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The four wild Chaos monsters which were fed with the sacred blood of Saint Pan Yu completely went crazy, and had been burning their spirit blood and souls, added with the four dark fire spheres which were four highly lethal supreme treasures. They released a destructive power that even made Ji Hao's expression change in shock.

In the normal state of the four Chaos monsters, they were equally powerful as Ji Hao, who had just merged with eight Pan Heng suns. But, with the Pan Gu sword and the Pan Gu bell, Ji Hao could easily finish them with one sword attack. Nevertheless, they were fed with the sacred blood of Saint Pan Yu, and had sunken into a mad state. The powers they accumulated in the past countless years and their great life-force, which was supposed to allow them to have an endless lifespan, would erupt within two hours. By now, the effect delivered by every single strike from them was over a thousand times greater than the normal state!

These Chaos monsters were like a natural sun, naturally and ceaselessly giving out the light and heat for billions of years, or even longer. During the long lifespan of this sun, the emission rate of its light and heat would always be stable. Once an external force stimulated the sun, forcing out all of its power within two hours, the energy released within every second would definitely be millions of times greater than normal, powerful enough to destroy a world.

The four Chaos monsters were in such a state at the moment. They roared crazily as they pounced on Ji Hao, as if he were their greatest enemy. The four spheres hovered around them, bumping against the Pan Gu bell from time to time.

Ji Hao felt nothing more than strong forces coming at him from all directions. He couldn't even see the moves of the four Chaos monsters clearly, as hundreds of millions of attacks from them would land on his body within every second. Many times, the claws and teeth of the four Chaos monsters broke the Chaos power streams released from the Pan Gu bell and directly clanged against the bell itself, starting resonant bell rings and dazzling sparkles.

Ji Hao was in a relatively weak state. He was full of physical strength and internal energy, but his embryo of Dao was extremely weak at the moment, such that he could not control his power and body well. He curled up his body and stayed under the protection of the Pan Gu bell while being sent flying all over the sky along with shrill noises, like a ball which was being played with by naughty boys.

The four spheres struck down over and over again. Every strike from the four spheres started a giant cloud of black fire against the Pan Gu bell. The black fire was greatly powerful. It was not only scorching hot, but also had an evil, corrosive power. The Pan Gu bell might be the only treasure in Pan Gu world which was so powerful, with an unimaginable defensive power, and was able to stay perfectly undamaged under the strikes from the four spheres while managing to protect Ji Hao.

The Pan Gu sword buzzed rumblingly inside Ji Hao's body, as it couldn't wait to dart out, slaughter the four Chaos monsters, and drink their blood.

However, Ji Hao dared not to let out the sword. His spirit power was weak at the moment, such that its coverage was no more than a million miles wide, while the four Chaos monsters moved swiftly. The four Chaos monsters could flash a hundred-million miles away within a blink of an eye, then fly back as fast as they could and hit against the Pan Gu bell.

Ji Hao wasn't sure that he could kill the four Chaos monsters if he let out the sword now. He was also afraid that letting out the sword would provide Priest Mu and Priest Hua with a chance for them to directly take it away.

With a series of muffled bangs, the Pan Gu bell vibrated intensely while the bodies of the four Chaos monsters burned into four giant fire spheres. Their original lion-shape was gone, and they were about to meet the most dazzling, final moment of their lives. Within this moment, all their strength, all their souls, their life-force, and their old glories, would explode.

The four giant fire spheres suddenly exploded along with the four supreme treasures. Raging black flames wrapped up the Pan Gu bell layer by layer, while countless horrifyingly fierce airstreams struck on it one after another.

Because of the vibration, Ji Hao felt dizzy. He spun in the Chaos power streams released from the Pan Gu bell uncontrollably.

Strong pressures landed on his body, layer by layer. Fortunately, he now had a stunning physical strength, which protected him from suffering actual injuries from the pressure. Nothing worse than spider-web-like shallow wounds happened on his body.

Without shedding a drop of blood, Ji Hao gritted his teeth and endured the dizziness. His spirit blood surged inside his body, healing the shallow wounds. The wounds didn't concern Ji Hao at all. Instead, he placed his whole attention to Priest Hua, Priest Mu, and the two in golden cloaks.

The black fire finally faded. The Pan Gu bell had already expanded to about three-hundred-meters-tall, firmly shielding Ji Hao. The bell was dark and lusterless, but it was now shining with a mysterious faint light. The dim light emitted from the bell seemed to even illuminate the world.

Priest Hua and Priest Mu immediately widened their eyes, staring at the Pan Gu bell in shock.

This feeling — the sky was illuminated by extremely thin and faint beams of light; every beam of light seemed to connect a natural law, in a perfect harmony with the core of the great Dao of Pan Heng world, allowing the operation of the great Dao of Pan Heng world to be under the Pan Gu bell's full control.

Stabilized and controlled by the Pan Gu bell, the space surrounding Ji Hao turned incomparably sturdy, for which reason, the self-destruction of the four Chaos monsters didn't cause any destructive damage to Pan Heng world, just slightly rippling the space.

This magical effect had gone far beyond Priest Mu and Priest Hua' highest expectation for the Pan Gu bell.

"It's a…Supreme treasure of great Dao! It can control the great Dao of a world!"

Priest Hua and Priest Mu were nearly driven crazy. In the past few years, they witnessed Ji Hao's growth. Under their watch, Ji Hao attained a powerful bell from an unknown source, and with this indestructive bell, he rampantly made their disciples suffer.

They thought that the bell was nothing more than a supreme treasure with a stunning defensive power. A supreme treasure for defense wasn't tempting enough for them to turn against Yu Yu openly. Therefore, even though Priest Mu and Priest Hua wanted the Pan Gu bell very much, because of Yu Yu, they didn't truly do anything for it.

But today, the self-destruction of the four Chaos monsters forced the Pan Gu bell to show its real face!

The dim light emitted from the bell actually managed to stabilize the great Dao of Pan Heng world. At this time, if Ji Hao were powerful enough to control the bell, he would be able to control everything in Pan Heng world!

Priest Mu and Priest Hua trembled slightly. The Pan Gu bell was from Pan Gu world, but it automatically stabilized the great Dao of Pan Heng world…This meant that the bell was the supreme treasure of the great Dao of Pan Gu world!

"Saint Pan Gu's spine…Sky Pillar, Buzhou Mountain… He took it!" Suddenly, Priest Hua and Priest Mu figured out the past, present, and future of Pan Gu bell.

Flashing across the air, Priest Hua and Priest Mu darted towards Ji Hao simultaneously.

"Ji Hao, leave the bell, and we will spare your life today!"

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