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Green Ginseng and the other green ancestors stood by the edge of the sealed area, directing a large group of tree giants to strengthen the magic seal in a great hurry. They worried that Ji Hao might fail to kill Pan Heng, but enrage Pan Heng and cause an even more serious trouble.

While they were busy, three long streaks of light flashed over from a long distance away. The eye corners of Green Ginseng and the others twitched intensely. Sensing the suffocating power from the lights, they burst into shouts and screams simultaneously.

If one of the three light streaks was Ji Hao, who were the other two?

If one were Pan Heng and one was Ji Hao, who was the third one?

Soon, Green Ginseng and his friends thought of the owners of the other two light streaks — Priest Hua and Priest Mu, the two powerful beings who were also plant lives. But, how could they show up in here? When did they sneak into the sealed area? Green Ginseng and his friends knew nothing!

Before they could make any decision about how to react, the golden bridge flashed across Ji Hao's forehead and allowed him to surpass Priest Hua and Priest Mu by far, bringing him instantly to Green Ginseng and his friends. Before they could ask any question, Ji Hao wielded his sleeve and released an unstoppable force, which then transformed into a tornado, forcibly swirled them into his sleeve.

Thirty-three green ancestors and over ten-thousand tree giants, who were busy at strengthening the magic seal, were all captured by Ji Hao.

"Take me to your true bodies." Ji Hao gently tinkled the Pan Gu bell with his finger and said. A sonorous bell ring echoed through the minds of Green Ginseng and the others. They saw thousands of stars sparkling before their eyes while feeling that their souls were about to collapse.

"Ji Hao, my friend!" In a panic, Green Ginseng shouted out loud, "Why are you doing this? When did we offend you?"

Green Ginseng and the other green ancestors were nearly scared to death by Ji Hao. This was the sad side of being plant lives, they were all precious herbs and plants. To cultivators, these green ancestors were highly nourishing and replenishing. They might survive if they encountered kind and peaceful people, but facing the evil and brutal ones, being sliced and thrown into stoves, then turned into magic pills would be their worst end, if they had no power to defend themselves.

"I have no evil intent against you. I am saving you." Through the Pan Gu bell, Ji Hao directly sent his voice into the souls of Green Ginseng and the other green ancestors. In this way, he didn't need to worry that Priest Hua and Priest Mu might be able to hear him. "The axe matters a lot. If anyone else knows about it, you will be torn into pieces. So, take me to your real bodies, I will give you a future!"

In a panic, Green Ginseng and the other green ancestors immediately understood. Ji Hao, Priest Hua, and Priest Mu were from the same world. If the axe truly mattered that much, Ji Hao, as its new owner, would never risk to let Priest Hua and Priest Mu know about it.

If Priest Mu and Priest Hua heard even a word about the axe, Ji Hao undoubtedly would silence Green Ginseng and his friends. In order to occupy the axe for themselves, Priest Mu and Priest Hua would not let Green Ginseng and his friends live either.

"Ji Hao, my friend, can you swear to save our lives?" Green Ginseng asked hurriedly.

"Cut the crap." Ji Hao responded with a deep voice, "I, as a divine emperor of Pan Gu world, am telling you that as long as you follow me and become my ministers in the heaven, I will never harm you."

Ji Hao didn't want to start a massacre just to keep a secret. Therefore, bringing Green Ginseng and his friends under his leadership was his best choice.

The heaven in Pan Gu world had metal gods, green gods, fire gods, earth gods, and the gods of all the other natural elements. The gods from every department had their own territory, which were like independent small worlds. The territory of green gods in Pan Gu world was no worse than Pan Heng world, and it was supported and protected under the will of Pan Gu world. It could serve as the best cultivation ground for plant lives like Green Ginseng and his friends.

"Eh? What else are you hesitating for?" Ji Hao sent his divine seal into the Pan Gu bell and continued with a deep voice, "Follow my lead now. Otherwise, when the other two discover even a thing, you will die, both your bodies and your souls."

The Pan Gu sword also quietly flew into the Pan Gu bell. It expanded into a tremendous sword that floated above the heads of Green Ginseng and the others, suffusing the space inside the Pan Gu bell with a fierce intent of killing. Sensing the irresistible power releasing from the bell and the sword, Green Ginseng and his friends each let out a trace of true spirit and sent it into Ji Hao's divine seal, becoming green gods of Pan Gu world under Ji Hao's direct command.


Green Ginseng and the others vomited the blood. The connection between them and Pan Heng world was suddenly broken and replaced by another world, a great world which was thousands of times stronger than Pan Heng world.

They sensed that their souls and spirits were brought under the protection of a strong natural will, and a great power was flowing into their bodies through the immeasurable space. On their skin, green spell symbols sparkled as the great Dao of green from Pan Gu world began merging into their bodies, changing their understandings about the great Dao of nature.

"Your Majesty, we have about ten old friends guarding in different directions, defending the world against extraneous devils. Please, head to these places and bring in all our old friends. Other than the eighty-four of us, no other living beings in Pan Heng world know about the axe." Standing in the Pan Gu bell, Green Ginseng suggested loudly.

As the golden bridge flashed across Ji Hao's forehead, Ji Hao left the sealed area and disappeared without a trace.

Priest Mu and Priest Hua paused stopped where Green Ginseng and his friends were. They gazed where Ji Hao disappeared while frowning. A long while later, Priest Hua gave a frosty smile and said, "What an impatient boy. Those creatures share the same origin with us, and have solid foundations. If we bring them into our sect…"

Priest Mu slowly waved his hand and said carelessly, "They do have solid foundations, but their great Dao has already been finalized. Ji Hao took them because he can turn them into divine gods. By planting the great Dao of green from Pan Gu world into their souls directly, he can promote them to divine gods."

Shaking his head, Priest Mu continued in a bland tone, "If we bring them into our sect, we have to rinse their roots, turn them back into their natural shapes, and allow them to rebuild their cultivations based on our supreme great Dao, which would be a strenuous task, not as good as…"

Priest Mu's eyes sparkled again with the seven-colored light. Suddenly, he rudely interrupted Priest Mu and said, "Even though they may not be under our guidance, they are qualified to serve our sect as guardians. You are hesitating, aren't you?"

Priest Mu's expression changed slightly. Looking at Priest Hua angrily, he said, "Great Freedom, do you want to die?"

Priest Hua's voice turned weird as he sneered and responded coldly, "Great Freedom? Can't I be Priest Hua? Hehe, how do you know that I'm not telling what's in Priest Hua's mind? In the end, you don't want to, aren't able to, and dare not to go against Priest Yu Yu and his brothers openly, am I right?"

"If everyone is as hesitant as you, when will our sect thrive?" Priest Hua shouted out loud.

Wielding his broad sleeve, Priest Hua stomped his foot against the ground and disappeared without a trace.

Priest Mu's face turned dark. Narrowing his eyes, he sank into his thoughts.

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