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Life and death, controlled under his will…

From life to death, Ji Hao's body turned completely lifeless, like a tree that withered millions of years ago, without any vitality.

Priest Mu immediately discovered this abnormal change of Ji Hao's body. He raised his head, looking startled with his especially bitter face. Soon, the shock turned into jealousy, then the jealousy became fury!

He was jealous of Yu Yu, because Yu Yu had such a talented disciple!

He was infuriated, because Ji Hao stole his supreme great Dao in such an unbelievable way!

Priest Mu had been pursuing the great Dao of quietus for countless years. Feeling the faint sense of Quietus from Ji Hao, Priest Mu clearly understood that Ji Hao's Dao of quietus was already considerably powerful, and his understanding about the great Dao of quietus was even deeper than the few disciples under Priest Mu's guidance. But, all of this happened within a couple of hours. Within a couple of hours when Priest Mu invaded Pan Heng world's great Dao with his Dao of quietus, Ji Hao stole his Dao!

"A supreme treasure of great Dao, indeed marvelous. My Dao hasn't broken the limit of the great Dao of Pan Gu world, but with a supreme treasure of great Dao, this kid attained my Dao!" Immediately, Priest Mu figured out the source of Ji Hao's great Dao of quietus.

"Ji Hao, I can't let you live." Priest Mu slowly raised his hand. His palm gradually turned vividly green and transparent. Soon, one could see his green finger bones through his transparent green skin and flesh.

Looking at Ji Hao, who curled himself up under the Pan Gu bell, Priest Mu launched two gentle palm strikes in a row. Behind him, two linden trees appeared, one withering and one thriving. The thriving tree waved its branches, sending beams of green light up into the sky, stirring the space of Pan Heng world.

Shadow Crown and Evil Crown weren't far enough from Priest Mu. Eighteen beams of light scanned across their bodies in a row, making the two holy beings from Pan Yu world vomit blood. Their bones were crushed, sounding like popping corns, while they were sent flying away with blood surging out of their mouths.


Priest Mu's pressed his palms, which were glowing brightly with a green light, on the Chaos power streams released from the Pan Gu bell. Soon, a few wisps of Chaos power turned green, looking like green crystals, tinkling against each other. Before long, the wisps of green Chaos power freed themselves from the Pan Gu bell, swiftly raised their heads like the most dangerous poisonous snakes, and lunged towards Ji Hao.

The dim light emitted from the Pan Gu bell quaked slightly. All of a sudden, the space around Ji Hao froze like a gray crystal, with Ji Hao sealed inside. The green wisps of Chaos power pierce fiercely into the frozen space, generating an ear-piercing cracking noise, then shattered into a puff of drifting green light spots.

"It's such a smart treasure. How can a kid like you have the ability and fortune to control it?" murmured Priest Mu while slowly shaking his head. "Ji Hao, I don't care what people might say in the future. Today, I will destroy you. Both your body and soul will perish."

The withering linden tree slowly shook its branches. Priest Mu's pair of palms gradually turned gray, letting out thin streams of gray mist. Everything touched by the mist turned into ashes. Even the space of Pan Heng world around his palms squirmed intensely, slowly disappearing.

Priest Mu's gray pair of palms approached the Pan Gu bell while he fixed his eyes on Ji Hao. Abruptly, an especially thin gray mist emerged around the froze space surrounding Ji Hao. The gray mist coiled on the frozen space, quietly tearing it apart and melting it.

Priest Mu smiled proudly and said, "As the Sky Pillar, Buzhou Mountain was Saint Pan Gu's spine, the core of the great Dao of Pan Gu world. It was flawless, unbreakable. However, Ji Hao kid, you don't have the entire Buzhou Mountain, because a part of it was taken away by Priest Qingwei. This bell is incredibly powerful, but still, it has a flaw."

In Ji Hao's spiritual space, the mysterious man showed up and silently looked at Priest Mu through Ji Hao's eyes. Two beams of blue light shone from his deeply sunken eyes, illuminating the entire spiritual space like bolts of thunder.

"Little tree, you have made good progress in your cultivation. You found the flaw of Pan Gu bell, which shouldn't exist." The mysterious man said while smiling, "How can anything in the world be perfect without a flew? Even the great Dao of Pan Gu world had a missing 'one'…The Pan Gu bell can't be perfect. If it's perfect, it wouldn't be Pan Gu bell anymore. It would become some other unknown thing."

The gray mist slowly disintegrated the frozen space around Ji Hao. Priest Mu quivered slightly as he stared straight at Ji Hao with an excited grin. Extremely slowly, the gray mist approached Ji Hao.

"Ji Hao kid, die without feeling a pain!" Priest Mu laughed relaxedly.

At this moment, the bitterness on Priest Mu's face was gone without a trace, replaced by a grin from deep down his heart. He grinned in satisfaction as he raised his head and looked at the bell floating above Ji Hao's head.

A supreme treasure of great Dao, the most precious things in the universe...

With this supreme treasure of great Dao, Priest Mu believed that when he returned to Pan Gu world, he would be able to directly challenge the powerful being who was like a giant mountain, which laid upon his heart and suffocated him, making him despair and causing him the endless bitterness.

He believed that he could rival that powerful being with the Pan Gu bell, then suppress Priest Dachi, Priest Qingwei, and Priest Yu Yu, rebuilding the great Dao of Pan Gu world and the heaven. Afterward, he would send a few puppets onto the thrones of divine emperors, then control the whole Pan Gu world.

As long as he had the Pan Gu bell under his control, there would be nothing to worry about. Therefore, Priest Mu laughed, delightfully and happily.

In Ji Hao's spiritual space, the mysterious man locked his fingers together, slowly wielded his hands, and sent the gray mist to quickly merge into Ji Hao's body.

Ji Hao fell into an indescribable state of apperception, without knowing about the things happening around him.

The mysterious man had been carefully drawing the power of quietus which was released by Priest Mu into Ji Hao's body, into the nine golden suns. Suddenly, shrill caws could be heard. In the cores of the nine suns, the feathers of the nine Gold Crows fell off simultaneously, became ashes, and drifted away.

The nine featherless Gold Crows screamed in despair and fear. Their bodies withered and rotted rapidly, while their powers changed. At last, the nine Gold Crow became nine tiny golden light spots, remaining in the nine suns.

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