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In the Chaos, Ji Hao split the sword light and hurt Priest Hua with a sword move.

Priest Hua lowered his head in shock. Looking at the puncture wound on his chest, which was caused by the Pan Gu sword, he couldn't even believe his own eyes.

With his power and cultivation, not even the falling of natural stars and collapse of a continent could harm a hair of his. Days ago, he let Ji Hao cut off an arm of his, but that was because of his carelessness. However, he fought Ji Hao with his full attention today, even activating his defensive lotus. But, Ji Hao wounded him once again. Furthermore, the injuries caused by Ji Hao this time were on the chest, a vital body area instead of a limb.

"Ji Hao kid!" Priest Hua growled hoarsely. Once he opened his mouth, a sharp stream of blood surged out.

Ji Hao howled seriously. He faced Priest Mu with his back, letting the latter brushed the colorful branch on his back. The skin of his back was broken, and his blood splashed. In the meantime, he moved both arms and swung the Pan Gu bell and the Pan Gu sword towards Priest Hua.

Also, as he slowly twisted his neck, another four arms grew out of the back of his neck, fingers locked together. They brought up a strong wave of Chaos power that struck on Priest Hua's face.

The Pan Gu bell bumped heavily on Priest Hua's head. A lotus rose from his head, defending him against the bell. But, the bell buzzed and shattered the lotus. The Pan Gu bell lunged towards the spot between his eyebrows. Priest Hua was startled, as he screamed shrilly while a lotus with an ever-changing color bloomed between his eyebrows, wrapped in Chaos power and clear streams of mist, facing the Pan Gu sword.

"Great Freedom! Get back if you want to live! Let my brother defend himself!" Priest Mu roared hoarsely in rage, "The lotus you activated is the original body of my brother! If it suffers any harm, you will not survive!"

Priest Hua's eyes sparkled with a dim seven-colored light, then the light faded, and those eyes turned water-clear, ice-cool. Priest Hua glanced at Ji Hao in a complicated way, then the lotus blooming between his eyebrows immediately drew back into his body. Next, the space between Ji Hao and himself began vibrating intensely.

He was less than nine meters away from Ji Hao. As the space vibrated violently, the nine meters of space between them was suddenly added with millions of layers, and every layer was tens of thousands of miles thick.

Ji Hao lunged the Pan Gu sword into the vibrating space and stirred up circles of ripples. Every time he penetrated a layer of space, the sharp light of the sword would dim a little bit. Ji Hao felt that the space before the sword tip was all empty, but no matter how hard he tried, he could not penetrate the immeasurable void and truly hurt Priest Hua.

Great Freedom gave up on controlling Priest Hua's body, and Priest Hua's soul regained the control of his own body and power. He activated the power of his ever-changing great Dao of evolvement and immediately caused Ji Hao a serious trouble.

Priest Mu growled resonantly with a hoarse voice. The seven-colored branch held in his hands brushed heavily on Ji Hao's back and wounded him even more violently, soon making his bones get exposed. Through the cracks between his bones, one could even see his squirming internal organs.

Bang! The four hands with locked fingers of Ji Hao strongly pressed on the layers of space created by Priest Hua.

Nine perfectly round formations immediately emerged in a beautiful circle. The nine formations were complicated and mysterious, covered in splendid marks of the great Dao of sun-like golden colored glass statues, stunning but especially powerful.

Priest Hua's layers of space vibrated intensely. This full strike of Ji Hao actually managed to penetrate about thirty percent of the layers of space. Nine beams of golden light descended from the sky, shrilly penetrated the Chaos, and shattered the layers of space.

Every shattered layer of space transformed into dense clouds of black fire and smoke, spreading rapidly. Fires and sparkles burst from the space between Ji Hao and Priest Hua, while a destructive power swept across the entire area, sending both Priest Hua and Ji Hao flying backward.

Priest Mu gave a bright shout. He locked his left fingers together and pressed heavily on Ji Hao's spine from the back.

Along with a thunderous bang, a vividly green thunder erupted from Ji Hao's spine, blowing it into over ten pieces. The broken bones darted in every direction swiftly. A triangular piece of bone violently swept across Priest Mu's face and tore open an inch-deep wound on his face.

"How can this kid have such a strong body? None of our disciples have even ten percent of his strength!" Exclaimed Priest Mu.

With the thunder strike, Priest Mu finally discovered the weirdness of Ji Hao's body. It was strong, indescribably strong. Even a full power from Priest Mu failed to destroy Ji Hao body, and only managed break a section of his spine!

One had to mention the fact that Ji Hao wasn't protected by the Pan Gu bell this time, because he used the bell as a hammer to smash Priest Hua. He took this strike from Priest Mu purely with his incomparably strong physical body, and Priest Mu did no more than break a section of his spine!

Priest Mu believed that under his full strike, without any defense, even Yu Yu, who had an incredibly strong body, would have at least two sections of spine broken! This meant that in a physical way, Ji Hao could be mentioned in the same breath as Priest Dachi, Priest Qignwei, and Priest Yu Yu, even with Priest Mu and Priest Hua and the other master-level powerful beings, whose bodies had been nourished and strengthened by the great Dao over countless centuries!

Every inch of the bodies of these powerful beings was thickly covered in layers of marks of the great Dao, to keep their bodies under the protection of the natural will moment after moment, gifting their bodies a marvelous defensive power. However, Ji Hao was able to compete with these powerful beings physically purely with his strong body itself. Discovering this, Priest Mu's scalp was numbed.

"We can't let this kid live!" Narrowing his eyes, Priest My growled, "Become a saint with a strong body? Attain the great Dao through strength? Not even we can dream this sweet dream. How dare a kid like you have such a wildly arrogant thought?"

Ji Hao turned around and glanced at Priest Mu speechlessly. 'Become a saint with a strong body? Attain the great Dao through strength?' He never thought in this way!

If the mysterious man, who lived in his spiritual space, didn't teach him a series of strange things…In the end, Ji Hao wouldn't even know what type of great Dao he had been perusing. Anyhow, his powers and abilities were completely different from the great Dao taught by Yu Yu!

While enduring the tearing pain from his back, one of the four newly grown arms one the back of his neck suddenly and magically extended for thousands of meters long, nimbly wriggled out like a snake, and slapped loudly on Priest Mu's wrinkled face!

"Haha! Good job!" Along with a sonorous growl, Yu Yu trod on a beam of light and arrived with giant steps, clad in a red robe.

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