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Ji Hao looked at Priest Mu in shock and confusion, watching the bitterness on his face turn into a strong intent of killing. After a long, long while, Ji Hao shook his head quickly and responded, "This is beneath you, old priest!"

Priest Mu stared at Ji Hao in surprise. Did he mishear Ji Hao? Ji Hao didn't even say the word 'elder'. Instead, Ji Hao called him 'old priest', didn't he?"

"Ji Hao, kid! Today…" The fire of anger rose straight from his head, even agitating his soul. Looking at Ji Hao's blind smiling face, Priest Mu suddenly had an impulsion to break something.

This kind of impulsion never occurred in Priest Mu's long span of life. He cultivated himself severely with the great Dao of quietus, for which reason, his heart was like a lifeless tree, an ancient well, that nothing in the universe can easily trigger a mood swing of his. But today, seeing the Pan Gu bell and hearing Ji Hao call him 'old priest', the peaceful lake in his heart was stirred intensely. At the moment, he wanted to do something very much. For example, he wanted to thrust his linden thunder bombs into Ji Hao's mouth, then blow his head into pieces, along with Ji Hao's embryo of Dao.

"Indeed, this is beneath you, old priest!" Ji Hao said to Priest Mu seriously, "You're like a bandit the moment you saw me. Forcing me to hand out my supreme treasure for defense, isn't this beneath you?"

Priest Mu and Priest Hua remained silent, while Shadow Crown and Evil Crown chased up and stood behind them, looking at Ji Hao from head to toe. Seeing the Pan Gu bell, an obvious greediness emerged from their eyes, but they immediately concealed it with extra cautiousness. Instantly, their eyes were clear again

"You should say that this supreme treasure can affect the lives of all living beings, and I, Ji Hao, am not good enough for it. But, you are following the great Dao of nature, thinking about all living creatures in the universe. Therefore, this supreme treasure should in under your control, so that the world can be in peace, people can live a happy life, and enjoy the happiness forever and ever."

Ji Hao looked at Priest Mu and Priest Hua evilly, then sneered and continued, "But you didn't bother to mention these high-sounding excuses before you directly attempted to rob me. Two old priests, this is truly beneath you!"

Priest Mu remained silent as he carefully observed the Pan Gu bell. Hiding in this hand, the colorful branch glowed with a dazzling light. Priest Mu's expression changed countless times within a moment. His eyes shone with the seven-colored dim light, as wisps of colorful mist rose from those eyes, forming a splendid colorful cloud floating above his head.

"Ji Hao, our little friend, as you said, this bell is very important, that only virtuous and capable people who possess great natural fortune can control it. This bell can affect the lives of all living beings. But you, as a child, can't allow it to work in the way it was supposed to. So please, give this bell to me. Let me control is, so that the universe can be in peace, and all living creatures can be safe."

With a warm smile, Priest Hua made a speech in a gentle tone, exactly the same as what Ji Hao said earlier. He even deeply bowed to Ji Hao, without straightening his waist back up.

His voice was strange, sounding to be coming from far away, with an indescribable power which would force one to pay all attention to his speech, while his voice became an immeasurable black hole. Once one focused on it, his or her entire soul might be drawn into it momentarily, and would suffer forever and ever.

Ji Hao smiled and remained silent.

Was it Priest Hua who made the speech? Or Great Freedom? Who knew? Seeing the suddenly emerged silhouettes of countless worlds and living creatures, Ji Hao even suspected that Priest Hua let himself be possessed by the devil willingly, and he had already merged into one with Great Freedom.

Priest Mu did not say a word either. He had only been carefully observing the Pan Gu bell.

The expressions of Shadow Crown and Evil Crown changed immediately. As a tremor went through their bodies, their eyes were unfocused simultaneously, and their strong gazes were weakened largely. They carefully listened to what Priest Hua said, but as a result, they were nearly drawn into the black hole by Priest Hua, and completely lost themselves.

Fortunately, a muffled yet sonorous roar echoed across their minds, forcibly dispelling the mysterious power contained in Priest Hua's voice, making them quiver and wake them up.

With a lingering fear, they drew back for a long distance, then stared at Priest Hua in shock. They were two of the twelve 'Crowns' from Pan Yu world, who were the possessors of the highest power in the world and controlled the operation of the entire world. Nevertheless, despite their powerfulness, they failed to even take a word from Priest Hua…

As they thought, they weren't qualified to be enemies with Priest Hua and Priest Mu. Only the terrifying being behind them had the power to rival 'holy-level' beings like Priest Hua and Priest Mu.

'Blood Crown, how stupid you were. You foolishly came here even before you figured out who were your enemies!' With gloomy faces, the two 'Crowns' laughed in their heads over Blood Crown's misfortune.

Priest Hua now realized that his speech had failed to affect Ji Hao. The completely unconcealed greediness erupted from his eyes as he stared straight at the Pan Gu bell, looking at it from up to down.

Priest Hua's expression was weird. As he remained silent, Priest Mu slowly raised the colorful branch and released a dazzling colorful light, which then compressed into an immeasurably long, tens of thousands of miles wide streak of light and pierced through the space, like an enormous colorful needle penetrating the whole Pan Heng world.

The great Dao of the Pan Heng world was shaken. With his incomparable, immeasurable power, Priest Mu forcibly changed the great Dao of Pan Heng world with his great Dao of quietus.

The core of the great Dao of Pan Heng world had already been occupied by Ji Hao, and the creator of this world was killed by Ji Hao. Pan Heng world was at its weakest, most confused moment right now. Facing Priest Mu's strong spirit power, the independent spirit of this world was like a fragile, thin piece of paper, which was penetrated and crushed so easily.

Slowly, a colorful light emerged from the entire sky of Pan Heng world. This world began turning into a colorful world from a green world. However, a coldness could be sensed from this colorfulness. This was a feature of Priest Mu's great Dao of quietus, a feature of a world, which was being put into a state of quietus.

Watching Priest Mu making a move, Ji Hao sighed slightly.

If Priest Mu controlled the great Dao of Pan Heng world, he would be able to control the entire Pan Heng world and turn it into a giant cage to trap Ji Hao.

Ji Hao's embryo of Dao hadn't regained its power. Therefore, it was extremely difficult for him to escape, not even with the golden bridge. He couldn't even trigger his power right now.

At this moment, Ji Hao sighed and sat down with his legs crossed, then communicated with the Pan Gu bell with all his heart and spirit. The dim light emitted from the bell grew brighter and brighter. Beams of light illuminated the space while Ji Hao murmured in a muffled voice, "Seal the world, the unity of a world and a man!"

The Pan Gu bell buzzed thunderously, and the entire Pan Heng world quaked.

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