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"No! It has been so many years. I drained my spirit blood, exhausted my spirit for it…My supreme treasure for the great Dao!"

A thousand-miles-lone-thick vine suddenly straightened up, covered in mucus as it squirmed and transformed into a giant clone of Pan Heng, its eyes fixed on the axe in front of Ji Hao while screaming.

Pan Heng sounded so shrill and sad, like a gray-haired concubine who was forgotten by her emperor; her voice was filled with hatred and sadness. Hearing Pan Heng, Ji Hao's fine hair even stood up.

"Supreme treasure for the great Dao?" In Ji Hao's spiritual space, the mysterious man, who was a bit hazy, chuckled, "This idiot chose to devour the others' blood and flesh to replenish herself. Yet, she attempted to attain her great Dao with Pan Gu's axe of killing? What a silly woman."

Carefully, Ji Hao reached his hand to the axe.

His body began expanding. Within a couple of breaths, he reached hundreds of miles in height. He raised his hand and gripped the hilt of the axe. Buzz! An especially strong power flew into his hand from the axe and numbed his body. Holding the axe, Ji Hao's heart was suddenly filled with an inexhaustible courage.

Holding the axe, he believed that he was able to hack all enemies into pieces, no matter how many there were.

Sky-opening, earth-splitting, everything-grow, everything-perish, all lives reincarnate… Silently, Ji Hao performed the five moves in his head, then gripped the axe with both hands and wielded it fiercely with the combined move.

The axe moved. An indescribably strong power surged out of the axe and led Ji Hao's body to draw the perfect arc in the air. The mysterious man taught him the combined move, but due to Ji Hao's depth of understanding and his limit of power, a slight flaw existed in his every performance of the move.

But led by the axe, the flaw was gone.

This time, the movement was so smooth and natural. The axe broke the space and landed on Pan Heng's head.

With a shrill howl, the giant body of Pan Heng was easily broken by the axe. Ji Hao sensed no resistance while he split this huge body of Pan Heng. The axe released a dark arc-like and shredded all vines coming at Ji Hao, then drilled deeply into Pan Heng's body.

Pan Heng's real body, which extended for incalculable miles, suddenly twitched. The entire sealed area began quaking while Pan Heng was cut into two by Ji Hao. The edge of the wound was a smooth as the surface of a mirror. A strange power lingered in the wound, destroying her body.

"Back then, this axe of Pan Gu killed nearly every creature it touched. I truly don't know how did this silly woman manage to bring the axe back here when Pan Gu was exhausted and couldn't even hold the axe." The mysterious man sighed, "But, she's dead."

As the mysterious man said, Pan Heng's life-force had been disappearing rapidly. Her dark vines were quickly turning black, withering, and rotten. A terrible odor rose straight to the sky. Following a series of weak screams, Pan Heng's body began falling quickly apart and decaying.

A green figure darted out of Pan Heng's dying body. That was a girl with a twisted, hideous face. She kneeled down before Ji Hao, tremblingly reached her hands to him, and begged, "Spare…Spare my life…I, Pan Heng…am willing to serve you…as your slave…Please…"

Before she finished, the green figure collapsed into a puff of green light spot, dissipating in the air.

Because of the destructive strike launched by Ji Hao with the axe, Pan Heng, who hadn't recovered from her serious injuries, lost her hope of living. Through the connection between her body and her soul, the power of the axe killed her soul directly, wiping out all traces of her existence.

Ji Hao held a sword and an axe, pondered silently for a while, then put the sword and the axe together.

"Sword?" Sitting in his spiritual space, the mysterious man murmured a bit grouchily, "In fact, a man with an axe is manlier than a man with a sword…But, never mind, this axe shouldn't be exposed in public, or you'll be in trouble."

Sighing again, the mysterious man continued, "A sword is also good, also good. The shape doesn't limit it anyway. I just like axes more."

The sword and the axe were put together. The axe shook slightly, then transformed into a strong stream of light and merged with the sword. The shape of the sword started changing immediately. The sword became longer, wider, and thicker. On the sword, layers of anciently styled patterns of swirling clouds sparkled, then merged into it.

The swirling clouds were faintly visible on the sword. Among them, stars shone one after another, chasing each other inside the sword, leaving longboats of light. Afterward, the silhouettes of countless Chaos creatures flashed across the sword, then the patterns of mountains and rivers and legendary creatures from Pan Gu world also emerged slowly on it.

All changes happened within the span of a couple of breaths. The Pan Gu sword became dark and lusterless, seeming like a thick piece of iron, with no sharp edge at all.

"Ji Hao kid?" From a distance away, a clear voice could abruptly be heard, "Why are you here? Eh? Is this…Pan Heng's body? Did you kill her?" Damn it! I was going to bring her into my sect."

"Hehe, no one is around but us. Not even your powerful Shifu will know what is about to happen in here. In this case, today, I will take your life, so you won't bring any more trouble to my disciples in the future!" Priest Hua flew over, his body and eyes shining with a seven-colored light. He wielded his right hand and seized a brightly glowing golden pestle from the air, then swung it down at Ji Hao with a twisted look.

This pestle was a pre-world supreme treasure, found by Priest Hua from the Chaos. Its power was strong and violent. Touched slightly by this golden pestle, any living being without an equally powerful pre-world supreme treasure to defend itself would be crushed immediately. Back in the prehistorical era, countless Chaos monsters who offended Priest Hua were slaughtered by him with this pestle.

Instinctively, Ji Hao raised the Pan Gu sword to defend himself against the pestle. He didn't make any sword move on purpose. Instead, he simply wielded the sword.

The dark, lusterless Pan Gu sword cracked the space and clanged loudly against the dazzlingly shining golden pestle, which had been releasing strong power waves.

With the clang, the pestle was cut into two by the lusterless Pan Gu sword, as easily as cutting a cucumber with a sharp knife. A beam of sword light shone from the Pan Gu sword swept across the air and startled Priest Hua, making him scream and teleport himself away as fast as possible.

The sword light penetrated the space and chased straight after Priest Hua like a living being.


Priest Hua's right hand, which was still holding the other half of the golden pestle, was cut off from the elbow. The blood sprayed out from his wound while emitting a dense aroma and glowing with a colorful light. Splashing on the ground, the blood immediately turned into beautiful and colorful beads, rolling all over the ground.

"Ji Hao!" Priest Mu's voice could be heard from a distance. With his bitter face, Priest Mu flashed across the air and came to before Ji Hao, stopping him with a colorful branch.

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