freezing to death in a moment. No one survived.

Wuzhi Qi then burst into a thunderous roar. Dragging the long chains with both hands, he swung them with all his strength. The flying mountains and forts began spinning in the air. Following another roar of Wuzhi Qi, tens of flying forts and mountains fell from the sky and smashed on the halfway reconstructed Liang Zhu City.

Shrill howls could be heard while the mansion and castles were flattened by these flying forts and mountains and countless Yu Clan nobles died.

A scorching gust of wind suddenly forced back the coldness spread from Wuzhi Qi's body. A raging fire rose into the sky while Huoyuan showed up with three sturdy fire Qilin warriors and four winged muscular men, whose bodies were wrapped in fire. From all directions, they encircled Wuzhi Qi up.

"Long time no see, my old friend." Gripping a heavy pair of dragon horn golden swords, Huoyuan blocked Wuzhi Qi's way with a grinning face.

"Long time no see. How many years has it been?" Holding the giant dark ice cudgel, Wuzhi Qi looked at Huoyuan seriously and said, "After the battle of Zhuolu, old b*stard, you went missing. Where have you been these years?"

"Making kids. In Southern Wasteland volcanos, I now have nine children." Huoyuan puffed out his chest and grinned as he looked at Quzhi Qi and responded.

Wuzhi Qi popped out his eyes and swiftly glanced at the area between Huoyuan's legs, then asked, "Old b*stard,'re a male Qilin, aren't you?"

"Our Qilin family is thinly populated, but female Qilin of the right age still exist. My children are all pure-blooded fire Qilin...But you, Wuzhi Qi..." Huoyuan's face twitched as he snorted and said in his deep voice.

Swaying the cudgel in his hands, Wuzhi Qi bared his teeth and laughed, "I don't care about the bullsh*t pure bloodline thing. I have kids, and that's good enough. As for what's the other half of bloodline of every kid of mine, who can think that much?"

Huoyuan and Wuzhi Qi laughed out loud simultaneously. Laughing for a while, Huoyuan suddenly turned around and smashed hundreds of non-humankind warriors, who roared ferociously while rushing up, with his pair of dragon horn golden swords, then looked at Wuzhi Qi again and continued, "Yeah, having kids is good enough. Who cares so much? As long as your children are truly yours..."

Wuzhi Qi slowly narrowed his eyes and said seriously, "I don't know if your nine children are truly yours, but my little monkeys are definitely mine."

Houyuan took a step forward and shouted, "Wuzhi Qi, cut the crap. You know what I meant."

Wuzhi Qi slowly raised his cudgel and said coldly with a dark face, "So, we have no choice but to fight, do we? Whatever I say, you won't believe it. That's why I don't want to say a word...But, you need to think about this. Everyone knows how suspicious Gong Gong people are… Hmm, even if they had secret descendants, would they dare to let me, Wuzhi Qi, take care of those babies?"

Remaining silent for long, Huoyuan said blandly, "Lord Zhu Rong has invited you to pay a visit to Southern Wasteland."

Wuzhi Qi shook his head, bared his teeth, and laughed, "Not to mention Zhu Rong, not even the new divine emperor can make me do things against my own will. I am Wuzhi Qi. Huoyuan, you should know about my awful temper!"

Glancing at each other, they roared out loud together. The dark ice cudgel and the pair of golden swords banged thunderously against each other. The fire power clashed against the ice power, and generated dazzling beams of silver-blue light and crimson glow, spreading while sizzling. Along with a deafening bang, the earth under their feet suddenly sank into a hundred miles wide, perfectly round pit.

Countless non-humankind warriors were crushed, erased from this world without leaving a trace.

Sitting on top of the giant chariot, Yu Huo seriously looked at the ones quietly landing in front of him.

Zhu Rong's entire body had transformed into a blazing fire. Inside his transparent body, numerous fiery swirls had been spinning fast. Half a Liang Zhu City was roasted red. Some castles and palaces built from gold, silver and the other precious metals were burned glowing-red, letting out scary sizzling noises that sounded like grilling bacon.

Howls and cries could be heard from everywhere. Countless non-humankind beings were incinerated while escaping from the melting buildings.

You Huo raised his hands, then clapped slowly and loudly.

"What a great power...! Zhu Rong, I am so surprised. You have touched a corner of the...truth of Dao already."

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