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The base of the Pan Gu bell was Buzhou Mountain, which was transformed from Saint Pan Gu's spine. It was the core of Pan Gu world, which maintained a balance of the world and stabilized the great Dao of nature.

The sun and the stars hung above Buzhou Mountain, and earth meridians were buried underneath it. All Pan Gu world creatures lived around it, and all natural laws were centered on it. Every intelligent living being had left its smell on Buzhou Mountain, like flying birds left their reflections on the water surface and walking birds left lines of footprints on a snowfield; every natural law had marked Buzhou Mountain.

Nourished by the world for countless years, even the finest grain of dust from Buzhou Mountain had a strong sense of the great Dao of Pan Gu world.

The Pan Gu bell inherited everything that Buzhou Mountain possessed, including all the natural laws and great Dao of the world. Through the Pan Gu bell, one could reach the great Dao of Pan Gu world from any angle.

Beams of dim light emitting from the bell locked on all natural laws of Pan Heng world. Pan Heng world was thousands of times weaker than Pan Gu world, and its great Dao of green wasn't largely different from the great Dao of Pan Gu world. Except for a few slight differences, ninety-nine percent of the great Dao of green in Pan Heng world was exactly the same as that in Pan Gu world.

The dim light spun slowly as the great Dao of Pan Heng world was locked by the Pan Gu bell. Every part of the great Dao was like a precision gear, perfectly set up with each other. At the moment, all natural laws stopped operating, remaining still like the frozen movement of a watch.

The natural laws stopped operating, the world was sealed, and the time and space were frozen; everything paused.

Along with the Pan Gu bell's deep buzz, the Pan Heng world stopped moving. All living beings paused in where they were. In the brain of every living creature, the fire of soul had frozen like an iceberg, without being able to generate a thought anymore. The time stopped, the space froze, all stars ceased orbiting; the wind was not blowing, the water was not flowing, the raindrops floated in the air, motionless…

Shadow Crown and Evil Crown were both stunned. They were disabled from moving as well, like tiny bugs in a piece of amber. Their eyes sparkled brightly, but the thoughts in their heads were like the bubbles slowly rising from the bottom of the river, shaking and floating without cracking.

Their minds were sealed. Shadow Crown and Evil Crown lost all their spirit powers. They tried their best, struggled as hard as they could, but failed to move even a finger. Their faces twisted. Instinctively, they showed the despair and fear on their faces.

At their current level, being sealed by an enemy for such a long span of time was enough for both their bodies and souls to die a hundred million times!

Priest Hua's eyes shone with that dim seven-colored light. His hands trembled slightly while his face twitched from time to time. Priest Hua wanted to forcibly break the horrifying magic seal cast on the entire Pan Heng world by the Pan Gu bell, to free himself and then help Priest Mu to defeat Ji Hao.

However, Great Freedom wasn't thinking the same thing. Great Freedom was glad to watch Priest Mu and Ji Hao put up a desperate fight against each other. No matter who won or lost, as long as they fought and harmed each other, and once Priest Mu was weakened…there would be an opportunity for Great Freedom.

The seven-colored dim light flickered in his eyes for long, but Priest Hua didn't make a move. With a faint and proud smile, he sat in midair with his legs crossed, and the silhouettes of countless mountains, rivers, and living beings crossing his eyes.

Priest Hua's face had been changing slightly. It was like layers of mask emerging from under his face, splitting up one after another, constantly changing his appearance. From the top of his head, a bright stream of light rose into the sky. His golden 'spirit warriors' showed up one after another, wearing all kinds of gemstones and standing on the golden light. As same as Priest Hua, their faces had all been changing constantly.

In the ever-changing great Dao of evolvement, Priest Hua stepped into an indescribable state at the moment.

Not only was his great Dao changing, his 'heart of Dao' had also been varying at every moment, sacred as Buddha, dirty as devils, kind as an old man from next door, or ferocious as a monster from hell…

"I have attained…my great Dao!" Priest Hua smiled. Above his head, thousands of spirit warriors shouted out rumblingly in cheers.

Priest Mu was also affected by the Pan Gu bell, which sealed the world. His body was frozen, disabling him from moving, while his soul was inactivated, unable to generate a thought. With difficulties, he turned around and glanced at Priest Hua, showing a faint smile on his bitter face. But soon, the smile turned into worry, and an even more obvious bitterness.

"Attain the great Dao with a devil?" Sitting under the Pan Gu bell, Ji Hao looked at Priest Hua's changing face and smiled, "Can I call it the great Dao of devil?"

"What do you know about my brother's great Dao? Even though my brother attained his great Dao through a devil, his Dao is still a decent supreme Dao!" Priest Mu's eyes shone with a colorless but especially clear fire, while his body glowed with a dim light. Beams of dim light merged into the colorful branch in his hand, and the colorful rolling clouds in the heaven slowly turned colorless.

With a dry voice, he talked word by word. In the meantime, his great Dao of quietus had started crazily invading Pan Heng world.

Sealed by the Pan Gu bell, Pan Heng world was as sturdy as an iceberg by now. However, when Priest Mu's great Dao of quietus began invading the great Dao of nature of this world, this world instantly changed its color.

Gray and empty, the colorlessness was like a drop of ink falling into clear water, spreading immediately.

The colors of Pan Heng world changed in a strange way. The colors of all plants, animals, mountains, rivers, lakes, sands, and earth began fading, as if a giant hand had been taking away the colors and life-force of everything in this world.

"No!" Shadow Crown and Evil Crown burst into a scream in fright. They were also affected by the great Dao of quietus. Countless spell symbols emerged from their skins while their skins withered, turning more and more fragile. Their internal organs had constantly been weakening, and even the fires of their souls were shaking and dimming down.

Affected by Priest Mu's great Dao of quietus, the entire Pan Heng world began falling apart. The whole world was collapsing and dying.

Ji Hao raised his head and coldly looked at Priest Mu.

Afterward, he sensed the great Dao of quietus through the Pan Gu bell. The faint sense of quietus rose from his heart, making him cold and powerless. Uncontrollably, he wanted to give up every hope he had.

Through the bell, Ji Hao suddenly saw the whole image of Priest Mu's great Dao of quietus.

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