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In the Chaos near the natural screen of the Pan Heng world, endless Chaos tide waves had been clashing against each other, releasing beams of light.

Priest Mu was wielding the colorful branch, eyes fixed on Blood Crown as they glowed with a green light. Blood Crown's entire body was shining with a blinding golden light, such that he now looked like a dazzling sphere of light with no shape to be discerned. Every move of his could shatter a Chaos tide wave and cause a sky-shaking boom.

However, he tried his best but failed to harm even a hair of Priest Mu.

A splendid torrent of golden light shone from Pan Heng world, connected to Blood Crown's body like a giant ribbon. Through the light, Blood Crown had been ceaselessly absorbing the natural powers from Pan Heng world to support himself in this long-lasting battle.

As time went by, Blood Crown got more and more furious. He gave a roar and let out an oddly shaped staff, which emitted a blinding blood-red light. He raised the staff high, then swung it fiercely down to Priest Mu's head.

"Eh? A pre-world supreme treasure of killing? This piece is only slightly weaker than the pre-world sword of killing that belonged to my friend Netherworld Priest. Great, this treasure is destined to be mine!" Priest Mu sighed loudly and habitually, "This staff of yours has harmed and killed countless living beings. I will bring it back, suppress its evil, and wash off the countless wronged souls from it to reshow its true face."

'It's a pre-world supreme treasure of killing, what is a treasure of killing? Only a treasure used for killing can be called as a treasure of killing. Why do you have to make it sound so reasonable? You just want to loot the treasure!' Hearing Priest Mu, Blood Crown cursed in his head.

"I have conquered countless worlds, and encountered countless powerful beings. But among them all, I haven't seen one as shameless as you." Blood Crown shouted coldly. The staff, which was shaped like a hand gripping a sharp blade, burst with a blood-red light and released tens of thousands of streaks of blood-red light, striking at Priest Mu.

Priest Mu defended himself with the colorful branch. The branch thudded against the staff and caused muffled thunderous bangs, bringing up a brilliant glow. No matter how hard Blood Crown attacked, he could not touch Priest Mu's body.

Blood Crown looked at Priest Mu helplessly. He had never met an opponent who was so hard to defeat. Was Priest Mu especially powerful? In Blood Crown's eyes, he didn't seem like an especially powerful being. At least by now, he hadn't shown such a lethal power. But was he actually weaker than he looked? That branch in his hand swished across the air as swiftly as mudfishes. Because of the branch, Blood Crown didn't manage to cause any actual harm to Priest Mu, not even for once, even though he had been fighting with all of his power.

"Damn it!" Blood Crown laughed in an extreme range. He took a deep breath and released twelve beams of golden light from the top of his head. Every light beam was supporting a sphere of light. Those were the shadows of the three suns and nine moons from Pan Yu world.

Blood Crown's body suddenly began growing. He snorted deeply in pain while his body grew taller rapidly. Within a blink of an eye, he reached three-thousand-meters in height. His face squirmed, and the eye socket between his eyebrows expanded quickly, soon merging with the other eye sockets.

A blood-red eyeball appeared in the giant eye socket, budging and covered in blood streaks. A fierce, cruel, completely instinctive sense of power could be sensed from the eye. Blood Crown roared towards the sky, as his body had grown tens of thousands of meters tall.

"Pan Yu?" Priest Mu praised sincerely, "Perfect! Back then, those non-humankind beings couldn't do this."

Smiling like a predator who had its eyes on a prey, Priest Mu slowly nodded and said, "Great, great! This isn't Pan Gu world, so I'll give you enough space for you to release your power. I'd really like to see exactly how strong is your Pan Yu world."

Raising his head, without seizing the opportunity to attack Blood Crown as he was transforming into his shape of Pan Yu, Priest Mu looked at the boundless Chaos and said blandly, "Back then, when your people invaded Pan Gu world, I restrained myself. I didn't really do a thing to teach you people a lesson…Today, right here, I have nothing to worry about, and I'd like to see what you can do."

Blood Crown paused suddenly. He lowered his head and looked down at Priest Mu, then shouted coldly, "What did you say?"

With a complicated, mysterious expression, Priest Mu responded slowly, "I said, right now, right here, no one is around but you and me. Therefore, I can do whatever I want without worrying that some other people may know, or that some of my plans may get exposed. I'll give you enough time to show what you can do."

Putting down the colorful branch, Priest Mu slowly rolled up his broad sleeves and exposed his pair of arms.

Gently waving his hands, which were twice longer than the hands of ordinary human beings, he calmly looked at Blood Crown and said, "Try your best. If you can't take my strike, for sure, you will die and your power will be gone. As for your followers, I won't let any of them live."

Blood Crown's body had still been expanding quickly, but he focused his attention on Priest Mu, and said, "You Pan Gu world, you…And the one who took a strike from me last time, what on earth are you planning on?"

"The supreme Dao of eternity!" Priest Mu raised his hands, with an indescribable, unspeakable force emerging in his palms. Proudly, he looked at Blood Crown, and said coldly, "You won't understand even if I told you. I don't want to waste time either."

Blood Crown blushed. "How dare you despise me?" He yelled at Priest Mu.

Priest Mu's mouth corners dropped, while the bitterness grew stronger and stronger on his face. He prepared to say something, but quivered abruptly. "No, is my brother falling into the devil's trap again? Brother, my brother, your Dao of evolvement is too complicated…You're trying to attain the great Dao by letting yourself being possessed by the devil. Do you really think that I don't know? But it's too dangerous, too dangerous!"

Priest Mu turned around and attempted to rush back to Pan Heng world.

Blood Crown burst into a raging roar. He raised the staff with both arms, which had expanded to tens of thousands of meters long, and smashed violently down to Priest Mu.

Priest Mu sneered. Fifty-two beams of golden light erupted from his head, within which, fifty-two weirdly shaped golden figures wearing all kinds of jewels growled resonantly towards the sky. They circled around Blood Crown and attacked him with all weird-looking weapons, putting him down to the ground before he even figured out what was truly happening.

"You!" Blood Crown shouted in shock.

"Piss off!" Priest Mu gave a deep growl and locked his left fingers together, then flicked. A green light flashed across the air and next, the chest of Blood Crown, who was in the shape of Pan Yu, exploded. A ten-thousand meters wide hole appeared on his chest. Blood splashed everywhere along with muscle pieces. Blood Crown screamed in pain while he was sent flying backward, being swirled away by a Chaos tide wave.

"Nobody! Don't you have powerful beings in your Pan Yu world?" Priest Mu gave a cold and faint smile, then disappeared without a trace.

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