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The system of the great Dao of any world was like a rapidly flowing river, and every independent part of the great Dao was like the water in the river, ceaselessly flowing from the beginning to the end.

The light emitted from the Pan Gu bell was like an adventitious stream of water, quietly invading the river of the great Dao of Pan Heng world. Every beam of light from the bell represented one part of the great Dao that merged with the water in the river of Pan Heng world.

Priest Mu was doing the same. His great Dao of quietus emitted a dim yet clear light, quietly coiling around the great Dao of Pan Heng world like soft but strong water streams.

The Pan Gu bell and Priest Mu connected tightly with each other through Pan Heng world. The magically tremendous power of the bell, which allowed it to suppress the entire world, surged to Priest Mu, just like Priest Mu's power of quietus flew towards the bell. Therefore, through the bell, Ji Hao saw a whole image of the great Dao of quietus.

Ji Hao felt that his embryo of Dao gradually fell into silence, without generating any new soul power. Next, his internal organs cooled down. The vitality of his internal organs had been fading, while his blood flow slowed down bit by bit. The activity of this blood decreased quickly as well.

Afterward, his marrow froze, bone joints turned stiff, and muscles and skin were numbed. He couldn't feel anything anymore.

At last, his thoughts withered. Lazily, Ji Hao actually wanted to sit down and let himself die right on the spot, without fighting for anything or anyone, nor making any effort.

Slowly, Ji Hao sensed that he was like a piece of burning coal, while the colorless coldness from the surrounding environment slowly wrapped him up, bit by bit dimming his fire of life, pushing him to the edge of destruction step by step.

Priest Mu's great Dao of quietus was terrifying. Affected merely by the power of quietus that came through the Pan Gu bell, Ji Hao fell into an indescribably critical situation. Instinctively, he restrained his spirit power, with the nine dazzling golden suns giving out an immeasurable heat which shielded Ji Hao's spirit and soul, protecting him from being destroyed by the great Dao of quietus.

Suddenly, Yu Yu's study of magic formation transformed into countless golden-purple scrolls and emerged from Ji Hao's embryo of Dao. The blueprints of countless pre-world and after-world formations emerged on these scrolls, while an indescribable magical sense of great Dao began flowing inside Ji Hao's body.

The nine golden suns instantly started orbiting according to the blueprints on the scrolls. Starting from one, splitting into two, stabilizing in three…

'One leads to nine, nine leads to millions, countless, endless, ever-changing…'

Golden light spheres rotated in the air while Ji Hao's embryo of Dao floated among complicated formations which were composed of billions of golden light beams. His spirit power was all gathered in the embryo of Dao, that no matter how strongly the great Dao of quietus attacked, It could not break the powerful, magical formations.

Protected by Yu Yu's art of formation, Ji Hao's frozen mind was brought back to life. As his thoughts erupted from his mind, Ji Hao regained a part of his thinking capacity.

With a mysterious smile, Ji Hao saw the most precious treasure in the universe through the Pan Gu bell, that no one but he could see. He was like a naughty child who peeked into the window of the most beautiful widow in the village with surprise.

Priest Mu had been pursuing the great Dao of quietus with no spare efforts, ever since Saint Pan Gu created Pan Gu world. At this moment, the great Dao of quietus exposed itself before Ji Hao's eyes like a beautiful body.

The strong sense of great Dao spread in front of Ji Hao like a scroll of painting.

On a boundless grassland, the grasses were as beautiful as the best jade, filled with an inexhaustible life-force.

On the grassland, two linden trees faced each other. One of them was thriving, with the essence of its life-force gathered in every leaf. Every leaf had clear veins, and every vein delivered a mysterious sense of great Dao, which could not be described by words.

The other linden tree had withered. Its tree trunks and main branches barely maintained its shape as a tree. Unlike the thriving one, this tree was rapidly withering and collapsing.

The faster this tree fell apart, the more thriving the other tree got, and the stronger life-force the other tree had.


Ji Hao couldn't tell for sure about how long he had watched these two trees for, but suddenly, the withered tree disintegrated, turning into ashes. As its ashes rose to the sky, all the grasses on the grassland withered quietly, becoming ashes as well.

A clear voice could be heard from the thriving linden tree, which quaked the world like thunders. A strong sense of Dao was released from the tree, forming dense streams of green mist, rolling to where the withered tree stood.

On the standing point of the withered tree, from a small pile of ash, a thumb-sized, lusterless, wrinkled, and dry linden seed slowly flew into the sky, weakly hovering in the air.

The tiny linden seed was covered in layers of marks, and every mark represented a profound natural law. Merely by looking at the tiny seed, Ji Hao felt that he was looking at a maturing great world!

With an inexhaustible life-force, the green mist rolled into this seed. Soon, the seed swelled up, became shiny, and started letting out a strong life-force from its core.

Pop! A tender sprout drilled out of the seed.

The seed with a sprout fell to the ground and sank deeply into the rich soil.

As a breeze blew across, a sandstorm was started on the grassland, which was now covered in ash. Within the ash, the grass sprouted beautifully.

The life-force of this whole world grew slightly stronger. Ji Hao saw it clearly. If one compared the whole life-force of the world before the withered tree collapsed to a trillion, as these grasses sprouted, this number had grown to one trillion and one!

Ji Hao clearly understood that Priest Mu's power had already grown slightly stronger!

What surprised him even more was that another mark appeared on the tiny seed, which meant, Priest Mu had a deeper understanding about the great Dao of nature.

As the life-force from the other tree was flowing into the seed, the linden sprout grew taller and taller. A thriving life-force suffused the entire world, making the color of this world especially vivid.

Abruptly, Ji Hao learned something — Priest Mu's great Dao of quietus was not like the great Dao of destruction, which would turn everything into nothingness. On the contrary, the truth of the great Dao of quietus was about 'rebirth', like a phoenix regaining its life from fire. The ultimate purpose of Priest Mu's great Dao of quietus was freedom. Through endless death, he gathered the power, and with the power, he would eventually break his limitation and step into a whole new level.

"Your Dao, is mine now!" Ji Hao laughed quietly.

From now on, facing Ji Hao, Priest Hua and Priest Mu had no more secrets regarding their great Dao.

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