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Hundreds of differently sized vines silently straightened up from all directions, covered in mucus. Huge or small, countless mouthparts squirmed on the vines. In the mouthparts, sharp teeth clashed against each other, starting fire sparkles and causing ear-piercing noises.

The thin vine silently approached Ji Hao as Pan Heng stared at Ji Hao with a dark look on her beautiful face and said, "The axe is mine. No one can touch it. Whoever dares to touch it, I will fight him with my life."

Her long hair wriggled like small snakes while she looked at Ji Hao and continued in a frosty tone, "Put forward a reasonable condition, and don't even say it out if it's too much. I am injured indeed, but that doesn't mean a kid like you can play a trick with me."

Ji Hao carefully looked at Pan Heng's head, wondering what kind of an organ it was.

Was it truly Pan Heng's human-like head? Would Pan Heng be injured severely if this head were chopped into two? Or, did Pan Heng create this head simply to communicate with others?

Pondering for quite a while, Ji Hao shook his head and said, "I only want the axe. Nothing else in your Pan Heng world is good enough to catch my attention. Give me the axe, then I'll turn around and walk right away without harming even a vine of yours."

Pan Heng's pretty face twisted. With a twisted smile, she responded in a deep voice, "In this case, what else can we say? I haven't tasted blood and flesh for a long time. Those trees, hehe, they were far less tasty than a fleshy body. Little one, blame yourself for being greedy, but don't blame me for having no mercy!"

Surrounding Ji Hao, the space suddenly froze. On hundreds of huge vines, countless mouthparts opened wide and let out thin dark-green vines, which swiftly wove into a hundreds of meters wide sphere.

The air was suffused with a faint aroma, and a strong toxin spread along with it. A powerful neurotoxin that could paralyze living beings wrapped Ji Hao up, drilling fiercely into his body through his pores.

Clearly, this was a nature-given ability of Pan Heng, as a man-eating vine, for her to hunt. At first, she would trap her target, then paralyzes it, disabling it from moving. Afterward, she would capture the target alive and enjoy it.

Ji Hao laughed out loud while the Pan Gu bell flew out of his head. He punched violently on the bell. The bell expanded to about a hundred meters tall, and on its surface, the figure of a giant flashed across. As a bell ring sounded, the sphere, which caged Ji Hao and was woven from countless vines, was shattered.

Green juice and vine fragments fell from the air. Surrounding Ji Hao, spider-web-like cracks appeared on the frozen air. The space in Pan Heng world was far less sturdy than the space in Pan Gu world. The cracks spread speedily, reaching millions of miles away within a blink of an eye.

Wherever the space cracks reached, Pan Heng's branches squirmed intensely. Deep cracks emerged one after another on her branches, letting out large amounts of dark-green, sticky juice. Next, the juice started burning.

Ji Hao's body had been releasing raging golden flames, swirling to the sky as it wrapped hundreds of Pan Heng's branches in.

"How dare you!" Pan Heng shrieked. She widely opened her mouth and let out three dark-green beams of light towards Ji Hao, along with an ear-piercing noise. Ji Hao saw the three light beams clearly. Those were three foot-long toxic thorns, especially sharp, and thickly covered in glistening spell symbols. From a long distance away, Ji Hao sensed a fierce power coming straight at him from the three thorns.


The Pan Gu bell released Chaos power streams to shield Ji Hao. The three thorns bumped against the Chaos power streams and stirred up faint ripples, but failed to cause any harm to the bell.

Pan Heng's eyes grew even wider, as she couldn't believe her own eyes. With a sharp voice, she yelled, "These are my spirit supreme treasure. I've killed countless powerful Chaos creatures with these…How can you possibly stop these?"

Ji Hao silently pulled out his sword. The Pan Gu sword was swung directly down, leaving a sharp arc-shaped beam of light in the air. Tens of ragingly burning giant vines wriggled to Ji Hao, defending against the sword light. But, before they could approach Ji Hao, the essence sun fire had already incinerated them.

With a puffing noise, Pan Heng's head was chopped into two by Ji Hao. The neck-like thin vine quaked intensely, then lunged to Ji Hao's heart like a crazy poisonous sake.

The vine bumped against the Pan Gu bell. The bell remained perfectly motionless, while the thin vine was shredded.

Ji Hao wielded the Pan Gu sword. The sword light swept across the area tens of thousands of miles in radius and cut every squirming vine in the area into countless pieces. Ji Hao freed himself from the encirclement of hundreds of vines, then activated the golden bridge and chased after a weird power vibration.

Countless giant dark vines coiled into an enormous sphere in this area. From the sphere, Ji Hao sensed something familiar. He gave a growl, then swung the Pan Gu sword down.

A silhouette showed up suddenly right before Ji Hao's face. That was a slim, beautiful young girl, her face looking exactly like the one chopped by Ji Hao just now. While screaming, the girl swiftly lunged a wooden long spear at Ji Hao.

The girl fought without skill, but she moved extremely fast. With Ji Hao's current eye power, he only saw hundreds of sharp green light spots flashing across his eyes before the spear clanged against the Pan Gu bell hundreds of times in a row.

The Pan Gu bell buzzed slightly as Ji Hao snorted coldly. Without paying any attention to the girl's swift attacks, he hit the bell violently with an elbow. A sonorous bell ring was generated. The surrounding air collapsed immediately, letting out overwhelming Chaos tide waves. The girl burst in furious curses, then her slim body was swirled into the Chaos tide wave.

"Die!" Ji Hao pointed his left forefinger at the Pan Jia sun, which floated above his head. Within a moment, thousands of golden sun thunder bombs emerged in the air, transforming into golden thunderbolts and descending on the girl's body, setting her on fire.

The golden fire burned ragingly, and the girl was torn into pieces. From her body parts, thin green vines reached out and interweaving, trying to pull all pieces back together. But, the incredibly powerful essence sun power soon incinerated all the vines and the body of the girl.

"Kid, you have enraged me! I may need to sleep for a hundred million, a billion, even ten-billion more years, but I will crush your soul!"

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