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By the site of the world core, Priest Hua locked his fingers together and swiftly took three circles around the bottomless hole. Wisps of colorful mist emerged in the air as he cast a spell and pushed his palms forward. The mists glistened, then a figure leaped out from it.

Priest Hua was about to replay everything that happened in here not long ago, but suddenly, an unstoppable power descended and crushed the colorful mist, disabling it from showing any image.

Gasping in shock, Priest Hua stared at the strands of mist lingering in the air. In terms of power level, the force which crushed the mist was at a much lower grade than Priest Hua. But, speaking of the nature of the power, it was about the same as Priest Hua's power, which was gained through countless years of severe cultivation.

Priest Hua wasn't cautious enough. As a result, the mysterious force broke his magic. By now, it was impossible for him to regather the pieces of information he found just now.

"Who is this?" With a shocked face, Priest Hua took another two circles around the hole. Pondering for a short while, he abruptly jumped in and soon came to the invisible bottom of the hole, took a handful of soil, and carefully observed.

A while later, Priest Hua extracted a colorful, transparent, thick, and nicely scented drop of liquid from the soil.

"The Chaos spirit milk?" Priest Hua's expression changed suddenly. "It's…The, the pool outside…If one living being absorbed a full pool of Chaos spirit milk…no matter how weak it was before, it would now be strong enough to rival me. Damn it! How could such a great fortune fall into another one's hands?"

Priest Hua clearly understood that the Chaos spirit milk was the main nourishment for all world creators when they were still embryos. Especially gifted world creators like Saint Pan Gu were able to absorb the Chaos spirit milk back as embryos, but other than them, any ordinary creature would get itself killed if it dared to try absorbing even a slight little bit of it.

Quietly, the drop of Chaos spirit milk merged into Priest Hua's body through his fingertip. A colorful light instantly flashed across his skin. Next, he abruptly breathed out a colorful mist with complicatedly natured energies. He was a powerful being, but even he could only absorb the energies which shared the same nature with himself from the Chaos spirit milk, while the rest of the natural powers contained in the milk, which were naturally against him, had to be forced out of his body.

Absorbing this drop of Chaos spirit milk, Priest Hua sensed a slight improvement in his power. He believed that his power would be doubled if he could absorb the entire pool of Chaos spirit milk.

However, such a great fortune was taken by an unknown somebody. A sharp light flickered in Priest Hua's eyes. Together with Priest Mu, he finally suppressed Great Freedom not long ago. But now, Great Freedom seized an opportunity and began shaking his mind. Quietly, before he even noticed, a trace of greediness, a faint intent of killing, and a wisp of fire of jealousy that could destroy a world, grew in his heart. A dim seven-colored light emerged in his eyes.

"This was such a fortune…When I capture you, I will peel you and eat you alive. Then, my power can grow by at least fifty percent. By then, I will be stronger than my brother, and will become the Great Master of my sect. My brother is hesitating, so the development of my sect has been slow. Once I become the Great Master, hehe, my sect will be brave and fearless when seeking for future progress. Pan Gu's descendants? Those three will never suppress my sect."

Priest Hua chuckled, not feeling strange about these thoughts which suddenly popped up in his mind. Flashing across the air, he left the deep hole and continued carefully searching for any trace left by Ji Hao and the others in this area.

Soon, he discovered the teleporting formation inside the towering tree. With his power, he forcibly woke up the tree, and turned it into a disciple of his. From the tree, he learned the destination of the teleporting formation. Priest Hua then laughed out loud and transformed into a clear gust of wind, swiftly heading to the next teleporting formation, emitting a strange aroma from his body.

In the sealed area, Ji Hao didn't want to listen to the endless warnings from Green Ginseng and the other green ancestors anymore. Determinedly, he stepped onto the barren desert, which had no other plant but the vine.

An indescribable heat attacked from all directions. In this place, the powers of Green Ginseng and the other green ancestors would be weakened down to ten percent. Besides, no natural power that was useful to plant lives existed in here, which meant that green ancestors had no way to replenish their consumed energies in this area.

Ji Hao grinned. As a tremor went through his body, he suddenly grew to about thirty meters tall and released streams of Chaos power from his pores. From the surroundings, the scorching power was immediately drawn into his body by the Chaos power, and was easily converted into Chaos power by the Pan Gu bell, being absorbed by his body.

Chaos, it could include and tolerate every type of energy, and was the origin of all kinds of energies in the universe.

The nature of Ji Hao's Pan Gu body was Chaos, and it followed the great Dao of absolute strength. Therefore, regardless of the surrounding environment, Ji Hao's body was able to use any type of energy within his reach.

He gasped in satisfaction. Indeed, this giant seal cast by Green Ginseng and the other green ancestors had created an extremely abominable environment for plant lives. But in here, Ji Hao felt as same as walking in the best place in Pan Gu world.

He walked to Pan Heng with giant steps. Walking past the smallest branch he saw, Ji Hao pressed his palm on it.


He suffered a terrifying counterforce. It was the body of a 'saint' after all. Even though it had been in a deep sleep for many years and was exhausted, Pan Heng's vines were still especially strong. Ji Hao's fist sank into this relatively thin branch for about three-inches deep, but the counterforce numbed his hand.

A distance away, seeing Ji Hao punch Pan Heng, Green Ginseng and the other green ancestors hurriedly shouted in deep voices, "No punch! Use fire, fire! Use the fire inside you, burn him, burn him!"

Ji Hao didn't do what they said. Instead, he pressed both palms on this relatively small branch and quietly sensed the energy flows in it.

This branch seemed to be withered, but inside it, a weak life-force was still flowing. In the core area of this hundreds miles thick branch, a hair-thin stream of life-force had been flowing rapidly along an odd meridian.

He traced this life-force flow with his spiritual power. Following it, Ji Hao walked on Pan Heng's body with big steps.

The thin life-force stream flew into a slightly larger meridian, through which, Ji Hao drilled his spirit power deeper into Pan Heng's body, and soon found a further larger meridian.

He followed the life-force stream step by step. Before long, Ji Hao disappeared from Green Ginseng's sight.

Nervously, Green Ginseng and the other green ancestors gazed at where Ji Hao disappeared. A long while later, they leaped up abruptly, as if they had gone mad all of a sudden. From an unknown source, they took out countless metal stakes thickly carved with spell symbols and inserted them in the ground one after another, setting up more and more new magic seals.

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