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"Great Master!"

When Blood Crown suddenly exploded, all direct subordinates of his in the great hall of the golden city, and the ones who wanted to follow him, burst into despairing wails. They could not believe that Blood Crown was dead, neither were they willing to believe that Blood Crown detonated himself for nothing!

What exactly happened? In the great hall, all non-humankind beings screamed like lunatics, as they didn't even know what was happening. They felt that this entire expedition trip was a mistake, and they smelled countless schemes.

Earlier, the chief official rushed out of the hall and ended up being destroyed by Priest Mu with one strike. At the moment, no leader existed in the hall, and everyone was yelling and shouting. Someone even cried hysterically, and some pulled out their weapons in despair, attempting to finish their own lives…

In this scene of chaos, two figures in golden cloaks quietly showed up before the throne of Blood Crown.

"Shut up! You, are you still the descendants of the noble ancestor Pan Yu?" With his staff, one man in a golden cloak struck the ground and caused a thunderous bang, vibrating the entire hall.

All non-humankind beings in the hall raised their heads, stunned, staring at these two men in golden cloaks, who definitely shouldn't have shown up in here.

In the 'Holy Realm', which was the most powerful organization in Pan Yu world, one-hundred and eight 'holy beings' had the highest power of Pan Yu world. Among the one-hundred and eight holy beings, the twelve with the titles of 'Crown' composed the Highest Council of the Holy Realm, and were the noblest, most powerful beings in Pan Yu world.

Blood Crown had slaughtered countless life, for which reason, he attained his title of Blood Crown. These two men in golden cloaks standing before his throne were equally powerful as Blood Crown. They were Shadow Crown and Evil Crown, and were enemies of Blood Crown.

Shadow Crown and Evil Crown both liked schemes and backstabbing. Therefore, they naturally became allies. Shadow Crown had his eyes and ears all over Pan Yu world, for which he was famous. In Pan Yu world, no one could guarantee that his or her most trusted subordinates weren't spying for Shadow Crown. Unlike Shadow Crown, Evil Crown was good at assassination and sowing discord among others. Thousands of large Yu Clan families started wars against each other because of Evil Crown, eventually sinking because of exhaustion.

When the non-humankind beings in the hall saw these two terrifying beings show up together, they clearly understood the situation. As they thought, Blood Crown was entrapped.

After a short silence, led by the fifth exclusive officer, who had the highest position among all under Blood Crown's command on the scene, all non-humankind beings in the hall kneeled, put their forehead and palms on the ground, and kowtowed to the two in golden cloaks, "Noble Masters, we will follow all your orders. Your will is the direction of our souls!"

Shadow Crow and Evil Crow smiled at each other, then the latter raised his hand and drew a line in the air, splitting the space with a golden beam of light and dividing the group of non-humankind beings kneeling on the ground evenly into two. Then, he said, "How's this? Their family powers are about the same, so neither of us will gain less than the other one, eh?"

Shadow Crown narrowed his eyes and observed the ones kneeling on the ground, then also drew a line in the air. As a golden beam of light flashed across the air, the positions of tens of non-humankind beings were switched from one side to the other side. Afterward, Shadow Crown responded, "In this way, they are truly comparable. Now, each of the two sides has no more than a million troops…You pick first!"

The hearts of all non-humankind beings kneeling in the hall were ice-cold. They were from tens of thousands of families, and each family controlled hundreds of millions of warriors. However, Shadow Crown calculated out the total military force of all their families within a blink of an eye, and managed to evenly divide them into two parts…How many spies did he plant in every family?

"Alright! In this case, the ones near me are my subordinates from now on." Evil Crown carelessly nodded and said, "So, start from appendage families. If you do well, perhaps, your families will have the honor to be under my direct leadership after this expedition trip."

Tens of thousands of non-humankind beings in the hall reverently sang the praises of the two crowns, all swearing to pledge their loyalties lifelong. Next, they delightfully stood back up from the ground in two large groups, behind their new masters.

At this very moment, Blood Crown, the fallen holy being, had become history. Many non-humankind beings on the scene even directly erased all memories about Blood Crown from their souls with a special magic. This was a hidden rule from Pan Yu world that worthless people should not be memorized.

Shadow Crown and Evil Crowl smilingly looked at the void mirror in the middle of the hall, with greed flashing across their eyes. The mirror was a useful tool, a sharp weapon. Everyone wanted the mirror, but neither of them showed their intention towards the mirror.

Through the mirror, they silently watched Priest Hua and Priest Mu fight the four 'lions'.

Each of the four 'lions' was fed with a drop of sacred blood, but was cruller than Blood Crown had suffered. Because of a secret dark magic cast by Shadow Crown and Evil Crown, their life-force would drain and their soul would explode within two hours.

Priest Mu and Priest Hua were both especially powerful beings, but by combining their powers and with the help of the four pre-world supreme treasures, the four 'lions' had been giving Priest Mu a hard time. Priest Mu did not only need to fight the four 'lions', he also had to be on guard against Priest Hua's little tricks. To Priest Mu, the enemies came from both the front and the back. He was indeed incredibly strong, but he could not attack Priest Hua no matter how!

"Interesting living beings… Very powerful, but have weaknesses." Evil Crown observed Priest Hua and Priest Mu for a while, slightly shaking his head as he said, "But we can't tell for sure if their weakness is real. In all probability, they have just been showing these weaknesses to us on purpose, right? Have they guessed about our existences already? Are they showing weaknesses intentionally to trap us?"

"It's possible, but…keep observing. Without being completely sure, I will never start a war against such powerful beings." Shadow Crown said smilingly, "I'm not like Blood Crown. I have never been a good fighter. Besides, these two are immeasurable to us."

Evil Crown sighed and said, "Pan Gu world, what a terrifying world. With these powerful 'holy-level' beings, the world was actually occupied by those poor families for so many years…Based on what we know, strong conflicts existed between Pan Gu world creatures. Maybe, we can make use of the unknown conflicts, can't we?"

Shadow Crown smiled immediately and asked, "How? Are we going to work with these two?"

Evil Crown raised his eyebrows and turned around, looking at Shadow Crown as he responded, "Can't we do that?"

Shadow Crown frowned, seriously looking at Evil Crown as he said, "Can we?"

Evil Crown hesitated briefly and laughed, "Why not try?"

Shadow Crown remained silent for a short while, then both of them turned to the mirror, looking at Priest Mu and Priest Hua.

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