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Ji Hao raised his head and gave a deep roar, then pressed his hands on the core of Pan Heng world.

Green Ginseng and the other green ancestors were horror-struck. Under their witnesses, the core of Pan Heng world quaked intensely, then along with a series of thunderous creaking noise, the smooth and straight world core was pulled about a thousand miles higher by Ji Hao.

Buzz! Under Ji Hao's colorless skin, his dragon-like muscles swelled. The Pan Jia sun burst with a dazzling light, nourishing his body. Next, the blinding light and heat erupted from every cell of his. He gasped deeply and slowly pulled the Pan Heng world core out of the ground, bit by bit.

"My!" Green Ginseng's eyes grew wider in shock, "The pre-world spirit dew of creation…A full pool…is gone…Not leaving a single drop…So enormous, his power…he, he, he…"

The group of green ancestors were all stunned. Sensing the suddenly raised, terrifying power of Ji Hao, they had no idea what exactly had happened to him. But the power they sensed from Ji Hao scared them; it brought them a fear that originated from their souls, from the beginning of their lives.

Even Pan Heng back at his golden age didn't bring them such a strong fear.

Like tiny mice which suddenly saw a golden-winged roc hovering in the sky, these green ancestors were naturally frightened and suppressed by Ji Hao at the level of bloodlines. They were paralyzed and frozen, that they couldn't even move a finger.

"Up!" Ji Hao roared thunderously. His lower legs had sunken deep into the earth of Pan Heng world. From his a pair of legs, strong Chaos power streams surged out, striking the earth meridians of Pan Heng world with the supreme 'great Dao of strength'. The earth meridians buried underground were invaded by the violent Chaos power released from Ji Hao. The earth meridian were mainly occupied by the green power, but they were gradually agitated, turned colorless, and began moving underground like mad bulls.

Slowly, the earth meridians within the area hundreds of millions of miles in radius centered on the world core had woven into an enormous Chaos spell symbol. Strong Chaos creatures might recognize this spell symbol, which represented 'strength'.

An inexhaustible power flowed into Ji Hao's body, filling up his body. He was moving the world core with difficulty, but replenished by this power, he pulled the world core directly out of the ground. Gripping the world core with both hands, he raised it, then followed by a muffled boom, it was gone.

Inside his body, in the vast void, the Pan Jia sun floated in the middle. Standing beside the sun was a five-colored towering mountain, so tall and slim that it looked like a jade pillar. The mountain was over ten-thousand times taller than the Pan Jia sun, that its ends almost reached the edges of this vast void inside Ji Hao.

"No, bring me to Pan Heng." Ji Hao forcibly put the Pan Heng world core into his body, then his body began shrinking. Before long, he turned back to about three-meters tall, standing in front of Green Ginseng. With a pair of brightly shining eyes, he glanced at Green Ginseng and the other green ancestors. Immediately, the group of green ancestors quivered, instinctively lowering their heads. None of them dared to look at Ji Hao direct in the eyes.

"That…that was…" A green ancestor looked at Ji Hao, stuttered.

"Didn't you say that I can take anything I want from this world as my payment? It's nothing but a useless stone pillar. I want to bring it back to my world and use it as a stick. Don't you agree?" Ji Hao abruptly opened the eye of Dao between his eyebrows. As a dim blue light flashed across that eye, he smiled and continued, "If you don't want to give me the stone pillar, it's alright. Killing Pan Heng will no longer be my responsibility."

The blue light in his eyes was much dimmer than the blue light that shone in the mysterious man's eyes, but it managed to release an indescribably strong pressure. Under the pressure, the green ancestor who tried to talk to Ji Hao began trembling. Soon, his eyes were unfocused, and even the waves of his soul power suddenly paused.

Puff! Stinky dark green blood spurted from the green ancestor's eyes, mouth, ears, and nose.

Ji Hao did nothing to him but scan across his body with the dim blue light from his eye of Dao, but the green ancestor felt like being punched right on the face. His bones were nearly crushed and soul nearly perished.

Green Ginseng and the other green ancestors were dumbfounded. By promising Ji Hao that pool of pre-world spirit dew of creation, what did they turn Ji Hao into? They were the green ancestors, the most powerful beings in the world, and they were under the protection of the will of Pan Heng world. Nevertheless, Ji Hao injured one of them with a glance. Which exact level was Ji Hao at now?

In shock, panic, fear, and regret, Green Ginseng carefully cupped his hands to Ji Hao, bowed and said, "My friend, congratulations for this major progress of your cultivation…Let's go to Pan Heng's sleeping place now. My friend, is there anything else that we can do for you?"

Ji Hao narrowed his eyes, wielded his hand, and said, "Elders, please take care of my friends. You found me, so you should know where they are, right?"

Green Ginseng and the other green ancestors nodded. Of course, they knew that Ji Hao arrived in Pan Heng world with a city of great calamity. It was completely reasonable for them to take care of Ji Hao's friends while he went away to kill Pan Heng for them.

Beside the pool, the trunk of a towering tree suddenly split up. Quietly, a gate of light emerged. Following Green Ginseng and the other green ancestors, Ji Hao and Yemo Shayi walked into the gate.

Behind him was the giant empty pool, and beside the pool was a dark, bottles hole. The core of Pan Heng world was forcibly unrooted by Ji Hao. Afterward, the steady circulation of natural powers in Pan Heng world was slowly disordered.

Green ancestors had built countless magical teleporting formations and gates all over the Pan Heng world. Through tens of teleporting formations, Ji Hao finally came to a dark place.

Tens of thousands of miles higher than the ground was a dome of rock. Extra huge mushrooms stood in the surroundings, covered in glistening mosses. Many of these giant mushrooms had been glowing with colorful lights too.

Under their feet was a layer of silver grass, less than three inches tall, shining brightly. This kind of grass could be found all over the ground, illuminating this space with a bright yet not dazzling light.

Ji Hao looked around. This was a vast underground space, such that even with Ji Hao's current eyesight, no bound of this space could be seen.

Raising his head, Ji Hao saw countless strange symbols thickly carved on the rock dome. These symbols had been moving around on the rock like fishes in water. The atmosphere in this place was depressing, and the air in here barely contained any natural power.

Ji Hao even sensed that the giant mushrooms around him had been greedily and crazily absorbing the last bit of natural powers in this space, like small black holes, trying to empty the natural powers in this area.

"This is the forbidden area where Pan Heng is resting and healing…We spent years, and made a lot of sacrifices to seal this place, in order to slow down Pan Heng's healing as much as possible." Carefully, Green Ginseng lowered his vice, put his mouth near Ji Hao's ear, and whispered.

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