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High up in the air, Ji Hao laughed resonantly towards the sky.

In the void inside his body, a golden sun had been releasing a raging fire and a blinding golden light inexhaustibly. Eight slightly larger suns with the color of light green mixed with a faint golden hue composed a perfect circle, surrounding the golden sun while giving out a strong light and heat.

Ji Hao's embryo of Dao sat above the golden sun with its legs crossed. The Pan Gu bell released streams of Chaos power and surrounded the embryo of Dao, while it was continuously changing its hand motions, leaving shreds of afterimages in the air.

Earlier, Ji Hao almost drained his embryo of Dao to pull the eight Pan Heng sun into his body. At the moment, his was filled with strength, but the embryo of Dao looked dim and exhausted. His soul power was exhausted, that he couldn't even control a finger. Fortunately, the embryo of Dao was protected by the Pan Gu bell, and nourished by the strong spirit blood from the physical body and the especially pure sun power from the Pan Jia sun. Bit by bit, Ji Hao was slowly regaining his soul power.

The eight Pan Heng suns spun swiftly and agitatedly inside Ji Hao's body, giving out a strong rejective power from their cores. The independent spirits of the eight Pan Heng suns were immature and weak, but they clearly sensed that they were pulled into Ji Hao's body, and this wasn't a good thing for themselves.

Abruptly, a light green Pan Heng sun rose into the sky, released raging fire streams that wove into a giant tentacle and whipped the surrounding space. Ji Hao's embryo of Dao, which had been recovering, raised its head with efforts and pointed at this unsettled Pan Heng sun.

The Pan Gu sword buzzed deeply, suddenly transforming into a dazzling dark light that tore apart the space and fiercely pierced into the core of this Pan Heng sun, slaying the Pan Heng sun's weak independent spirit which hadn't waken up, making it disappear for good.

From the Pan Jia sun, a golden streak of fire rose and transformed into an enormous Gold Crow that darted into the Pan Heng sun. Without its independent spirit, the Pan Heng sun didn't do anything to resist. Instead, it let the Gold Crow into its core.


A golden light erupted from the core of this Pan Heng sun, then spread out. Within a couple of breaths, this Pan Heng sun had turned into a dazzling golden sun. The power of this Pan Heng sun turned over ninety percent similar to the power of the Pan Jia sun, also similar to the power of the Pan Gu sun.

The green power was the foundation of Pan Heng world. The nine suns of this world were marked by the great Dao of green, and the pure sun power from these nine suns contained a strong green power. Under the effect of the great Dao of nature of this world, the pure sun power in the nine Pan Heng suns didn't emblazon the green power contained in the nine suns. On the contrary, the strong and pure green power had merged with the pure sun power.

However, Ji Hao directly killed the independent spirit of this Pan Heng sun, cutting off its connection with Pan Heng world and planting the fire generated from his own understanding about the great Dao of sun into it. It was like throwing a burning match onto a pile of firewood, that the entire pile was immediately set on fire.

As a basic natural law, the fire suppressed the green. The nine light green Pan Heng suns with abundant green powers existed in Pan Heng world because of the great Dao of nature of this world. But, Ji Hao 'corrected' this abnormal phenomenon and turned this sun into a normal, natural sun.

A sun was supposed to be dazzling, purely positive, and filled with the purest fire power. Why did a sun ever need any other type of natural power?

This Pan Heng sun was changed all of a sudden, like a fire phoenix bursting out of its shell, without any constraints. The immeasurably great amount of green power contained in it was detonated, all becoming a source of energy.

"Duo! Go!" Ji Hao quickly changed his hand motions. The Pan Gu sword flashed across the inner void seven times in a row, killing the independent spirits of all the rest seven trembling Pan Heng suns.

The Pan Jia sun quivered intensely and let out seven Gold Crows, darting into the seven Pan Heng suns at light speed. At the moment, Ji Hao's entire body shone with a dazzling golden light, giving out a scorching heat while all nine purely golden suns quietly floated inside his body.

A strong burning power flowed to every corner of this body, making perspiration stream down his back. He silently activated the cultivation method with nine turns, quietly absorbing the flawless and pure sun power from the nine suns to replenish his embryo of Dao.

His hazy and transparent embryo of Dao gradually turned clear, and its weak sense of power slowly turned stronger.

At this very moment, Ji Hao's heart drummed for a few times. He had attained a Pan Gu body. Although not as powerful as Saint Pan Gu, this physical body of Ji Hao was already magical. He suddenly sensed something, which was definitely unfavorable.

He hurriedly opened his eyes and lowered his head, looking where Priest Mu was fighting the four 'lions'.

Since one of the nine Pan Heng world suns were destroyed and the other eight were occupied by Ji Hao, the entire Pan Heng world was now dark. The whole world had been quickly turning cold and moist. The darkness couldn't block Ji Hao's eyesight, not to mention the fact that Priest Mu's entire body had been shining brightly.

He saw two men dressed like Blood Crown show up around Priest Mu, then the space around them twisted intensely. Ji Hao clearly understood that they were communicating with unimaginably strong soul powers.

With this method of communication, thousands of words could be told within a moment.

With Priest Mu and Priest Hua's cultivations, they were able to create hundreds of millions of thoughts within a moment. Within this moment, hundreds of millions of thoughts could also be given up; within a moment, they could pick out the most beneficial one from countless choices, then put it into practice at the highest speed.

Abruptly, Priest Mu, Priest Hua, and the two men in golden cloaks turned to Ji Hao simultaneously. The four ferocious 'lions', who had been crazily pouncing on Priest Mu, suddenly paused, then slowly turned around and locked their dazzling eyes on Ji Hao's body. They suddenly burst into a series of thunderous roars. The four spheres wrapped in dark fires swished towards Ji Hao, broke the space, and reached to Ji Hao's face within a blink of an eye.

Ji Hao hurriedly let out the Pan Gu bell and released a thick wall of Chaos power, defending against the four spheres.

With an earth-shaking noise, a terrifying force struck on Ji Hao's body through the Chaos power wall, numbing his entire body. His embryo of Dao hadn't recovered yet, and his soul power was extremely weak at the moment. Consequently, he wasn't able to freely control his incredibly strong physical body to fight.

Bumbling backward for tens of steps, Ji Hao looked at Priest Mu, Priest Hua, and the two men in golden cloaks in shock.

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