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Through the long river of the great Dao of Pan Heng world, Priest Mu and the Pan Gu bell were connected tightly. Through the bell, Priest Mu clearly sensed the change that happened to the nine suns inside Ji Hao.

Priest Mu was enraged and anxious as he stared at Ji Hao, who had rolled himself like a fetus. Ji Hao, this bloody kid, had forcibly put the nine suns inside him into a state of quietus, with the great Dao of quietus he stole, to turn the natures of the nine suns and improve their powers.

The linden tree died, but a seed remained to absorb the immeasurable life-force, and grow into a new, stronger, and more vivacious tree. This was the core essence, the largest secret of the great Dao of quietus. No disciple under Priest Mu's guidance could understand the essence of the great Dao of quietus, which delivered an immeasurable power of creation. Nevertheless, Ji Hao had already managed to put the nine suns inside his body into the state of Quietus with the great Dao of quietus.

Ji Hao was such a talented young human being, but sadly, he was a disciple of Priest Mu's old enemy. Priest Mu was utterly enraged this time, that he even wanted to crush Ji Hao directly through the Pan Gu bell. The gray mist released from his palms grew thicker and thicker, stronger and stronger. Through the Pan Gu bell, a greater and greater power of quietus was sent to Ji Hao, seeming to condense into a giant shell and wrap Ji Hao entirely up.

Ji Hao didn't know about the change of Priest Mu's thoughts. He quietly sensed his highly compressed spirit power and soul power, and the strange feeling given by his embryo of Dao, which had almost shrunk into a tiny, dim spot of light. He quietly observed the nine suns, which had been going through a thorough change. If he knew what Priest Mu was thinking at the moment, he would tell him that it wasn't him who put the nine suns into the state of quietus!

Ji Hao was indeed talented, but wasn't so talented. Just now, he attained Priest Mu's great Dao of quietus by simply glancing at him, after which, he was able to cultivate himself directly by using this supreme great Dao.

The nine suns had been shrinking rapidly. With a shrill series of caw, the Dao with a complicated nature fell off from the nine suns like withered leaves, leaving the purest, original cores.

When the nine suns shrank to an extreme degree, the Pan Gu bell buzzed thunderously. Golden streaks flickered quickly on the bell. The Pan Gu sun had moved across Buzhou Mountain over and over again, carving its Dao on the mountain layer upon layer, which had now become the golden streaks on the Pan Gu bell. These golden streaks were the marks of the great Dao of Pan Gu sun.

Any cultivator with the luck to see and understand these golden marks of Dao at this very moment would have an insight into all the secrets of the great Dao of Pan Gu sun. If this cultivator could defeat Ji Hao and replace him, he or she would naturally become the new 'owner of the sun'.

With a sizzling noise, the dim golden light spots left from the nine Gold Crows swelled like balloons, becoming dazzling beams of golden light that swiftly hovered around the nine suns, 'carving' the marks of great Dao of Pan Gu sun on the nine suns at an incredible rate.

Extremely pure golden light erupted from the nine dim suns. All impurities of Dao that belonged to the nine shrinking suns had been dispelled at the moment, while the nine eye-piercing golden light beams were swiftly carving the marks of the supreme Dao of Pan Gu sun on them.

The Pan Jia sun and the eight Pan Heng sun had all thoroughly reformed themselves, gaining new lives. Without all the old impure powers, these nine suns had now been turning into the purest 'Pan Gu suns'.

A strong, melted-gold-like light burst from the nine suns, which now slowly grew stronger and stronger. Instead of Pan Jia sun and the eight Pan Heng, nine pure suns appeared inside Ji Hao's body, weaker than the Pan Gu sun, but having the purest sun power.

The nine reborn Gold Crows stood in the cores of the nine suns, cawing shrilly with a thriving life-force.

Purely positive, scorching hot, with an endless power of life which nourished all living beings in the universe, the light of sun filled up Ji Hao's entire body and started a violent clash against the lifeless power of quietus inside him.

The nine suns illuminated the inner void, composing of the most original pure sun great formation that stabilized the inner void. Inside Ji Hao's body, the gray mist buzzed deeply, being neutralized by the golden light layer by layer, bit by bit.

When the golden light reached to every corner of Ji Hao's body, he suddenly woke up.

An incredibly strong life-force erupted from the core of his embryo of Dao, like a seed which was planted in the rich soil, nourished by the sun and the rain, and grew invigoratingly, unstoppably breaking all the limitations and venting its life-force wildly, letting the universe hear its voice.

It was weak, but could not be stopped.

Ji Hao's embryo of Dao released a strong spirit power. He sensed his healthy body, the abundant sun power inside him, and the great power from his embryo of Dao, also sensing the powerful Dao through the Pan Gu bell.

An indescribably mysterious sense of Dao was channeled by the Pan Gu bell, adding layers of marks of Dao on Ji Hao's embryo of Dao. The power of Dao that Ji Hao had never touched before now merged into his embryo of Dao, leaving the 'seeds' of great Dao inside his embryo of Dao.

"I get it!" Ji Hao said aloud instinctively. His weak embryo of Dao had gone through the death and rebirth, now restoring its power and making a major progress, becoming even stronger.

Torrents of soul power and spirit power surged out of his embryo of Dao. Ji Hao slowly stretched his body. By now, he could perfectly control his body, his power, and the powers of the nine suns. In addition, he clearly felt that his soul and body could now withstand an even greater power.

The Pan Gu bell was already connected with the entire Pan Heng world. Therefore, through the bell, Ji Hao sensed the operation of Pan Heng world. He smilingly reached out his hand and let the nine suns inside him release their terrifying power. All of a sudden, his arms turned golden, bursting with a raging fire and a destructive heat. Spreading his burning arms, Ji Hao generated a thunderous 'cracking' noise and tore Pan Heng world into two.

Everything in this world, except for the living beings, was torn apart.

The stars, the continent, the mountains, rivers, valleys…even the finest grain of sand in this world was torn into two.

"Merge!" Ji Hao locked his fingers together in a complicated but beautiful way. Following his movement, half a Pan Heng world flickered dimly, merging into his body in a moment.

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