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Ji Hao stood aside and watched the fight. Seeing Priest Qignwei suddenly launch an offensive and make a raging fire erupt from Priest Hua's eyes, nose, mouth, and ears, Ji Hao couldn't help but clap his hands and laugh out loud.

If Priest Hua was merely forced to vomit blood, as a powerful being, he would be able to replenish his consumed life-force and recover in a span of a gasp, and no actual harm would be caused to his foundation of Dao. However, the dragon and tiger jade Ruyi held in Priest Qingwei's hand was a top-grade pre-world supreme treasure, a greatly powerful piece. Under its power, instead of blood, what spurted out of Priest Mu's eyes, nose, ears, and mouth was actually his spirit true fire.

Normally, the spirit true fire hid in his soul, connected with his life-force and soul. The moment the fire died, his life and Dao would be gone. Just now, the fire puffed out of his body, because clearly, his foundation of Dao was harmed severely.

"Priest Qingwei!" Priest Hua screamed hysterically with a hoarse voice.

Priest Qingwei, as the most serious one among Yu Yu's brothers, and a typical rule follower, had actually attacked sneakily. And for the first move, he used his dragon and tiger jade Ruyi, which was the most powerful one among all pre-world supreme treasures he possessed.

Priest Mu felt that his internal organs were all stirred, and his brain was on fire. From his throat, a stream of fire spurted to a long distance away while he trembled slightly and lost his eyesight. He completely forgot where he was and what he had been doing.

Priest Qingwei hit the target with one strike and gave Priest Hua a strong dizziness, even stirring up his mind. Yu Yu gave a sonorous laugh as a splendid beam of sword light shone from his cyan-colored longsword, rose into the sky like a long streak of rainbow, and instantly penetrated the chest of Priest Hua's dark golden giant.

The cyan-colored, sharp sword light beam spiraled and cut the giant into pieces. The thirty-six pre-world treasures fell from the giant's hands and landed in Yu Yu's hands.

Priest Mu roared furiously. He flashed across the air and reached behind Yu Yu, lunging his colorful branch again towards Yu Yu's back. The branch transformed into a dazzling beam of light and pierced towards Yu Yu like a sharp sword.

Yu Yu moved like a bolt of lightning. Along with a shrill swishing noise, he flashed across the space over and over again. The eye-piercing beam of light held in Priest Mu's hands lunged for a thousand times within a moment, but was always a short distance away from Yu Yu's body.

Weirdly, this short distance also seemed to be as great as the distance between the end of the sky and the bottom of an ocean, that no matter how hard Priest Mu tried, he never managed to touch Yu Yu. In the sphere of close combat, as a combative powerful being, Yu Yu was definitely more skillful than Priest Mu. Throwing himself in a disadvantage by starting a close fight against Yu Yu, Priest Mu must have been too angry to think when he made this wrong decision.

Seeing this, Ji Hao raised his eyebrows in excitement. Dodging Priest Mu's attacks, Yu Yu moved swiftly through the space like a sharp sword, with an incomparably strong sword intent. The Chaos tide waves were as fragile as tofu for Yu Yu, not causing him any difficulty.

Every step and movement made by Yu Yu was included in the sword spells he created, but still, watching his perfectly smooth and natural moves, Ji Hao felt so magical. Gradually, he caught a faint sense of Dao from Yu Yu's moves.

Watching Yu Yu fight, Ji Hao harvested more than he ever could from a hundred years of severe cultivation. Ji Hao grinned in happiness and wielded his arms excitedly. Suddenly, a strong sword power burst from every pore of his. Clearly, led by Yu Yu's mysterious steps, Ji Hao had stepped into a magical state, which allowed him to understand the great Dao of sword even deeper.

In his spiritual space, the mysterious man sat in midair with his legs crossed, fiddling with a hazy large axe with both hands. "Eh, Yu Yu, why does he have to play with swords? All other weapons are wrong. Only giant axes can serve as true weapon of Pan Gu!" The mysterious man clicked his tongue and murmured.

Shaking his head, he sighed helplessly and continued, "He chose the wrong path for himself, fine, and now he led his disciple to the wrong path. What an…endless baneful influence!"

Yu Yu laughed wildly while Priest Mu chased after him, attacking ferociously. Yu Yu leaped nimbly and swung his arms quickly. While dodging Priest Mu's attacks, he had also been carefully observing the thirty-six pre-word supreme treasures he looted from Priest Hua earlier.

"Not as good as the supreme treasures which emerged during the creation of Pan Gu world, but these are still genuine pre-world supreme treasures, and merely slightly weaker than the ones from Pan Gu world. These are good enough to merge with my disciples' souls and help them attain their great Dao!" Yu Yu laughed out loud, "Great treasures! You shameless old things, you robbed my disciple's treasures!"

Priest Dachi, Priest Qingwei, and Priest Yu Yu, their souls were connected in a mysterious and magical way. Through the connection between their souls, Priest Qingwei and Priest Dachi simultaneously found out the functions, powers, origins, and background stories of every treasure held in Yu Yu's hands at the moment when Yu Yu observed these treasures.

Priest Qingwei raised his eyebrows. A clear stream of mist rose tens of thousands of miles high from the top of his head while he wielded the dragon and tiger jade Ruyi with his right hand and launched another wave of violent strikes against Priest Hua.

Priest Hua shouted sonorously. Hit by Priest Qingwei's jade Ruyi for tens of times in a row, fire sparkles rose from every corner of his body. Wisps of spirit true fire puffed out of his pores ceaselessly, making his body look like a transparent piece of glass.

Priest Hua suffered a severe injury. Without focusing on the cultivation and healing for a period of time, what he had lost could never be replenished. As he lost more and more life-force, dodging Priest Qingwei's attacks became more and more difficult for him. For quite a few times, the dragon and tiger jade Ruyi nearly slapped on his forehead.

Priest Hua was about to lose to Priest Qingwei. Watching this, Priest Mu suddenly realized a fact — Priest Hua's ever-changing great Dao of evolvement was naturally suppressed by the results of Priest Qingwei's great Dao, and Priest Qingwei had a much greater cultivation than Priest Hua did!

Giving a resonant growl, Priest Mu turned way from Yu Yu and flashed across the air, attempting to help Priest Hua.

Suddenly, Priest Dachi, who had been hiding in the darkness and watching the fight all this while, gave a resounding shout and suddenly made his move. Like a crane, he slowly rose and then dove down swiftly, hitting heavily on Priest Mu's back with a purple-jade cudgel.

Priest Mu would never have dreamed that Priest Dachi would actually attack so suddenly, almost sneakily. After all, Priest Dachi had always been the most modest and peaceful one among all. Priest Dachi was immeasurably powerful, and being admired by Priest Qingwei and Priest Yu Yu, he was much more powerful than his two younger brothers.

Priest Mu tried to guess Priest Dachi's actual power level countless times, but it was only when he suffered a strike from Priest Dachi did he figure this out — Priest Dachi was truly, seriously terrifying!

The purple jade cudgel wasn't even Priest Dachi's spirit supreme treasure. Instead, it was just a random piece owned by Priest Dachi. However, with this random, ordinary-looking piece, Priest Dachi almost crushed Priest Mu's internal organs and made him scream in tears because of the pain.

"Brother Dachi, show mercy, please!" Priest Mu opened his mouth and let out a sharp streak of fire mixed with a large amount of blood. Suffering a severe injury, he screamed in a great shock, "For the friendship between Saint Pan Gu and us!"

Priest Dachi was preparing to make the second strike, but on hearing Priest Mu, he paused, showing hesitation on his expressionless face.

In this very moment, a raging roar burst from the giant city in a distance away.

In the following moment, a hundreds of millions of miles long, purely dark arm thrust out of the city, thickly covered in dark hair. The enormous arm slapped destructively on this area of Chaos where the battle was happening.

Along with a thunderous bang, the area of Chaos was shattered.

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