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Breaking the Sun and Moon Samsara great formation with one move, Ji Hao grinned at the central area of the golden city.

Since some people now had their eyes on him, Ji Hao had no reason to keep hesitating. Letting out the Pan Gu bell, he banged his giant cudgels on the bell with all his strength. Along with an earth-shaking bell ring, countless dim-kind creatures were crushed immediately. Ji Hao burst into wild laughter, then turned around and ran right away.

While rushing, Ji Hao's body began shrinking. As he reached a hole on the golden shield of the city, he had shifted back to his real shape. His seventy-two clones turned into broken hair and were incinerated by a strand of golden fire long ago.

"A human being?" In the magnificent golden hall, a large group of Yu Clan nobles paused in shock.

A human being, here in Pan Heng world? What was going on? Did human beings manage to track Blood Crown? Barbarians from Pan Gu world, how could they ever be so capable? Or, did anything unexpected happen?

The chief executive officer, who stood high above the others, remained silent for a short while. As a cold light flashed across his eyes, he began talking, "Those low-grade families in Pan Gu world sold our whereabouts. They are weak low-grade families indeed, but through calculations based on the changes of the great space navigation formation, they can still find out our new destination."

Shaking his head, this chief executive officer murmured to himself, "Red Lei, Dim Cloud…Those useless things are dead. Yemo Tian, did he too…No, he shouldn't be. If that does happen, it won't be so easy for us to reasonably occupy Pan Gu world and the group of great worlds around it."

Ji Hao rushed out of the golden shield, flashed through the air, and quickly ran away from the golden city.

In this battle, Blood Crown's subordinates didn't send out any true elites. They simply wanted to test the family warriors from some mid and small-scale families. Once they deployed their true elites, the possible results would be scary. Giant Kui and the other world guards were already in difficulty now. Facing the true elites under Blood Crown's command, they would certainly lose.

Unless Pan Heng world creatures could show a greater power, Ji Hao wouldn't play this game with them. Ji Hao came to Pan Heng world because Si Wen Ming needed a cover, as he was secretly forging the nine caldrons back in Pan Gu world. Other than that, Ji Hao also came to Pan Heng world to cause Blood Crown as many troubles as possible, to postpone his journey to Pan Gu world. Ji Hao never thought about fighting against Blood Crown all alone.

Outside the city, from those broad paths created by giant vines, green spirits mounted on shadow leopards had still been ceaselessly rushing out. Countless green spirits gathered into a boundless tree ocean, flooding to the broken golden shield of the city. Ji Hao had no way to find out exactly how many green spirits existed in Pan Heng world.

Some other strange creatures could also be found among the army of green spirits, such as light green scorpions, large centipedes with hundreds of pairs of legs, and oddly shaped snakes. In the sky, other than the bee-like poisonous bugs which showed up the earliest, more and more highly poisonous flying bugs popped up, buzzing deafeningly while darting to the golden city.

These poisonous bugs weren't able to do any harm to Ji Hao. But, watching them gradually cover the sky while marching to the city, Ji Hao's scalp was still numbed. This was the will and the strength of this world. Even though this world was far weaker than Pan Gu world, the power erupted from it could still be terrifying once the world was infuriated.

"It's so strange. The spirit of Pan Gu world…Except for the most basic circulation of the great Dao of nature…I've never sensed the spirit of Pan Gu world." Ji Hao abruptly frowned and wondered.

Facing an invasion, the spirit of Pan Heng world was waking up. The world itself had been summoning all creatures in this world to raise armies, to fight the invaders. But, back in Pan Gu world, Ji Hao never sensed its original spirit.

Pan Gu world was powerful. If it could summon all creatures in the world with its true will, and force all living beings in the world to fight the non-humankind with all their powers…If this did happen, not to mention the other species, as far as Ji Hao knew, together, the dragon-kind, the phoenix-kind, and the humankind would have destroyed the entire Yu Dynasty long ago.

But the spirit of Pan Gu world was never sensed…Was it gone along with Saint Pan Gu?

Ji Hao sank into his thought. Abruptly, a green figure flashed across his eyes. That was a short elderly humanoid creature, wearing a strangely styled, green-colored long robe, emitting a faint herbal aroma from his entire body as he blocked Ji Hao's way. He was slightly shorter than Ji Hao, with a wrinkled face, but seemed to be strong and energetic. Smilingly, he showed up in front of Ji Hao while holding a staff.

Ji Hao scanned him by using spirit power and sensed a ridiculously strong power from this humanoid creature. This elderly humanoid creature was even like a green sun. The power contained in his body was even much greater than the power of the strongest world guard.

Peng Heng world guards had lifeless powers, simply stored in their bodies, and could only be used instinctively. But inside the body of this elderly humanoid creature, his power had been flowing ceaselessly along a clear meridian. Efter every circulation, his power would grow slightly stronger.

Apparently, he had already mastered a special cultivation method.

Ji Hao couldn't figure out his current power level, because the power of this elderly humanoid creature was immeasurable. After all, when he suddenly showed up just now, Ji Hao didn't even know how he did that.

"Elder!" Ji Hao calmly bowed to this creature.

"My friend!" He mildly bowed back to Ji Hao. With a strange accent, he used the language of the humankind. Even though he sounded a bit like two thin wooden slips blown by a wind, Ji Hao managed to understand him.

"These years, some extraneous devils invaded Pan Heng world. I have been watching them, and learned your language from them." Smiling warmly, he said, "In your language, my name should be…Green Ginseng."

Scratching his head, Green Ginseng grinned and continued, "Because in both terms of appearance and effects, I am ninety-nine percent similar with ginsengs in your Pan Gu world. But, I am green in color, so as a name, Green Ginseng is perfect for me."

An old ginseng baby? Ji Hao looked at Green Ginseng from head to toe in a complicated way, then asked, "Elder Green Ginseng, what can I help with?"

Green Ginseng smiled. He too carefully looked at Ji Hao up to down, then gently nodded and said, "I am one from the first generation of creatures in Pan Heng world, from a generation older than Giant Kui and the other muddleheads. So, the kids call me 'Green Ancestor'."

Breathing deeply, Green Ginseng showed a serious face and said, "Do us a favor, and we will give you enough in return. How's that?"

Ji Hao looked at him in surprise and asked, "What favor? Why do you have to ask me to do it?"

Green Ginseng blinked, carefully looked around, and responded, "Help us to kill Pan Heng for good!"

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