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Yu Yu gave a shrill shout and turned his body to dodge. But still, Yu Man made a huge bite on Yu Yu's shoulder. His shiny white teeth sank deeply into Yu Yu's muscles, making the latter's face twist in pain!

Ji Hao was stunned, and so were Priest Dachi and Priest Qingwei.

As the fiercest living being in Pan Gu world, Yu Yu had fought all kinds of enemies. From prehistorical powerful beings to masters, in terms of fighting experience, no one in Pan Gu world could ever surpass Yu Yu.

Based on his rich fighting experiences, Yu Yu had raised his own fighting habits and formed his own style of fighting.

Against Chaos monsters, without a doubt, he would fight in all evil and cruel ways, even in mean and dirty ways. But facing 'master-level' beings, Yu Yu would naturally act 'politer', and leave a space for everyone's dignity. Taking Priest Mu and Priest Hua as an example, they had fought Yu Yu secretly for many times before, but no matter how intensely they wrangled, when they actually started fighting, they always kept the basic politeness as 'masters'.

Therefore, Yu Yu never thought that Yu Man, who clearly had a had a high social status in Pan Yu world as a 'saint-level' being, would actually bite him!

He opened his mouth wide and bit violently like a crazy dog, and Yu Yu didn't see this coming, failing to react timely.

"Hrr! Damage ten fingers!" A muffled rumbling noise could be heard from Yu Man's stomach. He swung his head violently and bit even tighter on Yu Yu's shoulder, generating a creaking noise and letting the purple-golden blood with layers of interwoven marks of great Dao stream down Yu Yu's shoulder, emitting a faint aroma.

Priest Mu and Priest Hua were both dumbfounded, that they literally couldn't say a word for a long while. Yu Yu, the fiercest being in Pan Gu world, the powerful one who made them suffer in countless battles, the one who never lost a fight, was actually wounded by a bite of Yu Man. Was this even real?

Subconsciously, Priest Hua moved his jaw. If he knew that Yu Yu could be wounded by teeth, perhaps…

"Brother, are you seeing yourself as a wild dog?" Hearing the click of Priest Hua's teeth, Priest Mu sullenly glanced at him.

'What a joke? Yu Man could fight like a beast, but you, as Priest Hua…'

Shaking his head, Priest Mu quickly erased this strange feeling from his mind, 'It seems that the method doesn't matter, as long as Yu Yu can be defeated, right? Only if Yu Yu can be defeated, right? But, bite?' Priest Mu's face twisted. Once again, he glanced at Priest Hua. As they made an eye-contact with each other, the expressions on their faces turned especially weird.

"Evil monster!" Yu Yu blushed with shame, and gave vent to a torrent of curse furiously.

Anyhow, Yu Man was a 'saint-level' being from a great world. He had been talking about the 'Dao of animal' since he showed up, fine! But he actually bit like a dog? This was supposed to be a 'saint-level' battle, but because of him, it turned so weird. This, this, this was so humiliating!

Priest Yu Yu was actually wounded by a bite!

Yu Yu's eyes even turned green in anger. He moved his shoulder and attempted to get rid of Yu Man, but his teeth sparkled with marks of Dao and suddenly turned purely black. With a series of cracking noise, his teeth penetrated Yu Yu's muscles and cut on his bones.

It was painful, and so embarrassing. Yu Yu's heart of Dao was shaken. At the moment, he didn't know what to do.

Yu Man bit tightly on Yu Yu's shoulder, then swiftly wrapped his left arm around Yu Yu's body. The hair of his long and thick leg coiled around Yu Yu as well, attempting to clamp him up. In the meanwhile, he raised the giant bone cudgel with his right hand and fiercely swung it down towards Yu Yu's head.

Priest Dachi and Priest Qingwei finally realized what was happening. Because of the anger, their faces twitched intensely.

Yu Yu and his brothers were generated from Pan Gu's soul. Since the beginning of Pan Gu time, they had been fairly close to each other. They had different personalities, but they were tied together. Watching Yu Yu being injured by Yu Man in such a lowly way and falling into a difficult situation, even Priest Dachi, the most carefree one who was never enraged, cursed out loud.

Standing aside, Ji Hao pretended to hear nothing from Priest Dachi.

Priest Daci transformed into a streak of purple mist, while Priest Qingwei turned into a beam of golden light. Simultaneously, they activated their most powerful supreme treasure, gritted their teeth, and dashed towards Yu Yu. Priest Dachi swung a golden pre-world

supreme treasure which looked like a shoulder-pole towards Yu Man's head, starting bolts of thunder. Priest Qingwei quickly wielded a long streamer which was wrapped in Chaos power streams and released sharp strands of Chaos sword power, swishing towards Yu Man in disorder.

"Our two friends, our friend Yu Man is fighting a fair battle with our friend Yu Yu. Both of you are moral living beings. How can you win a fight like this?" Priest Mu and Priest Hua moved immediately, facing Priest Dachi and Priest Qingwei.

Yu Yu was thrown into a hard situation by Yu Man. In all probability, he might suffer a severe loss. In the worst case, he could even lose a limb and his foundation of Dao could be harmed. To Priest Mu and Priest Hua, this was such a wonderful thing. So, how could they ever let Priest Dachi and Priest Qignwei stop it from happening?

They clearly understood that once they made this move, the conflict between Priest Dachi, Priest Qingwei and themselves would go up to a higher level. But still, they did it without hesitation. At all costs, they would stop Dachi and Qingwei from helping Yu Yu…It would be perfect if Yu Man died together with Yu Yu!

If Yu Yu disappeared, Priest Mu and Priest Hua wouldn't be so afraid of Dachi and Qingwei.

A linden tree and a colorful lotus rose. Priest Mu and Priest Hua showed their original shapes and transformed into ssplendidly glowing screens, blocking Dachi and Qingwei's way. Dachi and Qignwei could try their bests, but how could they break the screen so easily?

"Good, good, good!" Dachi's amiable face was suddenly changed by the fierceness.

A nice man wouldn't flare up easily, but once he did, the result would be unpredictable. Sensing the intent of killing from Dachih's face, Priest Mu and Priest Hua felt that their hearts were frozen. Instinctively, they realized that this wouldn't end so simply.

Before Priest Dachi made a move, Yu Yu, who just suffered cudgel strike with his forehead, burst into a furious roar.

"Slaughter, deracinate…Today, you will all die!" A soul-freezing sword intent erupted from Yu Yu's body, while a giant formation diagram spiraled up from under this feet, immediately covering the Chaos trillions of miles in radius.

Four beams of light with different colors flew out of his body, towards the four corners of the diagram. The sword intent swept across the entire space, silently cutting Man Yu's mental city into two, and wiping out a giant number of non-humankind warriors in the city.

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