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Following shrill screams, thousands of light green colored beautiful girls with exactly same looks showed up. The sense of power and energy waves released from their bodies were all the same; they even shared a twisted, ferocious expression.

Thousands of clones of Pan Heng screamed and pounced on Ji Hao. Some of them punched and kicked, some let out toxic mists from the mouths, some released thunderbolts or dark-green toxic winds from the palms…Without a pattern nor cooperation, they launched a series of violent yet disordered offensives on Ji Hao, but failed to shake the Pan Gu bell even slightly.

Nourished by the Chaos spirit milk, Ji Hao's Pan Gu body had grown stronger rapidly, and the connection between his body and the Pan Gu bell was much tighter than before. At the moment, he could already release the incredible power of the bell. How could Pan Heng ever harm him with some clones?

Ji Hao had been simply wielding his fist to ring the bell. In the surroundings, the space was cracking and the Chaos tide waves were striking out. Pan Heng's clones were swirled into the Chaos tide waves one after another, then being shredded by Ji Hao's golden sun thunder bombs.

Within a couple of breaths, the thousands of clones were wiped out, and tens of thousands of vines, which took advantage of the chaotic situation and attempted to approach Ji Hao, were cut broken by the Pan Gu sword, then burned out.

"Pan Heng, you're a world creator. Is this all you can do? Your clones, even the world 'rabble' is too good for them." Glancing around at the emptied surrounding area, Ji Hao laughed.

Strange roars could be heard from Pan Heng's body. Clearly, she was infuriated.

Along with a series of creaking noise, an enormous vine slowly rose from the darkness, covered in mucus and squirming quickly, soon becoming a million-miles-tall giant.

With the same beautiful but twisted face, this new clone of Pan Heng lowered her head, looked down at Ji Hao, and roared, "Kid, do you think that you can provoke me as much as you like, only because you have an amazing treasure for defense?"

Ji Hao remained silent. He raised his hand and released thousands of golden sun thunder bombs. Dazzling golden light balls exploded on the clone's body, raising a raging, melting-glass-like fire that wrapped her up and burned a sizzling noise out of her body.

Pan Heng screamed hoarsely in rage. She boosted up her power and tried to kill the fire on her. But, her green power was naturally suppressed by Ji Hao's fire. The situation was still controllable before she activated her power, but after that, the fire grew even more scorching.

"Damn it, damn it, damn it! Traitors! Traitors! I shouldn't have waited for them to ripen! I should have devoured them all back then!" Pan Heng shrieked, "I created a world! I created them! I shielded them against the fierce Chaos creatures. I allowed them to live a carefree life in this world!"

Pan Heng's clone crazily swung her pair of arms and screamed hoarsely, "I only wanted to raise them then eat them as snacks…But, they colluded with you, such an evil creature, to kill me…How can they do this? I don't want to die, I don't want to die! I have just woken up. I haven't regained all my powers…Give me more time, let me restore my strength. Then, I can crush a weak creature like you with a little finger."

The million-miles-tall clone desperately swung her arms and released countless highly toxic green thunder bombs.

Ji Hao activated the golden bridge and nimbly flashed across the space, dodging every green thunder bomb.

By now, Ji Hao understood why the mysterious man described Pan Heng as 'an insignificant little thing'. Pan Heng was not strong. She had a great power, but didn't know how to use it well. She was like a giant who was born with a tremendous strength, yet knew nothing but punching people with his fists; she had no skills in fighting.

The fighting capacity demonstrated by Pan Heng's thousands of small clones and this giant clone was completely rubbish, despite the fact that she had a great power. Ji Hao even wondered how she dared to join the war against Saint Pan Gu back then.

Seeing her thunder bombs fail in harming Ji Hao, Pan Heng chose a brainless way to continue this battle.

Countless enormous vines let out shrill screams and straightened up from all directions. These differently sized vines wriggled and soon filled Ji Hao's line of sight. Layer by layer, these giant vines squeezed each other and wove into a strong wall, smashing to Ji Hao.

The offensive Pan Heng launched failed to hit Ji Hao. Therefore, this time, Pan Heng planned to simply leave Ji Hao no room to dodge. As she failed to break the Pan Gu bell and harm Ji Hao, she decided to seal Ji Hao off with her endless vines. She truly did not believe that she wouldn't be able to seal a kid, even though she was still recovering from severe injuries.

Ji Hao laughed out loud and spread his arms. All of a sudden, he jumped into the Pan Jia sun, which floated in the air.

The Pan Jia sun expanded quickly and reached tens of thousands of miles in radius within a blink of an eye. The vines coiled on the Pan Jia sun. Every vine was covered in sparkling dark-green spell symbols. The space was even twisted by the violent squeezing vines, letting out muffled popping noises.

More vines darted out from the darkness and coiled on the Pan Jia sun, layer by layer, trying to seal it off. But apparently, Pan Heng underestimated the natural suppression brought to her by Ji Hao's essence sun fire. The vines coiled on the Pan Jia sun, and then were incinerated layer by layer. The vines released a giant amount of dark-green juice, but the sticky juice was burned out as well.

Pan Heng sent more and more vines to the Pan Jia sun, but the harm caused to her by the sun was far beyond her estimation.

When Ji Hao boosted up the power of the Pan Jia sun as much as he could, beams of golden light tore apart all vines and illuminated the dark space. Pan Heng roared in both shock and anger. She couldn't believe it. She had put forth all her currently available power, but still failed to seal Ji Hao.

The natural suppression given to a plant life by the essence sun fire could be terrifying. Pan Heng was a powerful plant life from the Chaos, but not even she could endure the endless fire from a natural sun.

Gradually, the vines turned fewer and fewer. A panic could be detected from Pan Heng's raging curses. Suddenly, she realized that she could no nothing to Ji Hao, who was as tiny as a bug.

In Ji Hao's spiritual space, the mysterious man began incanting a spell with a deep voice. From his pair of eyes, the blue light shone to a long distance away, turning the entire spiritual space blue.


Along with a thunderous noise, the giant sphere woven from countless vines of Pan Heng was torn apart by a sharp and unstoppable force. Next, a million-miles-long, dark axe flew swiftly to Ji Hao while cutting millions of vines.

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