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Green Ginseng began telling Pan Heng's story. Pan Heng was a man-eating vine. Before he created a movable body for himself and created a world, he had killed countless fierce creatures in the Chaos. By devouring blood and flesh, absorbing the others' life-force, he grew rapidly.

Pan Heng world didn't belong to Pan Heng. The original owner of this world was a powerful, peaceful Chaos being, which looked like an enormous bear with three-hundred and sixty wings.

Pan Heng traveled across the Chaos, killing any living being that was weaker than him. The original owner of Pan Heng world suffered a sneak attack from Pan Heng in sleep, being killed and devoured by him.

Pan Heng attained the unmeasured embryo of this world, then started changing the nature of the world with his own power. Forcibly, he turned it into a world embryo of green power from one with all natural powers in balance. Due to Pan Heng's evil nature, the cruel and malicious plant lives generated from Pan Heng world had taken an absolute advantage in this world.

After the world was created, Pan Heng occupied the central area, using this world as a giant trap. The peaceful appearance of this world attracted countless Chaos creatures. With home-field advantage, Pan Heng killed all of these Chaos creatures, and devoured them as his strong replenishments.

The remains of those devoured Chaos creatures enriched the soil in Pan Heng world. Because of them, Pan Heng world had generated a batch of especially evil creatures. Back in the prehistorical era of this world, which was under Pan Heng's control, this world was occupied by ferocious, fierce, and poisonous creatures, and was covered in carnivorous plants, highly poisonous bugs, and animals.

Back in that era of terror, kind rule followers like Green Ginseng lived precarious lives. At any moment, they could be devoured and become someone's replenishment.

Therefore, although Green Ginseng and the other 'green ancestors', who survived from that horrific era, weren't strong figures, every single one of them was a master of escape. They could disappear momentarily without a trace, and some of them even mastered illusion-creating magics and soul-confusing tricks. Meanwhile, they had also dug quite deep into all kinds of poisoning magics and secret detoxicating magics.

One day, Pan Heng suddenly sensed an extremely strong life-force coming from a long distance away. He was thrilled. Loudly, he declared to the world that he had found his 'direction of great Dao'. He then led all fierce creatures in Pan Heng world to march into the Chaos excitedly.

Hundreds of years later, Pan Heng returned from the Chaos all alone. He was forced back to his original shape as a man-eating vine. Before he could say a word, he fell into a deep sleep. All fierce creatures who followed him into the Chaos were gone, and no one made it back.

Because of the death of all the fierce ones, who were much stronger than Green Ginseng and the other green ancestors, represented by Green Ginseng, kind green ancestors rose in Pan Heng world. They spent a very long period of time to clean out all the evil creatures left in Pan Heng world. They had also raised and cultivated eight-hundred world guards, including Giant Kui, and countless peaceful tree giants and creatures like green spirits, composing the current Pan Heng world.

In the past countless centuries, Green Ginseng and the other green ancestors attempted to take risks and try killing Pan Heng. But at last, they helplessly found out that their powers were originated from Pan Heng, which meant they weren't capable of doing any harm to him.

At last, they chose to firmly seal Pan Heng's sleeping place, to isolate Pan Heng from the green power in this world to the greatest extent, and to slow his healing, keeping him injured and deeply asleep.

As time went by, Pan Heng woke up for a few times. Each time, he was only awake for a very short span of time, gave a series of curses and yells, then fell back asleep from exhaustion.

However, in the recent ten-thousand years, Green Ginseng and his friends discovered some strange changes happening in Pan Heng's sleeping place. In the meantime, quite a few green ancestors went missing. According to their inference, Pan Heng might have already restored a part of his power, and was killing green ancestors, devouring them to replenish himself in an orderly way.

"If we guessed right, those Yu Clan idiots managed to sneak into Pan Heng's sleeping place." With a gloomy face, Green Ginseng murmured, "Idiots. They brought themselves to him! The blood and flesh are helpful to Pan Heng the most."

"Even worse, all the memories and experiences that belonged to the living beings which were devoured by Pan Heng would be absorbed by him too. He must have known everything." Green Ginseng glanced at Ji Hao and continued. His eyes were as clear as the eyes of a child.

With that fear and despair, Green Ginseng murmured, his face twisted, "He knows everything…Once he regains his power, we, who dared to seal his sleeping place, will all die. The tree giants and green spirits raised and cultivated by us with years of efforts, will all die…Saint Pan Gu has fallen, we all know it. He will march to Pan Gu world, and you human beings will become his preys."

Shaking his head, Green Ginseng gave a bitter smile and said, "He wouldn't eat all of you at one time. He is good at raising livestock. Back then, those fierce creatures were actually his livestock. When there was no Chaos creature falling into his trap, he would always satisfy his craving with those."

Ji Hao's mouth corner twitched. A pre-world men-eating vine from the Chaos which knew how to raise livestock?

But, none of that mattered. What truly mattered was that axe, which made the mysterious man growl in rage.

"Did you say that he brought an axe back from the Chaos?" Ji Hao wore a curious face as he asked.

"A giant axe, with a destructive power. It almost chopped him into two." Green Ginseng clicked his tongue and responded with shame, "It was so close. The axe was almost hacked him into two. But unfortunately, the owner of the axe was probably exhausted at the time. It was so close."

Letting out a long breath, Green Ginseng looked at Ji Hao and said, "That axe is down in the core of his roots now. All these years, he has been coiling, sealing it with his roots. We all thought that he was going to absorb the axe. But, he was in sleep all the time, without the strength to absorb the axe."

"Go! Kill that Pan Heng!" The mysterious man roared in Ji Hao's spiritual space, "Ji Hao, if I'm right, that axe belonged to Saint Pan Gu. It was born with Saint Pan Gu. Hah, it turned out to be brought here by Pan Heng. No wonder I couldn't sense the Pan Gu axe back in Pan Gu world! Go! Kill that thing and retrieve the Pan Gu axe."

With a pair of eyes shining brightly with a blue light, the mysterious man shouted impatiently, "An axe is perfect for performing the five moves I taught you. Sure, you can use a sword too. You can merge the Pan Gu axe with your sword. Compared to the Pan Gu axe, the sword you're using now is rubbish! Ru-bbish!"

As the mysterious man was excitedly yelling in Ji Hao's spiritual space, he said to Green Ginseng calmly, "I'll take that axe…What else can you offer me?"

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