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Hearing Yu Yu shouting 'slaughter, deracinate', and seeing a giant formation diagram slowly spiraling up, covering the whole space, and the four beams of sword light standing straight on the four corners of the diagram, Priest Mu and Priest Hua both screamed out loud. They trembled like little girls who ran into a thousand ghosts in a wild graveyard at midnight. They turned around and flew straight away.

They even bit broken the tips of their tongues, consumed their life-force, and cast their most powerful magic. Momentarily, they transformed into long streaks of light, broke the space, and disappeared without a trace.

They had fought Yu Yu many times. In a few battles, they also confronted the sword formation activated by Yu Yu, who was infuriated. Suffering for a few times, they gained experiences, based on which, they hurriedly fled while the sword formation hadn't completely composed itself yet, and a glean hope of survival still existed above it.

Their friend could die, but not themselves. As long as they could survive, who would care about Yu Man…Who was Yu Man anyway?

Bitting Yu Yu's shoulder, Yu Man licked Yu Yu's blood with a giant tongue. Sensing the sweetness of the blood, Yu Man's eye grew wider. As a ferocious, powerful, and fierce creature, during his conquering to the other worlds, Yu Man ate a lot of things.

A drop of Yu Yu's blood contained immeasurable power, and the carefully managed sense of Dao, which was accumulated over time. To a living being like Yu Man, Yu Yu's blood was the best nourishment. Tasting the sweetness, Yu Man burst into thunderous roars and began sucking Yu Yu's wound, seeming to even drain Yu Yu in one breath.

Enduring the great pain, Yu Yu was frenzied. The cyan-colored sword in his right hand shone with a cold light and pierced Yu Man's rib area.

With a clear cracking noise, a fist-sized, black, round-shaped shield flew out of Yu Man's body. The sword clanged against the shield, sent up fire sparkles, and left a shadow mark on the shield, yet failed to harm a hair of Yu Man.

"This shield is made from Saint Pan Yu's scalp! Can your sword hurt my holy shield?" The roars could be heard from Yu Man's stomach.

Before his voice faded, Yu Yu's sword formation was composed. The four beams of sword light flashed to the higher Chaos. One beam swept across the whole area, cut the metal city into two, and made a billion non-humankind warriors in the city disappear.

"Bloody thing!" Yu Man's eye immediately turned blood-red. A sky-devouring intent of killing spread from his body, as he tightened this facial muscles as much as possible, letting out resonant shouts that sounded like the roars of dragons. With his full strength, he bit Yu Yu's shoulder, as hard as he could.

He raised his black bone cudgel again and swung fiercely towards Yu Yu's head.

Ji Hao gave a bright shout, transformed into a clear beam of light, and flew to Yu Yu. The Pan Gu bell rang deafeningly. The bell ring struck into Yu Man's ears, wave after wave. Yu Man quivered instantly, and loosened his teeth slightly.

The Pan Gu sword shone dazzlingly. Instinctively, Ji Hao made the combined move of the five, and also split his sword light into eighteen, as he learned from Yu Yu. The eighteen sword light beams spiraled swiftly, lunging towards Yu Man.

The small, exquisite bone shield created tens of afterimages and defended Yu Man against Ji Hao's sword lights. Ji Hao's eyes glowed with a frosty light, as the eighteen sword lights flashed across the shield like shreds of shadows, cutting violently on Yu Man's back. This shield made from Saint Pan Yu's scalp was actually as useless as foam under Ji Hao's sword lights.

The sword lights were sharp, cutting off Yu Man's black hair, tearing open his thick skin, and exposing his strong muscles, which were covered in layers of dark marks of Dao. The eighteen sword lights cut deeper into Yu Man's body, and left a three-meters-long slash on his back. The physical injury was nothing to Yu Man. However, Ji Hao's Pan Gu sword had become incredibly sharp after merging with Saint Pan Gu's axe. When the dark marks of Dao flew out of Yu Man's body and composed layers of powerful defensive screens to shield Yu Man, the sword light sliced the screens layer by layer.

At last, the muscles on Yu Man's back were entirely cut broken, then the Pan Gu sword landed on his three spines in the middle.

Three spines — Yu Man's body structure was thoroughly different from the body structure of human beings, neither was it the same as the body structure of the other non-humankind beings. In his back were three strong spines, connected by dark bones, muscles, and tendons. The muscles and tendons squirmed like poisonous snakes, such that one's scalp would be numbed by looking at them.

The Pan Gu sword screamed as it broke the middle spine of Yu Man. Sticky black blood spurted out, almost splashing on Ji Hao's face.

Facing the stinky dark blood coming straight at his face, Ji Hao vomited. Inside his body, in the core of the nine suns, all Gold Crows cawed sonorously, while an overwhelming sun power erupted from his body and condensed into a golden beam, striking on Yu Man's broken spine.

The raging golden essence sun fire flew into Yu Man's body through his wounds like lava.

Yu Man was incredibly strong, such that Ji Hao's essence sun fire, which was powerful enough to destroy a world, failed to cause him a serious injury. However, with his internal organs burning by the fire, Yu Man already suffered an unbearable pain, not to mention the fact that a spine of his was broken by Ji Hao along with a large number of meridians. Uncontrollably, Yu Man twitched and loosened his gritted teeth. Finally, Yu Yu was freed from Yu Man's bite. He burst into a raging growl, then pointed at a sword light in the sword formation and said, "Ji Hao, go occupy the sword gate of 'Zhu Xian'. Today, I will chop this evil creature!"

Watching his 'delicious food' struggle out of his mouth, Yu Man roared angrily. From his shoulder, a long arm suddenly grew out, also covered in dark hair, punching Ji Hao's face violently.

Having launched a successful attack, Ji Hao escaped immediately. At his highest speed, he darted towards the sword gate of Zhu Xian in Yu Yu's sword formation. The golden bridge flashed and brought Ji Hao into the crimson beam of light, and right next, a gate emerged suddenly, enveloping him.

The black hairy arm traveled through space and landed on the crimson sword light right behind Ji Hao.

Seeing this, Priest Dachi and Priest Qingwei both smiled, like predators who had their eyes on a target. In chorus, they said, "Great, great, let's kill this evil creature with our little brother's sword formation, and make a contribution to our Pan Gu world!"

Flashing across the Chaos, Yu Yu and his two brothers had occupied the rest three sword gates.

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