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Intentionally or not, among all treasures in the sky, a tower was left to the last, while all the other treasures were occupied. That was a six storied, hexagonal tower, dark yellow in color and surrounded by coiling clouds and mist. No door existed on the tower but thirty-six windows, from which, a glistening yellow light shone. Led by the light, the tens of meters tall tower spun swiftly like a windmill.

Ji Hao, Priest Hua, and Priest Mu reached their hands to the tower simultaneously. Ji Hao maintained his shape in Pan Gu body, over hundred-thousand miles tall. Priest Hua and Priest Mu stopped driving their spiritual warriors, and instead, expanded their bodies also to about a hundred-thousand-miles tall. Their tremendous hands cracked the space and reached to the tower at lightning speed.

Priest Mu flicked his finger. Silently, the power of quietus landed on Ji Hao's palm.

Ji Hao sensed a piercing pain while his right forearm was evaporated quietly by the power of quietus, without leaving a trace. In the following moment, Ji Hao burst into a thunderous roar. Streams of Chaos power were forcibly drawn into Pan Heng world by Ji Hao from the Chaos, and within a single second, Ji Hao had a new arm, perfectly unharmed.

A dark sword light flew out of Ji Hao's left hand, without making any noise. Suddenly, the light reached to Priest Hua's face before he even noticed. Priest Hua gave a muffled snort. Earlier, he watched Ji Hao break Priest Hua's pestle with his sword. Therefore, he now dared not to defend himself against the sword light with his colorful branch or his body. Without any other choice, he took three steps backward in both shock and anger.

Taking three steps backward in a row, he was forced a million miles away, far away from the tower.

Ji Hao's gigantic hand wrapped in layers of Chaos power was about to grasp this tower, but from another side, Priest Hua launched his palm while leaving shreds of images in the air. With his kaleidoscopic great Dao of evolvement, Priest Hua's created millions of complicated magic seals within a moment by slightly shaking his fingers. The magic seals coiled on Ji Hao's palm layer by layer like silk threads.

Ji Hao's giant arm stopped moving. He gave a resonant shout and sent up dragon-like fierce streams of Chaos power from his hand. A destructive power erupted from his giant body and pushed his hand, tearing all magi seals into pieces as it continued reaching out to the tower.

Priest Hua smiled faintly, then pointed his finger at Ji Hao. The space around suddenly collapsed and a tremendous power descended. Before Ji Hao realized what was happening, he was already thrown over a million miles away by Priest Hua through the space which was twisted by Priest Hua's supreme power.

"Ji Hao kid, you are still too young!" Priest Hua suddenly had such a good mood. He gripped the tower in his hand, then cast a spell at it, delightfully putting it into his sleeve.

Priest Mu took a few steps forward and stood side by side with Priest Hua. The two of them looked at Ji Hao with brightly shining eyes, with an extremely complicated feeling.

Ji Hao stood under the Pan Gu bell, holding the Pan Gu sword. From his forehead, the golden bridge darted out suddenly. Immeasurable waves of space vibration surrounded Ji Hao's body, seeming to bring him away through the space at any moment.

"The golden bridge!" Priest Mu sighed helplessly. He understood that it was impossible for Priest Hua and himself to kill Ji Hao today in here. With the golden bridge, not to mention traveling around Pan Heng world without any difficulty, Ji Hao could even return directly to Pan Gu world, then bring Yu Yu back to fight.

Yu Yu was a bad-tempered one. If he knew that Priest Mu and Priest Hua combined their powers in Pan Heng world to bully his disciple, he might spread his life-taking sword formation to start a life-and-death war against Priest Hua and Priest Mu!

Yu Yu was powerful enough to cause Priest Mu and Priest Hua a serious headache, but now, he had Ji Hao, a little monster who wasn't afraid of any attack from Priest Hua and Priest Mu, and could even threaten their lives with his Pan Gu sword, as his disciple. Why could Yu Yu's sect be so thriving?

"Ji Hao, shall we call an end to what has been happening?" Priest Mu remained silent for a short while, then abruptly began talking, "You broke my brother's golden pestle, so you compensate my brother for his loss with three supreme treasures. What do you think?"

Ji Hao remained silent for a while. Just now, Ji Hao showed his Pan Gu body, which badly shocked Priest Hua and Priest Mu. Taking advantage of the situation, Ji Hao moved fast enough to seize about fifty percent of all treasures. In other words, nearly a half of all treasures collected by Pan Heng had fallen into Ji Hao's hands.

Priest Hua's golden pestle was broken by Ji Hao, but if he could clear the debt with three supreme treasures…

"Some of those large family leaders I brought to this world must have been keeping you informed. Some of them are already your disciples, aren't they?" Ji Hao conveniently took out three pre-world supreme treasures, pushing them to Priest Mu as he said, "Take away all your disciples mingled in the group of human being from large human clans and families. Take away all your people, and they won't be allowed to return to the humankind. How's that?"

Priest Mu took the three supreme treasures, but before he said a word, Priest Hua laughed, "If I refuse to take them away, what can you do?"

Ji Hao gave a warmer grin, then looked at Priest Hua and responded slowly, "Elder, I've brought them here. Do you think they have a chance to return to Pan Gu world on their own? They will all die here, in battles."

Priest Hua's expression changed suddenly. With the remaining half of the golden pestle, he pointed at Ji Hao and shouted, "Ji Hao kid, how cruel are you? They are all human beings."

"I'm a divine emperor!" Ji Hao rolled up his eyes and said coldly.

Priest Hua opened his mouth. He wasn't happy about this response was given by Ji Hao, but he didn't know what to say.

Priest Mu slowly nodded and said, "You are a divine emperor, so facing those large human family leaders, you can kill as many of them as you like, or do anything you want to them. Alright, we will take away all our disciples. As for the other things, those are between you human beings. We won't step in."

Pausing briefly, Priest Mu pointed at Priest Hua and continued, "You broke my brother's arm…"

"Just now, you broke my arm too, elder." Ji Hao responded coldly.

"You're just a kid. How can your arm be compared to mine?" said Priest Hua angrily.

Priest Hua attempted to lay a pressure on Ji Hao with his high position. He was a master of a sect. A broken arm of his and a broken arm of Ji Hao, could those be the same?

Ji Hao rolled up his eyes once again. Maintaining the cold voice, he said, "I am a divine emperor! I am ruling Pan Gu world, guarded the natural law…You are beyond the mortal world, but as long as you stay in Pan Gu world, you need to follow the law of the world. Can't I be compared with you as a divine emperor?"

Priest Hua opened his mouth but was speechless again. All he could do was stare at Ji Hao furiously. 'This kid…This kid is a divine emperor chosen by the world! Damn it!' Thought Priest Hua. Ji Hao was a divine emperor, this fact was enough for Priest Hua to be speechless.

Priest Mu nodded slowly and said, "Regarding broken arms, we shall call it even. This Pan Heng world is very useful to my brother and I, so this world belongs to us now. Emperor Ji Hao, do you agree? If the heaven wants to take part in this, let's do whatever we can to determine the winner, shall we?

Remaining silent for a while, Ji Hao nodded and said, "This world belongs to you, alright! But Green Ginseng and the other ancestors are already under the protection of the heaven in Pan Gu world. They are no one but green ancestors, so I assume you can't care less, right? If you disagree, I will now return to Pan Gu world and ask my Shifu to negotiate with you!"

"Good!" As the golden bridge dazzled, Priest Mu pondered for a while and finally nodded.

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