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"Hahaha, old wood, my Shifu is here! No matter how powerful you are, talk to my Shifu! I won't keep you company anymore!" Seeing Yu Yu pull out his sword and lunge towards Priest Mu, Ji Hao laughed out wildly. The golden bridge sparkled and teleported him hundreds of miles away. He breathed deeply and let his bone pieces and muscles fly back to his body like smart birds flying back to their nests, then merge back together.

Even Divine Magi could regrow their bodies from drops of blood, not to mention Ji Hao, a powerful being with a Pan Gu body. He didn't lose even a drop of blood, because all the blood he shed had flown back into his body. Within a second, his injuries were healed completely, without leaving a scar.

Priest Mu and Priest Hua quickly stood side by side, looking at Yu Yu in fear.

In terms of cultivation, Yu Yu was stronger than Priest Hua, and equally powerful as Priest Mu, or maybe slightly weaker than him. However, Yu Yu inherited the fierceness from Saint Pan Gu's soul, and was amazing at fighting and killing. More importantly, his sword formation was highly lethal. Once the sword formation was activated, no target could survive. Priest Mu and Priest Hua weren't afraid of Yu Yu, but the sword formation did make them worry.

"Priest Mu, Priest Hua, let me cut your faces off for you, those are useless to you anyway!" Yu Yu shouted resonantly as he lunged his sword and released sharp sword light from his entire body, tearing the space open and leaving clear space cracks in the air. Pointing at Priest Mu and Priest Hua, he growled, "As sect masters, as top-grade cultivators, you actually combined your powers to bully my disciple. What do you need your faces for?"

Priest Mu and Priest Hua stared at Yu Yu and remained silent. Yu Yu sounded mean, but as richly experienced beings, those mean words were nothing to them.

Yu Yu's cyan-colored long sword swept across the air and sent a pair of extremely thin beams of sword light towards Priest Hua and Priest Mu' faces. As Yu Yu said, the sword light cut straight at their faces.

Priest Mu was enraged. He wielded the colorful branch and dispelled the sword light, while Priest Hua released three-thousand streams of mist from his head. Within the mist, three-thousand weirdly-shaped 'spirit warriors' rose, wearing all kinds of jewels, and launched offensives at Yu Yu with their strange weapons, which were condensed from all kinds of emotion and desires of living beings.

Yu Yu's eyes grew wider in surprise. Looking at the three-thousand spirit warriors, he sighed sincerely and said, "Priest Hua, this magic of yours is truly amazing…I haven't seen you do this before!"

While speaking, Yu Yu wielded his sword and sent up three-thousand beams of sword light, which transformed into cyan dragons and penetrated the space. With the cracking noise of gold and jade, the chests of all three-thousand spirit warriors of Priest Hua were punctured simultaneously by Yu Yu's sword light, turning into pieces of gold and jade and drifting down.

Priest Hua's expression changed suddenly. Letting out a mouthful of blood, he burst into wild laughter. Locking his finger together, he swiftly drew a spell symbol in the air with his blood.

As the blood-red spell symbol flew out, all pieces of his spirit warriors flew towards it immediately. Along with a thunderous growl that sounded like the explosions of tens of thousands of thunder bombs, a thousand-miles-tall, dark golden giant appeared, with four faces, four feet, and thirty-six arms.

Priest Hua took hundreds of pre-world spirit treasures and supreme treasures from where Pan Heng died. At the moment, this dark golden giant was holding a pre-world supreme treasure in each of his hands, starting millions of beams of warm light as it struck at Yu Yu formidably.

The moment the golden giant moved, Priest Mu flashed behind Yu Yu and violently lunged his colorful branch towards Yu Yu's back. Meanwhile, he gripped a jade board with his left hand, which was also a pre-world supreme treasure, and incanted a spell. It triggered a four-colored light that went forward spiraling and coiled around Yu Yu's entire body.

Priest Hua flicked his fingers quickly as he cast layers of magic seals on Yu Yu in a row. Dazzling lights forced Yu Yu to slightly shake his body and disturbed his power flows, making him feel like standing in a swamp.

Looking at the dark golden giant descending, Yu Yu laughed out loud, "Hah, Priest Hua, where did you get such a fortune? Thirty-six pre-world supreme treasures? Have you two ever been so wealthy?"

Standing aside gasping, Ji Hao healed his injuries and restored his power. Hearing Yu Yu, he burst into shouts, "Shifu, these pre-world supreme treasures were stolen from me by these two shameless old things!"

With simple language, Ji Hao told Yu Yu about what happened in Pan Heng world, from how he fought hard to kill Pan Heng, to finding over a thousand pre-world treasures from Pan Hengs' corpse, then to Priest Hua and Priest Mu robbing a half of those treasures.

Yu Yu raised his eyebrows. His grinning face was instantly occupied by the fierce intent of killing, and his entire body seemed to be covered in a layer of dark clouds, that even his jade-white skin turned slightly dark.

Pre-world spirit treasures and supreme treasures usually served as the foundation of a sect. With a spirit treasure, an ordinary cultivator could at least challenge the enemies two to three levels higher than him or herself. With a supreme treasure, an ordinary cultivator would at least be able to hang in for a while, even when facing master-level powerful beings, instead of being killed immediately.

Hundreds of supreme treasures and spirit treasures? How much could those improve the power of a sect?

Yu Yu had a large number of disciples, but except for the few senior ones, only a lucky handful of them had pre-world treasures. After all, pre-world treasures were way too rare, that not even Yu Yu had that many of those.

But Priest Mu and Priest Hua had actually 'robbed' hundreds of pre-world treasures from his disciple? Those treasures belonged to Ji Hao, and as Ji Hao's Shifu, Yu Yu has the ownership of those treasures too, which meant, Priest Hua and Priest Mu took Yu Yu's treasures!

"Priest Hua, Priest Mu, today, I will not stop before you die!" Shouted Yu Yu, "Brothers, do it! Not to mention anything else, we have to take our treasures back!"

Priest Dachi and Priest Qingwei were watching aside, without showing an intention to join the battle directly.

After all, Yu Yu was fierce and powerful. With his sword formation, Yu Yu was strong enough to deal with both Priest Mu and Priest Hua. Unless Yu Yu fell in disadvantages, Priest Dachi and Priest Qingwei wouldn't be willing to join hands to fight Priest Mu and Priest Hua, because of pride.

But on hearing Ji hao, they changed their minds. Priest Dachi remained as calm and quiet as an old well, while Priest Qignwei's eyes turned red.

Priest Qingwei didn't have as many disciples as Yu Yu did, but the number wasn't small either. Among his disciples, only a few owned pre-world treasures!

Hundreds of pre-world treasures? How could he let Priest Hua and Priest Mu have those?

With a thunderous bang, a giant hole was opened up in the space of the Chaos by a jade Ruyi, which was embossed with tigers and dragons. Priest Qingwei abruptly showed up behind Priest Hua and smashed the Ruyi on Priest Hua's back.

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