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Sitting in the sword gate, Ji Hao saw Yu Yu take out three oddly shaped jade pieces and straighten his right forefinger and middle finger, dipping in the blood on his shoulder. He quickly carved the jade pieces and made three feet-long sword talismans within a couple of breaths.

Yu Yu pushed forward his hands. Along with thunder, three dazzling sword talismans transformed into three bolts of lightning and flashed to Ji Hao, Dachi, and Qingwei. Together, they burst into a sonorous roar, and each took a sword talisman with both hands, releasing a stream of power from their mouths that spread on them. Immediately, the sword light shone, and an indescribable connection was built between them and the entire sword formation.

Yu Man roared hoarsely and glanced around in panic, as he had already sensed the extraordinariness of Yu Yu's sword formation.

It was such a powerful sword formation. Yu Man had never seen such a fierce and lethal formation back in Pan Yu world, even though the supreme great Dao of Pan Yu world was the Dao of destruction.

"Pan Gu world…" Yu Man murmured helplessly. What kind of a great world was it? Why could it generate such a powerful sword formation?

Along with a series of muffled explosive sounds, a raging fire rose from the giant metal city, which was torn into two. Countless defensive seals in the city were sliced by the sword light, causing serial explosions. In the fire, palaces and mansions were gone, countless non-humankind beings cried and screamed, desperately fleeing out.

Yu Man breathed deeply. He calmed himself down and reached his hand towards the giant city, then waved slightly. Following his move, splendid light spheres released waves of strong energy and rose from every corner of the city, falling into Yu Man's hands like shooting stars.

These were all pre-world supreme treasures collected by Yu Man during the past countless years. He merged these treasures into his city, and with the powers of these treasures, his city was nearly unbreakable. He had conquered countless worlds, but no one was able to do any harm to it.

He didn't think that Yu Yu's sword formation could be powerful enough to directly cut his city into two. Yu Man was shocked by the sword formation, so he hurriedly took back these treasures.

Without these treasures, all of the powerful formations and magic seals in the city lost control. The fire grew even more raging, rising to the sky, swallowing countless non-humankind beings and making them disappear.

Large groups of elite non-humankind warriors flew up from the collapsing city, floating above the city like dark clouds. They screamed without knowing what to do, until they saw Yu Man, who stood 'calmly' in the Chaos. Seeing Yu Man, these non-humankind warriors immediately calmed down. Evil Crown shouted out loud and directed billions of non-humankind warriors, composing an enormous battle formation in the air.

Ji Hao narrowed his eyes, quietly sensing the information delivered by the sword talisman. In ten minutes, he had learned how to control the sword gate of Zhu Xian. Seeing the battle formation composed of the non-humankind warriors above the city, Ji Hao conveniently pushed his palm forward and created a bolt of Yu Yu divine thunder, which landed strongly on the sword talisman.

The sword formation moved, following which, the sword gate of Zhu Xian above Ji Hao's head rumbled, while the crimson sword light quaked intensely. From above the millions of miles long battle formation, an overwhelming wave of thumb-thick, foot-long crimson sword light beams suddenly descended.

The shrill swishing noises could be heard without an end, giving everyone on the scene a sharp earache.

The tremendous wave of crimson sword light beam fell like a thunderstorm, penetrating the bodies of non-humankind warriors before they could even raise their shields. Wherever the crimson sword light swept across, everything was broken, and all non-humankind warriors were erased from the universe, even if the sword lights only left a thin scratch on their skins.

"Supreme, great…" Some of them called the names of the three suns and nine moons and threw out all their defensive treasures. Streams of light coiled on their bodies, while all kinds of exquisite defensive treasures released their great powers.

But, the crimson sword light fell wave after wave, along with a swishing noise. No defensive treasure could stop the sword light. Evil Crown was wearing a crown made from countless twisted pieces of bones, but even the crown was broken by a beam of sword light.

"Master!" Evil Crown's head was penetrated by a beam of sword light. He screamed in a hoarse voice, reaching his hands to Yu Man with efforts.

Tens of beams sword light landed on him in a row, and Evil Crown never made any other sound. His soul was wiped out immediately, while his body was turned into ashes.

Within a quarter an hour, in the formidable, gigantic battle formation which extended for millions of miles, billions of non-humankind warriors were eradicated. Their bodies were crushed and their souls were destroyed; even their armors and weapons were melted by the sword lights.

In the empty Chaos, a faint crimson stream flashed across, then the storm of sword light faded. Yu Man was left standing in the broad coverage of the sword formation all alone, with his thickly hairy face twisted, his single eye filled with fear and surprise.


Yu Man's body twisted intensely. Trembling slightly, he burst into a hysterical howl.


Dachi, Qingwei, Yu Yu, and Ji Hao looked at him coldly, watched him leap madly in the Chaos, letting out black foams and blood from his mouth, while his dark hair stood straight up one after another.

He was so infuriated that he even made himself vomit blood!

"You shouldn't have come here." Sitting under a sword gate with his legs crossed, Dachi looked at Yu Man frostily and said.

"Even those lowly poor families managed to conquer Pan Gu world. How can powerful beings like you exist?" Yu Man couldn't understand what he had been through. The twelve families in power from Yu Dynasty were the lowest families back in Pan Yu world. But, the lowest people from these lowliest families had conquered Pan Gu world!

How on earth could powerful beings like Dachi, Qingwei, and Yu Yu even exist in Pan Yu world?

And, Yu Yu's sword formation was so ridiculous powerful…Yu Man felt like falling into a giant hole, that he would never have a chance to rise again.

Yu Yu sneered and responded, "Conquer? Idiot, I don't even want to waste time talking to you silly things!"

As he pointed his finger upward, the sword gate above Yu Yu's head vibrated intensively.

Simultaneously, Dachi, Qingwei and Ji Hao each cast a lightning bolt on their sword talismans, and next, the entire sword formation generated a deafening series of thunder.

Yu Man gave a roar and let out ten pre-world supreme treasures that surrounded him.

Four beams of sword light with different colors flashed across the Chaos, shattering and twisting the space all of a sudden. At the moment, the four sword lights seemed to fill up the world. The treasures screamed shrilly before they were ground by the sword lights layer by layer.

Yu Man sat in the air, letting out more supreme treasures to defend himself.

Ji Hao, Yu Yu, Dachi, and Qingwei sat under the four sword gates with their legs crossed, casting bolts of lightning and quaking the sword formation, allow it to generate waves of sword light to encircle Yu Man.

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