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"Brother, you are too reckless." Holding the branch, Priest Mu slightly waved it towards Ji Hao and silently told Ji Hao to stop attacking, then turned around and sighed, shaking his head at Priest Hua as he said with his bitter face.

As priest Hua's eyes sparkled with the seven-colored light, Great Freedom's laughter could be heard, "Reckless? Priest Mu, you didn't think that Priest Hua let me in on purpose…"

Before Great Freedom finished, warm mists rose from around Priest Hua's body. Within the mist, lotuses bloomed. The seven-colored light faded in Priest Hua's eyes, then those eyes turned clear and mysterious.

"Brother, I am not reckless. I can create thousands of worlds, create everything with these devils. With the nature of these devils, I strengthened my soul, and dug deep into the great Dao of evolvement. This is just a method of cultivation." Priest Hua gave a faint smile, then let out a long breath and glanced at the arm in surprise, which was cut off by Ji Hao and floated in front of him.

"Ji Hao, my little friend, you have surprised me. I didn't know that your art of Dao has already achieved such a high level."

A clear spot of light flew out of Priest Hua's fingertip and hovered around the broken arm, bringing it back to where it belonged. A refreshing aroma was emitted from the wound, while the wound was healed completely without a trace.

Holding the Pan Gu sword, Ji Hao calmly nodded at Priest Hua and said, "All thanks to my Shifu. Compared with my Shifu, my sword of art is not worth mentioning."

Priest Hua chuckled and gave Ji Hao a complicated glance, then fixed his eyes on the dark, lusterless sword held in Ji Hao's hands. Ji Hao immediately sensed an incredibly strong spirit power coming from Priest Hua's eyes, slowly scanning across the Pan Gu sword. Priest Hua wasn't making an effort to restrain his spirit power.

The Pan Gu sword remained unmoved. Priest Hua coiled his spirit power onto the sword and carefully scanned for a while, but failed to see through it.

"Your art of sword is not worth mentioning indeed in comparison with my friend Yu Yu's art of sword. However, you did manage to break an arm of mine, only because your sword is too, too, too good." Fixing his eyes on the Pan Gu sword, Priest Hua sighed,

"Just now, I wasn't controlling my body, It was Great Freedom inside me, and he can only release about thirty percent of my power. But still…"

As his eyes shone dazzlingly, Priest Hua stared at the Pan Gu sword and said word by word, "Against thirty percent of my power, you managed to cut an arm of mine. This is already impressive. This sword…"

Ji Hao smilingly shook his head to Priest Hua and responded, "This sword is not destined to be yours. Don't start your mantra. Don't you feel ashamed?"

Priest Hua instantly dropped his face.

Ashamed? Of course he felt ashamed. How could he not? After all, his arm was chopped off by a kid. Back in the Chaos, before the creation of Pan Gu world, ever since he started his cultivation of Dao, when did he ever suffer something like this?

Back then, in public or secretly, he fought Yu Yu countless times, but even Yu Yu did no more than leaving a few scars on his body. No one had ever cut off a part of his body. He was a master of his sect, one of the few most powerful beings in Pan Gu world. But, his arm was cut off by a disciple of Yu Yu.

If anyone else knew about this, Priest Mu would be too ashamed to see anyone in the world.

Glancing around, Priest Hua blinked slowly. An intent of killing started showing in his eyes.

Priest My moved. Flashing across the air, he abruptly reached behind Ji Hao. One in the front and one in the behind, he and Priest Hua trapped Ji Hao in the middle.

Priest Hua laughed out loud and said, "Brother, you stay aside and watch. You don't need to make a move personally. This little kid is not worth it."

While laughing, Priest Hua didn't make a move to attack Ji Hao either. He slapped on his head and caused a clear jade tinkle. From his head, a white light rose, from which, a three-meters tall, three-headed and eight-armed figure with jade-white skin, wearing a robe woven from glistening pearls, darted out. Each hand was holding an oddly shaped weapon.

The multi-headed figure created by Priest Hua coldly glanced at Ji Hao, then silently dove down from the air as it wielded his eight arms and swung the weapons down at Ji Hao, violent as a storm.

The weapons held by it had different shapes and colors. From the eight weapons, Ji Hao sensed strong emotions and desires. The eight weapons were actually made from the purest emotions and desires, and endless power of faith. A strike from any of the eight weapons would certainly trigger all the emotions and desires of a living being, and generate a rampant inner devil. Facing these eight weapons, a slight carelessness could cause a collapse of one's spirit and the end of one's soul.

The Pan Gu bell rang thunderously as it poured down strong Chaos power streams. The jade-white figure's weapon landed on the bell like a heavy ring and started a long series of clangs, but nothing managed to touch Ji Hao's body.

Priest Hua's expression changed slightly. He chuckled and said, "Kid, you do have some abilities. This bell…"

Ji Hao interrupted him. He slightly shook his head, then smiled and said, "This bell isn't destined to be yours either."

Priest Hua laughed. He raised his left hand and slowly slapped at Ji Hao along with a gentle breeze, "Whether it's destined to be mine or not is not for you to understand. The great Dao of nature is immeasurable, the destiny is unpredictable…"

Before he finished his speech, Priest Hua had already pressed his left hand on the bell.

Buzz! The space around Ji Hao exploded. Pan Heng's body was blown into pieces, flying all over the sky. The Pan Gu bell vibrated intensely. An immense force quaked the sky, attempting to break the bell's defense in an unstoppable way. However, the Pan Gu bell blocked this strike from Priest Hua. Enduring the intense vibration given by the bell, Ji Hao raised the Pan Gu sword and silently lunged it at Priest Hua's palm. The sword released a dim beam of light.

Priest Hua gave a muffled snort in pain as his palm was penetrated by the sword. Of course, he didn't finish his speech, because he had to draw back as fast as he could with his wounded palm.

Priest Hua's expression changed utterly. He looked at Ji Hao while trembling. His fury could even break the sky. Once again, he was injured by Ji Hao, by a disciple of Yu Yu with a sword!

Priest Mu's expression changed as well. Just now, when launching the strike, Priest Hua didn't restrain his power.

Priest Mu saw it clearly that Priest Hua put forth all of his power to try and kill Ji Hao with one strike. Nevertheless, with the Pan Gu bell, which was so mysterious to even Priest Mu himself, Ji Hao survived this strike. Although it seemed to be a bit difficult for Ji Hao, he did survive a full-strike of Priest Hua.

And his sword easily penetrated Priest Hua's palm.

Priest Mu's face turned even bitterer than usual. In a complicated way, he looked at Ji Hao and sighed, "My friend Yu Yu is so lucky. His oldest disciple, Priest Po once took a palm move from me. He was injured, but didn't die. And now, one like you has emerged among his disciples. Even though you have supreme treasures…"

"Guys, shall we continue this?" Ji Hao slowly raised the Pan Gu sword and said. He was as calm and cool as a chilly stream.

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