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In the basin, the enormous city of great calamity had already landed on the ground, covered in countless branches and straws. All defense formations were shut down.

In the city of great calamity, all human beings and non-humankind beings remained motionless. Outside the city, on the surrounding mountains, large groups of tree giants and green spirits arrayed quietly without showing a sign of attacking. The main force of Pan Heng world creatures had been fighting against Blood Crown, naturally paying less attention to this area.

With a clear noise from the sky, Ji Hao trod on a fiery cloud and descended from the air. As he wielded his sleeve, the branches and straws covering the city started burning, and were incinerated within a blink of an eye.

Polo Jia, Polo Yan, the other Yu Clan nobles, Wuzhi Qi in the shape of Si Wen Ming, and the group of large family leaders walked out of the city of great calamity. Ji Hao nodded to them as a greeting, then raised the Pan Gu bell with his left hand and let it ring. A three-hundred-meters-tall tree giant flew out of the bell.

Holding an enormous green staff, this tree giant politely kneeled on the ground and saluted to Ji Hao, then walked to the wall of the city of great calamity with giant steps. A distance away, the group of tree giants on a mountain, who were responsible for watching the city of great calamity, were instantly stirred. Some tree giants pointed at the tree giant on the city wall, shouting with hoarse voices in a panic, but no one could understand them.

The tree giant on the city wall stomped his staff heavily against the wall, then raised his head high and gave a series of growls with the language of Pan Heng world creatures. He sounded like a wooden reed pipe, sonorous, resounding, with a special trill.

The tree giants on the mountain paused briefly, then burst into roars while leading countless green spirits and shadow leopards to rush up like the tide waves.

Polo Yan turned pale with fright. As the one who survived in this world for over ten years, he clearly knew how dangerous these local creatures be. He shouted out loud in a hurry, "Prepare for war! Prepare for war! Emperor Ji Hao, did you collude with these local creatures to…"

Polo Jia slapped straight on the back of Polo Yan's head and yelled at him, "Idiot! Shut up! As the others said, the good Flow Moon people are all wise, and the ones slightly combat-worthy are…total idiots. Look at the eyes of these local creatures. They have no intention of killing."

Hearing him, all non-humankind beings in the city of great calamity, who were thrown into a panic, turned around and looked at those Pan Heng world people. As Polo Jia said, their eyes were clear and green, without any intention of killing.

Hundreds of miles away from the city, hundreds of thousands of tree giants and countless green spirits kneeled on the ground and kowtowed to the tree giant on the wall, or more specifically, they kowtowed to the green staff held in his hands.

Ji Hao nodded in satisfaction, then shouted to the tree giant on the wall, "Green Xun, green ancestors are not convenient to come out. They will stay with me, and you are now responsible for communicating with your people. Remember, we're a family now. Do not start any conflict."

"Yes." Green Xun responded with a muffled voice, then roared towards all Pan Heng world creatures outside the city. Hearing him, all green spirits mounted on shadow leopards drew back, as fast as an ebbing tide, while the hundreds of thousands of tree giants stayed where they were, swaying their bodies. Their legs transformed into giant roots and slowly drilled into the ground.

With deep squeaking noises, the humanoid faces on the trunks of these tree giants disappeared. They became tens of thousands of trees with luxuriant foliage that surrounded the city of great calamity, hiding it in a thriving greenery.

Green Xun nodded and carried the staff, which had been releasing strong waves of energy, then slowly walked to Ji Hao and quietly stood beside him.

Without explaining anything to the others, Ji Hao looked at the ones from the large human families and clans and said coldly, "leaders, elders, you're all elderships among human beings, while I am one from the younger generation. I don't want to make this too ugly."

The expressions of those people changed slightly. With a sulky face, the leader of Ghost Chariot Clan walked out and looked at Ji Hao, then said in a frosty tone, "Ji Hao, you brought us here with no reason, and now you say something like that. What on earth do you want? You're not thinking about leaving all of us here, are you?"

"Leaving all of you here? Do you mean, kill you? Why not?" Ji Hao smilingly looked at him and responded.

Immediately, all those people pulled out their weapons and stared at Ji Hao furiously.

Polo Jia, Polo Yan, and the other Yu Clan nobles paused briefly, then quickly stepped backward with grinning faces. They were allies with the humankind now, but an inner conflict between human beings was still good to hear and see.

If these people from large human families and clans could kill Ji Hao right on the spot, Polo Jia would definitely applaud for them. Polo Jia would even provide a batch of strong armaments to help these people, because after all, Ji Hao was extremely aggressive and dangerous to the non-humankind.

Ji Hao looked at those people who had weapons prepared.

From the air, a shrill bird scream could be heard while Yi Di led his troops to rise into the sky with their flying mounts. Over a hundred-thousand elite Eastern Wasteland archers hovered high up in the air as they locked up all the large family people with fierce intents of killing. Their bows were covered in sparkling spell symbols.

Shaking his head, Ji Hao took out a linden leaf and a lotus petal.

Of all people from large human clans and families on the scene, over thirty percent had their expressions changed immediately. In reverence, they put down their weapons, then deferentially kneeled on the ground.

Ji Hao's expression changed as well. He knew that some among these large family people had secretly joined Priest Hua and Priest Mu' sect, and they told Priest Mu and Priest Hua about this journey to Pan Heng world. But, Ji Hao never would have dreamed that over thirty percent of the leaders and elders from the top-ten human families and clans were Priest Mu and Priest Hua' disciples!

Did they trouble Si Wen Ming and Ji Hao back in the nine water gate area to strive for the credits of the flood-control mission for themselves, or did they do that under Priest Mu and Priest Hua' secret control?

"You, just go." Looking at the ones kneeling on the ground, Ji Hao said coldly, "Your master Shifu are right here in Pan Heng world. I assume you are all clearly aware of that. Go, just go. They're fighting Blood Crown, and are going to occupy the entire Pan Heng world. They need their disciples to work for them, so…"

All of a sudden, Ji Hao wielded his sleeve and generated a scorching gust of wind that rolled up these people and threw them outside the city.

"So, just piss off! If you can't do a thing to protect the humankind, if you know nothing but fighting each other and weakening the humankind, why should we keep idiots like you in the human society? Piss off! Piss off!!"

The wind roared and swept these leaders and elders to tens of thousands of miles away. These people had no power of resistance.

The linden leaf and the lotus petal transformed into two streams of light and rose into the sky, flying behind the ones thrown out by Ji Hao.

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