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A dark sun glowed in the higher sky, releasing thin and sharp beams of dark light that landed on the earth of Pan Jia world like a black rain of shooting stars. Every beam of dark light started a raging fire on the earth, instantly evaporating the mountains, erasing the forests, and killing countless Pan Heng world creatures.

Dark mushroom clouds rose into the sky, forming a thick layer of clouds with a destructive power.

Ji Hao reached his spirit power into the dark cloud and immediately sensed a sharp pain in the head. His spirit power was 'melting' quickly in the dark cloud. He was shocked, that not even his highly compressed spirit power could withstand the erosion of the dark cloud, which meant ordinary creatures would die the moment they touched it.

He grabbed Yi Di, drove the golden bridge, and swiftly flashed across the air, returning to the city of great calamity within a second. He didn't have the time to do anything else but shout as loud as he could to drive everyone around the city inside.

Countless thin metal petals of the city absorbed the natural powers at the highest rate and triggered strong layers of defensive screens. Ji Hao then activated the Pan Gu bell and released huge streams of Chaos power to shield the city. Next, the enormous city rose into the sky at its highest speed.

Underneath the city, the portal, which had been shut down, suddenly burst with a dazzling beam of light. Within the light, the city of great calamity turned hazy and disappeared within a blink of an eye. The moment the city merged into the Chaos, Ji Hao darted out of it and looked where Blood Crown detonated himself.

Priest Hua and Priest Mu roared in both anger and shock. They simultaneously released their great powers to defend the world against the dark shooting stars descending from the sky and protect the environment of Pan Heng world as much as they could.

They had already been seeing this world as their property. Blood Crown detonated himself, by doing which, he not only injured Priest Hua severely, he also seemed to destroy this world. Priest Hua and Priest Mu were infuriated; they could not let the world be destroyed. However, Blood Crown was already gone without a trace, such that they couldn't even find someone to blame.

Dark light beams fell from the sky, while a gigantic linden tree and an enormous seven-colored lotus floated in the air, glowing with a clear light. The dark light was devoured by the clear light emitted from the tree and the lotus, without being able to cause any harm to Pan Heng world.

Nevertheless, just now, the hundreds of thousands of beams of dark light had already destroyed a small half of Pan Heng world, wiping out countless local creatures. A scorching power lingered in the air while a dark hurricane rolled the black fire spreading in every direction. Wherever the hurricane and the fire swept across, everything was turned into ashes.

Ji Hao considered himself lucky, as the city of great calamity moved fast enough. Otherwise, facing the overwhelming hurricane and dark fire, he didn't have the confidence to protect such a giant city, and everyone in the city could die.

The others weren't so important, but he did bring quite a number of his trusted subordinates from Yao Mountain territory to Pan Heng world. He couldn't let those people die in here for nothing.

'Anyhow, Blood Crown is finally dead,' Ji Hao nodded and thought. 'The ones who followed Priest Hua and Priest Mu all died as well…Back in Pan Gu world, we can focus on dealing with the Yu Dynasty. If we think of killing them or enslaving them, with our current power, Yu Dynasty cannot resist.'

While he was pondering, four dark cracks suddenly appeared in the sky. From the cracks, four lion-like Chaos monsters rushed out and roared ferociously. Each of the four Chaos monsters had nine heads, with its entire body burned with a dark fire and eyes shining with a dark light.

The four 'lions' were hundred-miles-tall and thousand-miles-long, treading on the lotuses condensed from the black fire while emitting a black light from their bodies to illuminate the Chaos. Every slight movement of these four Chaos monsters seemed to break the surrounding space with the sharp light beams releasing from their bodies, that made them look quite formidable.

Seeing Priest Hua and Priest Mu, who had been stopping the dark light beams falling from the sky, the four 'lions' burst into thunderous raging roars. They widely opened their jaws and let out four giant spheres, spinning and swishing down towards Priest Hua and Priest Mu. The four Chaos monsters acted like they had a blood feud with Priest Hua and Priest Mu.

These four Chaos monsters seemed to be completely crazy, but they did know how to pick the weaker one to attack. Among the four spheres they spat out, one flew to Priest Mu as a distraction, while the other three all smashed towards Priest Hua along with a rumbling, deafening noise, as Priest Hua's broken limbs had still been regrowing.

Priest Hua and Priest Mu exclaimed out loud together. The power they sensed from these four 'lions' was exactly the same as what they sensed from Blood Crown, filled with a desire for destruction. The four spheres they let out were all pre-world supreme treasures, highly lethal.

"Brother, watch out!" Priest Mu raised his colorful branch and created a broad beam of light that shielded Priest Hua, who could not move at this moment.

Priest Hua's eyes shone with the seven-colored light as Great Freedom popped out again and chuckled, "You're the one who needs to watch out, not me!"

Moving nimbly, Priest Hua brought up a gust of wind and moved to before Priest Mu's branch, straightening his neck and bumping into the four spheres.

Immediately, both Priest Mu and Ji Hao understood why Great Freedom did this. He wanted Priest Hua's body and soul to be injured severely, so that Priest Hua would fall into a low state and he could seize the opportunity to replace his soul.

"Damn you! If you dare to make trouble now, I will make you disappear!" Priest Mu was genuinely enraged, not because of Great Freedom, but because of Priest Hua.

He clearly understood that without Priest Hua's cooperation, how could Great Freedom pop out and cause troubles over and over again? Just now, when Blood Crown detonated himself, if Priest Hua didn't let Great Freedom control his body and throw himself into the weakest state on his own initiative, the worst that could ever happen to him would be him vomiting blood instead of vanished limbs, despite the destructiveness of Blood Crown's self-detonation.

On his way pursuing the great Dao of evolvement, Priest Hua had already been possessed by the inner devil. He was walking on the edge of a blade.

Seeing Priest Hua risk his life, Priest Mu had no better choice than rushing up, creating a soft yet strong stream of light with his colorful branch to forcibly stop the four spheres. With a thunderous boom, the colorful branch dimmed, while Priest Mu was pressed down for thousands of miles.

Ji Hao shook his head as he glanced at Priest Mu, who was clearly not coping with the situation easily. Next, Ji Hao activated the golden bridge and flashed across the space, instantly reaching the 'sun world' of Pan Heng world.

Same as the sun world in Pan Gu world, the nine suns in Pan Heng world also had an independent small world where no ordinary creatures could enter.

Earlier, Blood Crown destroyed a Pan Heng sun, causing a severe damage to Pan Heng world, also creating a giant breach in the 'sun world' of Pan Heng world. Through the breach, Ji Hao broke into the sun world.

"Get over here!" Ji Hao roared towards the sky and released a golden light from his head. The Pan Jia sun emitted a blinding light that illuminated the entire space, adding radiance and beauty to each other in coordination with the eight Pan Heng suns.

Ji Hao released his Pan Gu body, turning hundreds of thousands of miles tall and surrounded by an ocean-vast Chaos power. Ji Hao spread his arms and controlled his power, pulling one Pan Heng sun towards his body with all his power.

With the help of the Pan Jia sun, this Pan Heng sun trembled intensely while being slowly pulled into the void inside Ji Hao's body.

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