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Priest Mu reached out his thumb and shook the great Dao of Pan Heng world.

Like the suddenly blowing autumn wind, the withering of all living beings, the decay of angels, the disintegration of the great Dao, Priest Mu's Dao of quietus covered the entire Pan Heng world like a shade. All sounds in the world, all movements, all of life were sinking,like a man silently sinking into a bottomless swamp; an endless despair and fear grew in this world.

Gian Kui and the other world guards burst into snarls, in both rage and shock.

Withering and death did exist in Pan Heng world. The fallen leaves and branches would eventually merge into the earth, becoming nourishment for new lives. Dead animals would eventually turn into manure too, to make the plants more thriving.

In this world, withering and death weren't the end of life, but parts of the natural circulation. Behind the withering and death in this world was an endless life-force, the start of countless new lives, without an end. Life, that was the true meaning of the death and withering in Pan Heng world.

However, Priest Mu's Dao of quietus meant true destruction, deep and dark, without a glimpse of hope. Perhaps, Priest Mu's Dao of quietus also contained a slight hope, but no ordinary creature could possibly reach it.

The moment Priest Mu reached out his thumb, the world was darkened.

Blood Crown's golden city was dimmed all of a sudden. The power consumption of the city instantly boosted up by tens of times, but everything in the city seemed to be aging, rotting, going rapidly to the final quietus.

On the wall of the golden city, which used to be gloriously radiant, the mosses grew thicker and thicker, stronger and stronger. The thin layer of moss had grown meters thick, entirely covering all of the splendid statues on the wall.

Under the effect of the Dao of quietus, the mosses had been excreting a highly corrosive liquid, dragging this city into the eternal quietus.

Even the magnificent great hall in the middle of the city was dimmed as well. At the moment, it looked like a drained oil lamp, dark, mottled, halfway covered in moss.

"A scary Dao!" Blood Crown growled in a deep voice, "But, my Dao is the true eternity!"

A blinding golden light erupted from his body, growing into a giant beam within a blink of an eye that penetrated the darkness in the sky. He reached out his right thumb too, pressing towards Priest Mu's thumb along with a resplendent golden light.

Unlike Priest Mu's Dao of quietus, which came from the inside, Blood Crown's Dao was about pure violence and destruction. With the purest, strongest physical strength, he attempted to destroy everything in the wildest, cruelest way.

One from the inside, one from the outside; one restrained, one wild. These were two completely different type of great Dao, but equally fearful, powerful, and destructive.

Ji Hao quietly watched them. With all of his spirit power and soul power, he focused on their thumbs. From their thumbs, wisps of powers of Dao drifted out and wove into beautiful images behind their thumbs. Only the ones powerful enough could see those images.

It was like the collision of a volcano and an iceberg.

Along with a clear 'click', their thumbs thudded against each other.

Ji Hao clearly witnessed the breakage of the nail of the brightly shining golden thumb. Golden blood erupted like lava, falling from the sky, dazzling and scorching, spattering all over the ground.

Down below, the golden city was like a greedy monster, crazily devouring the blood shed from the golden finger.

Suddenly, the dim city burst with a strong light and heat. The mosses on its surface disappeared amidst a golden fire, turning into strands of green mist that dissipated in the air.

Like a sun lying on the ground, the golden city released a frightful light and heat to dispel the darkness approaching from all directions.

Ji Hao also clearly saw the few bone-deep cracks on Priest Mu's nail. But apparently, Priest Mu was stronger than Blood Crown, because the few cracks disappeared instantly, as if they never occurred.

Before Blood Crown could take back his thumb, Priest Mu's branch landed quietly on his chest, leaving a seven-colored light in the air. Blood Crown's long robe immediately released layers of transparent golden magic shield that wrapped him up like an eggshell.

The seven-colored light flashed through the air, and the golden shields collapsed. The tip of the branch swept across Blood Crown's chest, dragging a large piece of skin off. More blood surged out of his chest and poured on the golden city, setting the entire city on fire.

"Priest Mu…" In shock, blood Crown growled out loud, "I know you! I've seen your portrait from their records! Liars! A bunch of lowly bloody liars! Your power…Those lowly poor family people, they claimed that they have conquered the Pan Gu world!"

Priest Mu gave a faint smile but didn't respond. His sunken eyes sparkled dimly. The wrinkles on his bitter face seemed to be even deeper than usual., as though every wrinkle of his contained a part of the great Dao. Seeing those wrinkles, one could uncontrollably want to seek for the truth of nature.

"How can this be possible? With powerful beings like you, those lowly poor family people should never be able to set foot in Pan Gu world!" Blood Crown screamed, "You…What do you…No, this isn't right!"

Blood Crown suddenly calmed down. Surrounded by a raging golden fire, he looked at Priest Mu and continued coldly, "No, not like that. You…You were injured, weren't you? Your Dao isn't perfect. There is a flaw in your Dao…Yes, you were injured, badly. And this feeling…If I am right, you were injured before those idiots invaded Pan Gu world, right?"

Priest Mu looked at him in surprise and responded, "I didn't think you would be quite capable!"

Blood Crown laughed out loud, "Quite capable? Hah, Priest Mu, you really shouldn't have come to Pan Heng world!"

Raising his arms high, Blood Crown continued laughing, "If this were Pan Gu world, you would have defeated me. But in Pan Heng world…Do you know that Pan Heng world is already halfway mine? My Blood Crown City has infected a half of the great Dao of this world!"

The sky suddenly turned lightly golden. Among the suns in the sky, three abruptly turned pure golden from light green.

The golden light poured down from the sky and gathered on Blood Crown's body.

A ten-thousand-miles-wide golden sphere of light enveloped Priest Mu and Blood Crown. No one from the outside could see a thing in this area anymore.

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