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Moving deeper and deeper through Pan Heng's rugged, interweaving vines, Ji Hao's spirit power reached into his enormous body, which was hundreds of millions of miles long.

The thin life-force stream Ji Hao found from the relatively small branch became like a brook, then turned into a small river. At last, it grew into a raging-dragon-like, rapidly flowing great river.

Without life-force, Pan Heng's body was dark, hard as fossils, and lifeless like zombies. But, near the main body, which had the life-force surging like rivers, his body turned dark-green, with a beautiful luster, translucent like the best jade, filled with an indescribable glow of vitality.

On the tens of thousands of miles thick main vine, countless different sized, round-shaped mouthparts had been spinning, opening and shutting. Layer and layers of sharp teeth clanged against each other in every mouth part, staring dazzling sparkles, but without making any sound.

A magical power muted this area. Nothing that happened deep inside Pan Heng's body could be heard outside. Therefore, Green Ginseng and the other green ancestors, who were too scared to come here, never would have dreamed that a part of Pan Heng's body had already developed such a thriving life-force.

Ji Hao went deeper. From some mouthparts, dark-green vines darted out like ghosts, covered in sticky liquid as they nimbly coiled to Ji Hao. These vines chased after Ji Hao, attempting to drag him into a mouthpart, to chew and swallow him up.

Ji Hao moved forward quickly. Every time the vines approached him, he would activate the golden bridge and let a beam of light flash across his forehead. With the golden bridge, he could always flash forward swiftly right before the vines touched his clothes, making the vines feel that with a slight little bit of effort, a delicious meal would be attained.

Surrounding Ji Hao, countless vines darted out from differently sized mouthparts from time to time, reaching to him like torrents. But, none of them managed to truly touch him.

Moving forward, Ji Hao saw tens of thousands of tree giants.

These hundreds of meters tall tree giants were hanging upside-down in the air by dark-green vines, struggling and screaming, without being able to free themselves from these evil vines. Sharp vines pierced into their bodies, quickly draining their life-force.

Every now and then, drained tree giants would become a pile of wood and fall from the air. Maybe because tree giants had no flesh and blood, Pan Heng didn't eat their remains. Instead, he let their corpses fall everywhere.

At first glance, Ji Hao saw at least a hundred million corpses of tree giants piled on Pan Heng's body, under the ones hanging in the air! Based on the strong original life-force possessed by these dead tree giants, Pan Heng had already absorbed a scary amount of life-force.

"Green Ginseng and the other old ones, don't they know how many of their children have gone missing?" In shock, Ji Hao paused before this hell-like scene. But soon, he nodded and continued, "It's reasonable though. They all have wooden brains. I doubt they ever learned how to count and calculate."

Looking at those struggling tree giants, Ji Hao sighed slightly and pointed his finger at them, releasing tens of thousands of raging fire streams that penetrated the bodies of all alive tree giants. Golden flame erupted from their bodies and incinerated them instantly.

Countless vines of Pan Heng let out shrill screams and crazily swished to Ji Hao.

By burning all alive tree giants and igniting their life-forces, Ji Hao took the delicious food away from these vines. How could these vines not be mad? More importantly, these vines would not only absorb these tree giant's life-force, they would also devour their souls. Ji Hao burned, them, but released their souls. The vines didn't manage to seize these tree giants' souls, and this drove the vines even crazier.

Pan Heng needed the life-force to heal his injuries, but he needed the souls more, to replenish his consumed soul and spirit power.

Ji Hao ended those tree giants' pain. Without a doubt, he stirred up a hornet's nest. From all directions, dark-green vines darted out and wove into a giant web that covered the sky as it descended on Ji Hao.

Ji Hao moved swiftly, easily casting off the vines as he proceeded along Pan Heng's main body.

While walking, he had been releasing translucent, melting-glass-like golden flames from his body. Thanks to the pool of Chaos spirit milk, he had made a major progress on the cultivation of his Pan Gu body. As one of the results, his body could now withstand a full-release of the power of the Pan Jia sun.

Walking on Pan Heng's body with big steps, Ji Hao left a meters wide fiery pit behind him, with every step he made. The essence sun power ragingly burned Pan Heng's body, which had a pure nature of green. Soon, the series of fiery pits connected into a line, following Ji Hao and extending on Pan Heng's body.

"Enough! Kid!" A silvery voice came from a very long distance away. Hearing the voice, Pan Heng's body squirmed intensely under Ji Hao's feet. A strong dark-green light shone from all directions and condensed into a thick shield, attempting to defend Pan Heng against the essence sun fire.

Nevertheless, the essence sun fire was the extreme of all fires in all worlds, the strongest, fiercest fire, with pure positive energies,. Pan Heng's dark-green shield struggled against the essence sun fire for a short while, then slowly began burning.

A little-finger-sized, bluish-green vine suddenly reached out from the front, about ten miles away from Ji Hao. The vine was like an extra long neck, connected to the head of a beautiful girl with watery eyes and shiny white teeth.

"Kid, what are you doing? Did my rebellious, unworthy descendants ask you to kill me?" The girl stared at Ji Hao angrily and asked.

Ji Hao was startled by this suddenly appearing, beautiful girl head.

Was this Pan Heng's human shape? Together with the enormous true body of Pan Heng, as a man-eating vine, Ji Hao felt that she looked quite weird.

And her wording made Ji Hao even more speechless. Rebellious, unworthy descendants? A teenage-looking little girl called a group of wrinkled grey-haired green ancestors rebellious unworthy descendants?

Ji Hao had seen a couple of worlds by now. But, even though he had met quite a lot weird creatures, he still didn't know how to respond to Pan Heng.

He released a dazzling golden light and raised both arms. The essence sun fire condensed into scorching sword lights, spreading towards the surrounding area and cutting every dark-green vine that wriggled to Ji Hao. Then, it set all the broken vines on fire. In the golden fire, the broken vines twisted like boas, oozing dark-green liquid from their bodies to defend against the essence sun fire, in vain.

"Pan Heng?" Ji Hao looked at her, then nodded, "Green Ginseng and her friends asked me to kill you."

Pan Heng remained silent for a while, then her beautiful eyes shone brightly with a green light as she said, "They have become more and more daring over the years…How much did they promise you? I'll give you ten times more! Or a hundred times more! Extraneous kid, you better not recklessly step into the things happening in my Pan Heng world. My body is not convenient to move at the moment, but still, it won't be too hard for me to kill you."

Ji Hao gave a faint smile, pointed at one direction, and said, "Give me that axe, then I'll walk right away."

Pan Heng's expression changed immediately.

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