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On a completely empty rock hill without any plant, not even a moss, Green Ginseng pulled off a few beard hair of his and threw them to the ground. Immediately, tender, soft green sprouts grew out in the surroundings.

Circle by circle, the sprouts expanded to the foot of the hill. Wherever the sprouts reached, a faint green mist was released, drifting in the air. Ji Hao clearly saw that touched by the mist, all the other plants around the hill quickly withered and dehydrated, then turned into puffs of ash, dissipating in the air.

In confusion, Ji Hao looked at Green Ginseng.

"We have to be careful, because no now knows which grass, which tree, or which moss around us is spying for Pan Heng." Green Ginseng sat on the ground, took out a pair of wooden cups, then poured Ji Hao a full cup of green juice with a nice aroma.

"Will you try it? It's my spirit dew soaked with the flowers and fruits from the other few old ones. To us, this is just a tasty drink, but it seems to be very helpful to creatures with fleshy bodies like you." Green Ginseng picked up his own cup, took a sip, then let out a long breath.

Ji Hao took over the wooden cup and scanned it with his spirit power.

A pure life-force gathered in the juice in a strange form. The amount of natural power contained in this small cup of juice was as great as the amount contained in a large-scale crystal mine! Especially the incredibly strong life-force in the natural green power in the juice, it was like an active volcano which could erupt at any moment.

"Great treasure!" Ji Hao raised the cup, nodded to Green Ginseng, then emptied the cup.

A soft, refreshing power instantly spread to every corner of his body. Ji Hao clearly sensed an increase in the density of his body. He felt that every single cell of his body had been cleaned, and his power flow was sped up. Even the Pan Jia sun glowed brighter than before inside his body.

Roughly, this cup of juice improved Ji Hao's general power by one percent! This was already amazing. If he were an ordinary Senior Magus, this cup of juice might have boosted up his power by ten times! Pan Heng world indeed was a world of green power, that even a leaf from these countless years old 'green ancestors' was a supreme treasure.

"I may have misheard you. Elder, did you say 'kill Pan Heng'?" Fiddling with the exquisite wooden cup, Ji Hao looked at Green Ginseng curiously.

Watching Ji Hao 'unguardedly' drink up the cup of juice, Green Ginseng smiled delightfully and responded, "My friend, you do trust me. The others may not dare to drink this cup of juice. Indeed, we are going to kill Pan Heng."

While speaking, Green Ginseng again looked around with extra carefulness and cautiousness. Ji Hao even discovered a trace of fear on his face. He acted like 'Pan Heng', simply as a name, was like a poisonous snake that could give him a lethal strike at any moment, and he seemed to always keep vigilance towards some unpredictable danger.

Ji Hao narrowed his eyes. Pan Heng was the creator of this world, the owner of this world, while Green Ginseng and the other green ancestors should all be Pan Heng's descendants. Back in Pan Gu world, many human clans had still been worshiping Saint Pan Gu as their most original ancestor.

Green Ginseng and the other Pan Heng world creatures had no reason to kill Pan Heng, unless the latter had been causing them serious threats. Judging by his gingerness, Pan Heng might truly have thrown him and his friends into great troubles.

"Why me?" Ji Hao didn't ask about the reason, but instead, was curious about why Green Ginseng and his friends chose him.

"Fear!" Green Ginseng seriously looked at Ji Hao and said, "From you, our original souls sensed a fear. Your power, your terrifying power is the natural terminator for all plant lives! Scorching, violent, burning everything; the power of fire, but scarier than all fires we know."

Swallowing his saliva with difficulty, Green Ginseng continued with a dry voice, "Your power makes you a natural terminator for us, which means you are also a terminator for Pan Heng. So, you have a chance to kill Pan Heng for good."

Remaining silent for a while, Ji Hao smilingly shook his head to Green Ginseng and said, "Since you have noticed me, you must have noticed the one with the power of quietus as well. If you ask him…"

Ji Hao was talking about Priest Mu. Based on what he knew about Priest Hua and Priest Mu, if Green Ginseng and his friends asked them for help, they would certainly do it with pleasure, without refusing."

"They are the same as us." Green Ginseng frowned, shaking his head. "They are magical plant lives from the Chaos, a grade, or many grades higher than us. But, as plant lives, we clearly sensed their powers. They are very powerful plant lives."

Snorting slightly, Green Ginseng emptied his cup and continued, "We can't let plant lives step into this. If they do it, they may…If they attain Pan Heng's body, or if any unexpected change happens, we cannot tolerate that."

Looking at Ji Hao with an extremely serious expression, Green Ginseng said with expectation, "What we need is the complete death of Pan Heng. Incinerate him, turn him into ashes, make him disappear without leaving a trace. We can't do it. Our powers cannot do any harm to him, because our powers originate from him. We can't hurt him."

"In this case, why?" Ji Hao quickly interrupted Green Ginseng and asked, "Pan Heng created this world, created you, and you all originated from him. Why do you want him to die for good? And, why are you so sure that I can help you kill him?"

A trace of fear and despair crossed Green Ginseng's wrinkled face as he quivered and responded hoarsely, "If he lives, we will all die. We know it. We will all be devoured by him…Some of my old friends have already gone missing. Perhaps, the next will be me."

Slowly raising his head, Green Ginseng looked at Ji Hao and said word by word, "He suffered severe injuries, and he has been in a deep sleep. In the past countless years, he barely woke up for a few times…He joined the great war against Saint Pan Gu. His injuries, were caused by Saint Pan Gu!"

Ji Hao's eye corners twitched intensely. "Old man, do you know Pan Heng?" In his spiritual space, he shouted out directly.

The mysterious man showed a half of his face from the spiritual space, then snorted scornfully and said, "Back then, I…Eh, Pan Gu killed so many lives. Who can remember the little ones like that? Judging by the original power of this Pan Heng world, this Pan Heng was no more than an insignificant little thing. Who had the patience to memorize him?"

With the fear and despair, Green Ginseng continued, "Pan Heng is a man-eating vine…He is extremely brutal, heartless…He fled back from Pan Gu world with a giant axe inlaid on his body. He…"

"Axe?!" In Ji Hao's spiritual space, the mysterious man showed his entire body and yelled out loud with a hoarse voice, "Ji Hao kid, kill him, kill Pan Heng! Get the axe back! Damn it. It was he who stole it!"

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