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The entire Pan Heng world was restless. The circulation of great Dao of nature was disturbed, turning slow and unstable, like gears with sand in it.

Ji Hao closed his eyes, sensing the anxiousness of the world. The winds blowing from a long distance away brought strange roars into his ears. The whole Pan Heng world seemed to boil, to squirm, and to quickly wake up from a nightmare.

The eight-hundred world guards mentioned by Giant Kui walked out of the green tornados. Giant Kui was one of the weakest among them. Ji Hao even sensed a ten-thousand-miles tall powerful being, whose power was as vast as an ocean.

The powers of Pan Heng world gathered from all over the world, being absorbed by the eight-hundred guards. Their powers soared at an unbelievable rate. They were trees, but strengthened by the natural powers through countless centuries, their bodies were as tough as diamonds.

Nourished by the natural powers under the will of the world, Giant Kui and his brothers grew stronger and stronger, more and more indestructible.

Every leaf on their crown glowed with a bright green light. The leaves did not rustle against each other anymore. Instead, they clanged each other like metal blades. Ji Hao carefully scanned across the body area of the tallest tree giant with his spirit power and found that the bark of this tree giant could already be compared with average-level pre-world spirit treasure from Pan Gu world!

A ten-thousand-miles-tall pre-world spirit treasure?

Ji Hao frowned. Even with the Pan Gu sword, he would have to make hundreds of moves to chop this giant creature, wouldn't he?

Sometimes, an enormous body could be an advantage. So gigantic, so tough; the body of each of the eight-hundred world guards was a huge fort, that no average-level attack could harm their skins.

"Devils! Pan Heng's children will not yield!" Giant Kui and the other world guards raised their clubs and roared thunderously. They wielded their clubs and bashed each other's bodies, causing deafening, world-shaking noises.

Their clubs were condensed from pure green power, while their bodies were so enormous and tough. When the clubs and their skin clashed against each other, hundreds of miles long thunderbolts were generated. Cyan-colored thunderbolts coiled on their bodies, making them look even stronger.

Looking at the eight-hundred world guards, Priest Mu even drooled!

If he could bring all of them into his sect and turn Pan Heng world into his dojo, even absorbing Pan Heng world into his quiet lotus world, the power of this quiet lotus world would be improved largely, and he would attain the natural fortune of a whole world, to bring his cultivation to a whole new level, way beyond the others.

Priest Mu trembled slightly. He must bring these world guards into his sect, he must!

His whole attention was on these world guards, for which reason, he ignored the other things. He didn't notice that Ji Hao now stood on a tree less than a hundred miles away from him, and was gazing at the golden city.

"Barbaric ants, how dare you say something like 'never yield?" Said the deep and strong voice from the golden city, "You creatures of wood, in fact, you don't even qualify as slaves."

"You can only live in a world of green power like this. You cannot adapt to heat, lava, deserts and other environments. You are not a material for 'common-use'. Therefore, you aren't qualified to even to be slaves."

"Only adaptable materials have the qualification to kneel under my feet and become my slaves, to conquer worlds for me. The only value about you is your crystal cores. The best you can do is dedicate your crystal cores to me, to slightly increase my energy reserve."

Blood Crown scornfully judged Giant Kui and his brothers.

In the eyes of ordinary creatures, these enormous, strong world guards were so extraordinary. But, in the eyes of Blood Crown, who had a rich experience of conquering worlds, their excessively large bodies and simple natures meant they could only live in a world like this.

They could not adapt to other worlds. Therefore, they had no value in being conquered. Their only value would show after they were destroyed, when they became the materials in Blood Crown's storage. To powerful beings at the level of Blood Crown, any single-natured species was worthless.

Hearing him, Giant Kui and his brothers growled in fury. From tens of thousands of miles away, they threw their clubs at the city with all their strengths.

The giant clubs flew towards the golden city like shooting stars, leaving bright green light beams in the air.

Tree giants created by Giant Kui and the other world guards raised their clubs too as they roared and marched towards the golden city like the tidewater, with thunderbolts coiling on their bodies.

From the ground, giant roots reached up, breaking the rocks and soil. They thrust into the sky and then swung down at the golden city thunderously like mad boas.

A thick golden magic shield emerged around the city.

Countless clubs bumped against the shield and caused ear-piercing explosive noises, then shattering one after another.

Following a series of cracking noise, the eyes of all statues standing on the city wall opened, and so did the erect eyes above each divine tower on the city wall. In the next moment, a deafening boom could be heard as dazzling torrents of golden light tore apart the air and struck into the army of tree giants.

Explosive sounds burst without an end. The earth was covered in fire and blinding light, as hundreds of millions of tree giants were disintegrated in explosions. Countless tree giants roared in despair, then being torn into bits.

The giant roots reaching to the golden city disappeared in the storm of golden light. Not a single root managed to approach the city.

The blinding golden light broke the space and covered the earth, expanding towards Giant Kui and his brothers.

A tall and sturdy figure rose from the golden city. That was Blood Crown himself. From miles away, he glanced down at Priest Mu and began talking.

"You…You took a strike from me just now! Kneel, and yield to me, then I'll give you a chance to live!"

Priest Mu dropped his bitter lip corners hile his eyes shone dimly.

'Kneel', 'yield', 'a chance to live'? Who did this Blood Crown think he was? Who did he think Priest Mu was?

Silently, Priest Mu reached out his right thumb and pressed down on Blood Crown.

'Quietus'. The golden light dimmed, and the whole world was suddenly darkened.

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